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Brandy Green may have starred in her fair share of paranormal shows, but the reality star is skeptical about the existence of the ghosts. A paranormal investigator, Brandy first rose to fame following her appearances in the reality TV series, Ghost Hunters International. Always on the road, Brandy was enticed by the prospect of traveling to exotic destinations across Europe. Brandy was into the theatre from a young age thanks to an uncle who worked in the broadway. Over the year, Brandy has starred in several TV series, some of which are not related to the paranormal.

Early Life:

Brandy Green was born in 1984 Minnesota. As a young kid, Brandy grew up in a large family with diverse religious beliefs. As a result, Brandy was exposed to a great amount of death and had to attend several funerals. Over the years, Brandy started questioning if death really was the final ending. After her uncle’s death, some relatives on her mother’s side started seeing ghosts. This led Brandy to further question the finality of death. Brandy has a degree in Secondary Education and has worked in colleges as well as K-12.

Brandy Green Ghost Hunters International
Ghost Hunters International star Brandy Green 

During her high school years, Brandy began investigating claims of paranormal activity on her own. Over the years, Brandy read books written on the subject and eventually formed a paranormal investigation team. Talking about her early years, Brandy revealed,

“During this time, I worked an office job under fluorescent lighting, in a cubicle, and was working towards my first degree. I was focusing my studies on anthropology and psychology.”

Ghost Hunters:

In her years as a paranormal investigator, Brandy had got to know several other investigators. When two of her friends started working on Ghost Hunters, they encouraged Brandy to apply for the spot. At the same time, SyFy was looking for new investigators. Brandy applied for the post fully confident that she would not get the job.

“Two days after I had expedited the audition tape to Los Angeles, I received a call from the Executive Producer of “Ghost Hunters International” who welcomed me to the show. I had two weeks to quit my job, get a passport, buy the essentials for travel, pack, and basically change my life.”

Not a believer:

Unlike most of her cast members on the show, Brandy never believed in paranormal encounters. She is always quick to point out that she never had such an encounter. During all her time as a paranormal investigator, Brandy never came across evidence so damning that it proved the existence of ghosts.

“I have traveled extensively, done countless investigations using some of the best equipment that money can buy, and have never seen a piece of footage that I would personally classify as being proof that ghosts exist.”

Leaving Ghost Hunters International:

Brandy joined the cast of Ghost Hunters International as an investigator/case manager during the first season in 2008. She appeared in 33 episodes until 2010. Even though the show wrapped up in three years, Brandy was not there to see the end. Even when offered a spot in the leading team, she turned them down. She was disappointed by the direction the show was taking and wanted nothing to do with it. Talking about her time Brandy said:

“It was a very emotional decision driven by a lot of aggravation and disappointment over the politics of “show business” and the failing relationships with the cast and crew.”

Even though Brandy’s career has revolved around the paranormal for the most part, she wants to teach college-level history part-time and continue writing. Brandy is also passionate about photography and wants to continue her creative endeavors.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Name Brandy Green
Birthdate 1984
Age 36
Birthplace Minnesota, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Star Sign Unknown
Parents N/A
Siblings N/A
Career Television personality, Actor, Producer
Net worth Not Known
Relationship status Unavailable


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