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Danielle Cohn is a famous American singer, social media influencer, TikTok star, Instagram personality, content creator, model, and entrepreneur. She is well-known for her amazing TikTok lip-sync videos on the internet. For her age, Danielle Cohn is mixed up in an awful lot of controversies. Cohn rose to fame from her involvement in the musical.ly app and was one of the first stars to reach more than 10 million views on the platform. She used her fame in musical.ly as a springboard and launched a successful YouTube career. As of 2023, Danielle has more than 19 million followers on TikTok and 6.3 million on Instagram. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Danielle Cohn.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameDanielle Haleigh Cohn
Date of birthMarch 7
Zodiac signPisces
BirthplaceFlorida, United States
HeightSmall, 4 feet 11 inches (149 cm)
Weight97-119 lbs (44-54 Kg)
Eye colorHazel Brown
Hair colorBlack
Body ShapeInverted Triangle
Skin ToneMedium
Body measurements32-22-33 inches
ParentsDustin Sprangler Cohn (father) and Jennifer Marie Archambault (mother)
SiblingsChad Archambault (brother)
EducationFlorida Virtual School
OccupationSinger, social media influencer, TikTok star, Instagram personality, content creator, model, and entrepreneur
Net Worth$2 Million
YouTube channelDanielle Cohn
YouTube subscribers1.72 million (as of August 2023)
TikTok account@daniellecohn
TikTok followers19.3 million (as of August 2023)
Instagram account@daniellecohn
Instagram followers6.3 million (as of October 2023)
Famous forWinning the crown at Miss Florida Jr. Preteen in 2014 and posting lip-sync videos on Musical.ly and TikTok
Brands collaborated withSamsung, Live Bations, Target, Bang Energy, etc.
ControversiesLying about her age and having relationships with older boys
Danielle Cohn
Danielle Cohn

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Birthdate & Age- How old is Danielle Cohn?

If her words are anything to go by, Danielle Cohn was born on the 7th of March, 2004. She is currently 19 years of age. Her father, on the other hand, claimed that she was 13 years old back in 2019. Born to Dustin Cohn and Jennifer, Danielle has a big brother, Chad. Her parents divorced early on in her life, and Danielle has been at odds with her father.

On the 16th of September 2019, Dustin posted a video on YouTube mentioning that Danielle was only 13 years of age.

“I have decided to set things straight about my daughter Danielle Cohn. For years I have done the diplomatic thing while dealing with my daughter being online in a way I didn’t approve of and trying to have it handled out of social media because I figured the system would work and keep my daughter safe. We found Pinterest boards with her photos and I told her mom I worried about pedophiles. The pictures now have gotten worse and worse. I am finally saying something on social media because people need to be held accountable.”

While Danielle denied the claims, her father kept coming for her and posted a video on June 2020 trying to prove his point via a birth certificate. The birth certificate read that Danielle’s date of birth was 7th March 2006.

“I care about my daughter, I love my daughter, I wish I was with her as often as I was supposed to with the custody agreement that I fought for in court.”

While Dustin claims to be missing his daughter, his other family members don’t buy his act. Following the video, Danielle’s older brother Chad revealed that his father was knee-deep in marijuana and acted out when he could not get it.

“I care about my daughter, I love my daughter, I wish I was with her as often as I was supposed to with the custody agreement that I fought for in court”.

Fed up with her father’s antics, Danielle took to social media to set the claims straight once and for all. In 2019, Danielle released a YouTube video entitled 21 Truths About Me, where she revealed the truth about her age.

“I wanted to do this as truth because I know there have been a bunch of rumors going on. There is a big rule that you can not have your belly button pierced unless you are over the age of 13… my mom was actually filming me on a live stream when I got it done. And I recorded my mom signing the papers, showing my birth certificate. That’s the truth… I am now 15.”

Education and Professional Career

Danielle developed an interest in music from a very young age and started practicing it. She also attended Florida Virtual School for completing her high school graduation. She joined the app Musical.ly (now TikTok) when she was around 10 years old and found it fun to lip-sync to songs. She quickly gained popularity on the app and started receiving requests for sponsored videos from various brands.

She also participated in some beauty pageants and won the title of Miss Florida Jr. Preteen Queen in 2014. This boosted her fame on other social media platforms as well. She opened her accounts on Instagram and YouTube and attracted millions of followers. She also collaborated with some top fashion agencies, such as BMG Modeling Agency and Juicy Couture Clothing.

Danielle moved to Los Angeles with her family to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer and a model. Her mother quit her job and became her manager to support her career. She released her first single, Marilyn Monroe, in 2017, which became an instant hit with over 14 million views. She also released other singles and albums, such as Fix Your Heart, I’m Done, Hate On Summer, etc. She was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Choice Muser in 2017.

As of 2023

Here are some of the things Danielle Cohn is doing in 2023:

  • She is performing live concerts in various venues as part of her 2023 tour.
  • She continues to post content on her YouTube, TikTok channels, and Instagram.
  • She has been collaborating with other social media stars and influencers
  • She collaborates with several brands and sponsors, such as Target, Fashion Nova, Bang Energy, and more.

Love Affairs & Relationships

Danielle Cohn’s dating history is full of ups and downs, controversies and scandals. She has been in the spotlight since she was a young teenager, and she has experienced a lot of pressure and criticism from the public and the media.

Talking about her earliest affair, Danielle shared an on-and-off relationship with Mikey Tua. In an interview with Forbes, Danielle revealed that Mikey was her inspiration for the song, Do It Better. Danielle had been at odds with Mikey’s parents and was constantly blaming them for being too strict with Mikey.

In April 2019, Danielle and Mikey shocked their fans by announcing that they had gotten married at a chapel in Las Vegas. They later revealed that it was a publicity stunt, but they continued to prank their followers by claiming that Danielle was pregnant with Mikey’s child. Mikey’s parents were outraged by this and took control of his social media accounts. After Mike’s social media properties were confiscated for the first time, Danielle posted,

“Don’t trust anything these parents say because they are violent, they are disgusting, they don’t even deserve to have kids. They treat their kids like they are literally their walking bank and they’re investments. Katie literally said, ‘They are an investment. We invested in them and they are going to make our money back.'”

Danielle and Mikey broke up in July 2019, after a year of drama and turmoil. Danielle posted an emotional video on YouTube, confessing that she still loved Mikey and missed him a lot. She also addressed the rumors about her age, insisting that she was 15 and that she had gotten a belly button piercing as proof. By that time Danielle was at permanent odds with Mikey’s mother Kate.

After her breakup with Mikey, Danielle moved on to date Ethan Fair, another TikTok star. They first met in 2016 on musical.ly, but they did not start dating until 2019. They seemed to have a happy relationship, until they split in January 2020. The reason for their breakup is unclear, but some fans speculated that it had something to do with Ethan’s ex-girlfriend.

Danielle then reportedly dated Landon Barker, the son of Blink-182’s drummer Travis Barker. They appeared together in some of Danielle’s videos and social media posts, but they never confirmed their relationship status. Their fling did not last long, as they stopped hanging out by the end of March 2020.

In April 2020, Danielle surprised everyone by getting back together with Mikey Tua. After the pair got back together, Danielle said:

“I love Mikey so with that being said I love his whole family. I’ve tried my best to become good with his family and form a relationship like we had in the past. I am truly sorry to his whole family for anything I have done to them or said about them, and will be sorry for the rest of my life.”

However, their reconciliation did not last long either, as they broke up again in December 2020.

Danielle’s most recent boyfriend was Mason Patterson, whom she started dating in September 2021. They often appeared together in public and posted pictures of each other on social media platforms, giving the impression that their relationship was quite solid at first. However, they also faced some backlash from some of Danielle’s fans, who accused Mason of being abusive and controlling towards her.

Danielle and Mason broke up in November 2022, after more than a year of dating. The reason for their breakup is unknown, but some fans speculated that it had something to do with Mason’s ex-girlfriend or Danielle’s friendship with Diego Martir. Danielle confirmed their split on TikTok, saying that she was single and happy.

As of April 2023, Danielle Cohn is not dating anyone. She is focusing on her career and her personal growth.


Is Danielle Cohn a YouTube and TikTok megastar?Yes
Is Danielle Cohn from Florida?Yes
Did Danielle Cohn start off on Musica.ly?Yes
Does Danielle Cohn release her own music?Yes
Is Danielle Cohn’s real age a mystery?Yes
Did Danielle Cohn date Mikey Tua?Yes
Did Danielle Cohn and Mikey Tua pretend to get married and faked a pregnancy?Yes
Is Danielle Cohn part of the LGBTQ community?No
Did Danielle Cohn’s father say she is only 13?Yes
Did Danielle Cohn’s mother quit her job and became her manager?Yes
Did Danielle Cohn’s father approve of her being online?No
Did Danielle Cohn make money from sponsored videos on Musica.ly?Yes
Did Danielle Cohn move to Los Angeles to build her career?Yes
Did Danielle Cohn post photos of her “baby bump”?Yes
Did Danielle Cohn post her “due date” on Twitter?Yes
Did Danielle Cohn set the record straight on her YouTube page?Yes
Did Danielle Cohn say she has a girlfriend?No
Did Danielle Cohn say she never lied about her age?Yes

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