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Elizabeth’s first-ever role in a TV series came in the hit fantasy series, Once Upon A Time. For an inexperienced actor like Lail, making it into the series is quite a compliment. Not only was Lail praised for her portrayal of Anna, but it also opened the door for Lail to work on new avenues. Lail’s hard work paid off in 2018 when she was cast on the hit TV series, YOU. Lail played the role of Beck and was a main cast member for the first season. Even though her character was killed off at the end of the first season Elizabeth had recurring roles in the second and fourth seasons. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Elizabeth Lail.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameElizabeth Dean Lail
Date of birthMarch 25, 1992
Place of birthWilliamson County, Texas, U.S.
Alma materUniversity of North Carolina School of the Arts
DegreeB.F.A. in Drama
Years active2011–present
SpouseNieku Manshadi
First roleModel Airplane (2011)
Breakthrough roleAnna in Once Upon a Time (2014)
Other notable rolesAmy Hughes in Dead of Summer (2016), Guinevere Beck in You (2018–2019, 2023),Quinn Harris in Countdown (2019), Jenny Banks in Ordinary Joe (2021–2022), Mack in Mack & Rita (2022), Lola Morgan in Gossip Girl (2021)
Awards and nominationsNominated for Best Actress in Streaming Presentation at the 45th Saturn Awards for You
Height5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Weight59 kg (130 lbs)
Eye colorHazel Green
Hair colorBlonde
Body ShapeTriangle
Body Measurements33-23-34 (in inch) 83-58-86 (in cm)
Zodiac signAries
Relationship StatusMarried
HusbandNieku Manshadi (m.2021)
HobbiesReading, traveling, yoga
Favorite foodN/A
Favorite colorPink
Favorite actorN/A
Favorite actressN/A
Favorite movieTitanic
Favorite TV showFriends
Favorite sportTennis
Net worth$2 million (as of 2023)
Elizabeth Lail
Elizabeth Lail

How Rich is Elizabeth Lail?

Elizabeth Lail is an American actress who has gained fame and fortune for her roles in various television shows and films. She is best known for playing Anna in Once Upon a Time, Guinevere Beck in You, and Jenny Banks in Ordinary Joe. Her net worth is estimated to be around $2 million as of 2023.

Childhood & Upbringing

Elizabeth Dean Lail was born on the 25th of March 1992 in Williamson County, Texas, U.S. Her parents are Kay Lurene Surratt and Dean Franklin Lail. She also has an older sister named Kathryn Dean Lail. She grew up in Asheboro, North Carolina, a small town with a rich history and culture. She discovered her passion for acting when she was 14 years old, after participating in a community theater production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. She enjoyed the experience of bringing stories to life on stage, and decided to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. She attended Asheboro High School. She then moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to study drama at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. There, she honed her skills and talents in various student film productions, such as Model Airplane and Without. She also completed her senior year of highschool and later graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2014, and soon after moved to New York City to seek more opportunities in theater and television.

Professional Career

Following her graduation in May 2014, Lail started working on small projects. While most of Lail’s career came after her University days, she did work on the 2011 short film, Model Airplane. After a 3-year hiatus, Lail worked for another short film, Without. In the same year, Lail was cast on the hit TV series, Once Upon a Time. She played the role of Anna and was cast in the fourth season of the show. She made recurring appearances in 10 episodes. Glad for the entire experience, Lail revealed in an interview that she would never forget her time on set.

“It was all so magical. It was my first job so I felt as if I had died and gone to heaven. I treasure the people I met the most.”

Rise to Fame

Lail continued to work in television and landed a starring role as Amy Hughes in the Freeform horror series Dead of Summer in 2016. She also appeared as Natalie Luca in The Blacklist and Emily Chapin in The Good Fight in 2017. However, her most notable role came in 2017 when she was cast as Guinevere Beck, the female lead, in the Lifetime/Netflix psychological thriller series You, opposite Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell. The series was released in 2018 and became a huge hit, attracting millions of viewers and earning critical acclaim. Lail’s portrayal of Beck, a young woman who becomes the obsession of a stalker, was praised by critics and fans alike. She was nominated for Best Actress in Streaming Presentation at the 45th Saturn Awards for her role. She also reprised her role as Beck in guest appearances on the second and fourth season of You. Talking about how she landed the role, Lail revealed,

“I auditioned for it like anything else. As I got closer and closer to being cast I felt as if the role of Beck really fit me, and my chemistry with Penn was real. I had also wanted to work with the creators for a long time, and loved that half of them were women.”

While Lail had not read the books before her appearance, she did manage to finish the books between auditions. This allowed Lail to fully understand what she was getting into. While Lail’s portrayal of Beck was spot on, she did have some early struggles.

“Playing her makes you feel like you are constantly in a state of struggle. It’s as if she is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, even when she’s with her supposed « friends. » It comes to a climax at the end of the show.”

Roles after Breakthrough

Since the breakthrough, Lail has appeared in several movies and television shows. She made her film debut in 2019 with the horror film Countdown, where she played the lead role of Quinn Harris, a nurse who tries to cheat death after downloading an app that predicts when she will die. The film was a commercial success, grossing over $48 million worldwide against a budget of $6.5 million. Lail received mixed reviews for her performance, with some critics praising her charisma and others finding her character underdeveloped.

In 2021, Lail appeared in several projects, including the HBO Max teen drama Gossip Girl, where she played Lola Morgan, a recurring character who is involved in a scandal with one of the main characters. She also starred as Jenny Banks, one of the three love interests of the titular character, in the NBC drama series Ordinary Joe, which premiered on September 20, 2021. Additionally, she was cast as Mack, the lead role opposite Diane Keaton, in the comedy film Mack & Rita, which released in 2022. She also lent her voice to the animated series Robot Chicken, playing Anna from Frozen in a parody sketch. She also joined the cast of the HBO Max reboot of Gossip Girl, playing Lola Morgan, a social media influencer who gets entangled in the drama of the Upper East Side.

In 2023, she will appear in two films: Gonzo Girl and Five Nights at Freddy’s. Gonzo Girl is a drama based on the novel by Cheryl Della Pietra, which is inspired by her experience as an assistant to Hunter S. Thompson. Lail plays Devaney Peltier, a young writer who gets involved with the eccentric novelist. Five Nights at Freddy’s is a horror film based on the popular video game franchise of the same name. Lail plays Vanessa Monroe, a security guard who works at a haunted pizzeria where animatronic characters come to life at night.


While Lail has remained out of major controversies she still has faced some for her career choices.

One of the most controversial aspects of Lail’s career is her involvement in the Netflix series You, which is based on the novel by Caroline Kepnes. The series follows Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager who becomes obsessed with Guinevere Beck, an aspiring writer and graduate student. Joe stalks, manipulates, and kills anyone who stands in his way of being with Beck, who is unaware of his true nature. Lail plays Beck, the main victim and love interest of Joe, who is portrayed by Penn Badgley.

The series has been criticized for glamorizing and romanticizing stalking and violence, and for portraying Joe as a sympathetic anti-hero despite his horrific actions. Some viewers have expressed their attraction and admiration for Joe, while others have blamed and shamed Beck for her flaws and mistakes. Lail herself has expressed her dissatisfaction with the ending of the first season, where Beck is killed by Joe. She said that she was “sick and tired” of seeing women being victims on TV shows, and that she wished for a different outcome for her character.

Elizabeth Lail Husband & Kids

Elizabeth Lail is married to Nieku Manshadi, a pediatric dentist and a Doctor of Dental Surgery. They tied the knot in an intimate wedding on April 24, 2021, at Hasbrouck House in Stone Ridge, New York. They had only 22 guests, mostly family members, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They met at a mutual friend’s party in Williamsburg and got engaged in Montauk, New York, in August 2020. Nieku proposed with Elizabeth’s grandmother’s wedding ring. Elizabeth wore a custom-made silk gown by Andrea Hawkes for the ceremony.

So far in the marriage, they haven’t given birth to any kids but they seem to be very happy and in love with each other. They also share a passion for helping people in need, as Nieku has volunteered as a dentist and Elizabeth has supported various charities and causes. Based on their social media posts and interviews, they appear to be very supportive and respectful of each other’s careers and interests. They also enjoy traveling, spending time with their families and friends, and having fun together.

As for her love affair and relationship over the years, there is no available information on her previous partners or dating history. She has kept her personal life very private and low-key.


  • Q: Did Elizabeth Lail audition for the role of Anna from Frozen?
    • A: Yes, she did.
  • Q: Does Elizabeth Lail have a twin sister?
    • A: No, she does not.
  • Q: Is Elizabeth Lail related to Jennifer Morrison, who played Emma Swan in Once Upon a Time?
    • A: No, they are not related.
  • Q: Did Elizabeth Lail study acting at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts?
    • A: Yes, she did.
  • Q: Was Elizabeth Lail born in Texas?
    • A: Yes, she was.
  • Q: Has Elizabeth Lail ever appeared in a musical?
    • A: No, she has not.
  • Q: Does Elizabeth Lail have any tattoos?
    • A: No, she does not.
  • Q: Is Elizabeth Lail a fan of Harry Potter?
    • A: Yes, she is.
  • Q: Did Elizabeth Lail work as a babysitter before becoming an actress?
    • A: Yes, she did.
  • Q: Has Elizabeth Lail ever met Idina Menzel, who voiced Elsa in Frozen?
    • A: No, she has not.
  • Q: Does Elizabeth Lail play any musical instruments?
    • A: Yes, she plays the piano and the ukulele.
  • Q: Is Elizabeth Lail allergic to cats?
    • A: No, she is not.
  • Q: Did Elizabeth Lail have a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio when she was younger?
    • A: Yes, she did.
  • Q: Does Elizabeth Lail speak any other languages besides English?
    • A: No, she does not.
  • Q: Is Elizabeth Lail a vegetarian?
    • A: No, she is not.
  • Q: Has Elizabeth Lail ever been nominated for an Emmy Award?
    • A: No, she has not.
  • Q: Did Elizabeth Lail have a dog?
    • A: Yes she had.
  • Q: Is Elizabeth Lail afraid of heights?
    • A: No, she is not.
  • Q: Did Elizabeth Lail star in a horror movie called Countdown?
    • A: Yes, she did.
  • Q: Does Elizabeth Lail have a mole on her left cheek?
    • A: No, she doesn’t.
  • Q: Is Elizabeth Lail dating Julian Haig, who played Gareth in You?
    • A: No, they are not dating.
  • Q: Does Elizabeth Lail enjoy reading books?
    • A: Yes, she does.
  • Q: Has Elizabeth Lail ever dyed her hair blonde?
    • A: No, she has not.
  • Q: Is Elizabeth Lail a fan of Game of Thrones?
    • A: Yes, she is.
  • Q: Did Elizabeth Lail make her Broadway debut in Dear Evan Hansen?
    • A: No, she did not.


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