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As is expected of a person working with Pythons every other day, Brittany Borges is incredibly strong. After all, her strength is a part of her job description. As a wildlife expert, Brittany works with the massive Burmese Pythons. The only woman cast member of the reality TV series Guardians of the Glades, Brittany pairs up with the legendary Dusty Crum to hunt down the increasing population of Pythons in the Glades. When news first broke that Brittany would be joining the series as a Python hunter, fans questioned the decision. After all, people had grown used to seeing male Python hunters. But her incredible strength infused with a sense of humor managed to win over most of those fans. Now, Brittany is one of the most loved characters in the whole of the series. In this article, we will explore the biography facts of Brittany.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameBrittany Borges
NicknamePython Princess
Age32 years old
Date of BirthMay 27, 1991
Place of Birth
Portland, Oregon, USA
Height5 ft 2 inches (157 cm)
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBlonde
Profession Snake hunter, Plumber, Reality TV star
Television ShowGuardians of the Glades (2019-2020)
Net worth$400,000
HusbandJordan Hagadorn, Eddie Miller (ex)
Children1 (Stepdaughter)
ParentsEric Borges, Trisha Borges
Guardians Of the Glades star Brittany Borges
Guardians Of The Glades star Brittany Borges

Upbringing & Family

Brittany  Borges was born on May 27, 1991, in Portland, Oregon. She is the only daughter in the family. Her parents are Trisha Borges and Eric Borges who co-own First Class Plumbing in Naples, Florida. Before moving to Florida the couple called Portland, Oregon home, and bore Brittany there. There is little information available on her childhood. Of What little is known of her childhood, Brittany moved to Florida when she was six years of age. She attended Gulf Coast High School.

Brittany grew up as an outdoor person spending time with her father hunting and fishing. Meanwhile, she was encouraged by her mother to become a python hunter. She also pursued her formal education and attended Gulf Coast High School. There is no available information about her alma meter after her high school graduation

Python Hunting Began as an Accident

Perhaps the most interesting fact about Brittany’s career is that she joined Dusty’s team by accident. She recalls that it was her mom who encouraged her to apply for the show. After all, with no prior experience in hunting, Python hunting was the last on the list of prospective jobs for Brittany. But when she and her mother found out about the opening, Brittany applied for the job and was selected by Dusty. This came as a huge surprise for Brittany who hadn’t expected a callback. Two years later, she is glad that she did.

An Unusual Stance

A feature of Brittany is that she never actually kills the snakes. While she does acknowledge that whatever her team is doing is for the greater good, the 32-year-old is never to deliver the final blow. While she is the one who often wrestles with the massive snakes, she leaves the killing to others. In her own words, “I love animals so much; I really canā€™t kill them.”

Guardian of the Glades crews
Guardian of the Glades cast crews

The Sole Exception

But every rule has its own exception. While Brittany never delivers the fishing blow, she was once compelled to. This happened after a python who was presumed to be dead leaped of the measuring table and started sliding away. Brittany quickly put the snake out of misery but couldn’t control her tears for the entire episode.

ā€œI had to re-catch it and quickly stab it again. When you stab it, you have to scramble the brains back and forth.ā€

A Full-Time Plumber

Even though Brittany has a passion for hunting giant snakes, she is a full-time plumber. She owns a plumbing business and operates around Naples, Florida. So when she is not in the glades hunting for pythons, Brittany is out there repairing water pipes.

Personal Life

First Husband & Divorce: While her career has gone more or less smoothly, Brittany hasn’t had similar success in her personal life. For the longest time, Brittany was married to Eddie Miller and the pair co-owned the business. But unfortunately, the pair pulled the plug on eight years of marriage. This was before Brittany joined the reality TV series, Guardians of the Glades. The show came in perfect time for Brittany who was trying to find her way.

Brittany Borges ex-husband Eric Miller
Brittany Borges and ex-husband Eddie Miller

Moving on- Marriage to Jordan Hagadorn

Brittany has moved on since her divorce from her first husband. She is now married to Jordan Hagadorn. The couple lives together in Naples, Florida running their plumbing business. The two have kept details about their wedding private while we know the couple got engaged in January 2019. Jordan has a daughter from the previous partner.

Brittany Borges married to Jordan Hagadorn
Brittany Borges married to Jordan Hagadorn

Net Worth

Brittany collects her wealth from her profession as a plumber and television appearances. As of now, she has an estimated net worth of $400,000.


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