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Ashley Manning is an American entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She invest her wealth mainly in real estate development also, she has share stakes in NBA club Memphis Grizzlies which keeps her in the position of minority owner of the club. Besides different business venture, she gives her time in philanthropic works. She established PeyBack Foundation with her famous former American football quarterback husband, Peyton Manning. She also involves herself in several other charity causes.

Birthdate and age

She was born as Ashley Thompson on  December 9, 1974, in Memphis, Tennessee which makes her age 43 years now (2018). She is the second child born from her parents Bill and Marsha Thompson. She has the three siblings; Allison is her elder sister, Will and Leigh are younger than her.

Early Life and Education

The upbringing of a child plays the vital role in how they shape their career and what kind of person they will become. For Ashley, the environment around her and the opportunity she got growing up in Memphis helped express what she already had in the heart. She showed her generous and competitive nature in different stages of schooling where she would volunteer and provide her time for public benefits.

During her junior high school, she spent a whole week of summer in a program called “Service Over Self “ in which she had to go out in the heart of Memphis and work along with homeowners that needed help with renovation and repairs. She continued her knack for helping in her senior years by being active in different volunteer campaign. Each Saturday she had reserved time for teaching young boys and girls in a local club. This bright girl once collected the highest charity amount among other fellow students for which she was honoured. Her outstanding volunteer work in high school also paved her way to land a spot as a member of the prestigious ‘Ascensus Society.’

Regarding her academics, she was a bright student and a competitive girl. She chose to follow in her father’s footsteps careerwise who worked as an investment banker and commercial real estate developer. She attended college at the University of Virginia pursuing a degree in finance and marketing. There she served on class councils and was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. She graduated in 1997.

Personal Life

Ashley and her college sweetheart Peyton Manning married on March 17, 2001, in Memphis, Tennessee. So far in the marriage, they have two twin children Marshall Williams Manning and Mosley Thompson Manning born on March 31, 2011.

Love affair and married life with Peyton Manning

She was introduced to Ashley Thompson by her parents next door neighbour in 1993, the summer before Peyton freshman year of college. In the first meeting, she was impressed remarking Peyton seemed genuine.

Later two kept in touch which helped grow their relationship. Ashley and Peyton remained lovers in college and maintained afterwards. Unlike any typical couple, together the two became part of Philanthropic work. In the joint effort in 1999, they established the PeyBack Foundation for the benefits of disadvantaged youth.

Ashley Manning and Peyton Manning
Ashley Manning and her husband Peyton Manning

The next milestone in their relationship was getting married. The couple wedded in a ceremony held in Ashley’s hometown, Memphis, Tennessee on March 17, 2001.

If we look into her married life, she forms an exemplary partnership with her husband. Despite the enormous popularity of Peyton she chose to keep herself mostly away from the spotlight. She is the secret force behind her husband continued success.  Notably in 2011 when Peyton was suffering year-long injury even thought of quitting, it was her who convinced him to continue. Later before retiring in 2016, Peyton was rewarded with another milestone in his trophy-laden career. He achieved Superbowl winners medal with Denver Broncos in the 2015-16 season.

Their Children

Peyton and Ashley didn’t make much fuss about pregnancy as they were preparing for their soon to be born children. This notoriously secretive couple had their twins, Marshall Williams Manning and Mosley Thompson Manning on March 31, 2011.

Ashley Manning Career and Profession

After graduating with a major in finance and marketing, she has her feet firm in the business. Ashley is involved in Real State development since 1997 and owns a real estate company of own. She is currently the President of LAT Properties, LLC, a real estate development company she started in Denver. She was the Vice President of the Jupiter Group where she was involved in the urban development and revival of downtown Indianapolis. Ashley, on the other hand, has invested in share stakes of NBA club Memphis Grizzlies. She gained minority ownership after investing with a group which bought from the previous owner for about $350 million.

Ashley Thompson Philanthropy endeavours

The generous heart of this lady allows her to engage in numerous charities work. Ashley and Peyton together established the PeyBack Foundation in 1999 to promote the future success of disadvantaged youth; she is the vice president of the foundation. She is active in numerous charitable organizations. In her hometown of Memphis, she gives back to the community through Memphis Athletic Ministries, and she remains actively involved in philanthropic causes in all of the cities in which she has resided.

Ashley contributes to her the University of Virginia as it’s alumni. She is a member of the Alumni Association’s Board of Managers also serves as Vice-Chair of Jefferson Trust which she joined in 2015. Alongside her husband, she invests in the Peyton Manning Scholarship Endowment at the University of Tennessee.

Rumours and Controversies

Ashley’s name is dragged into the controversy regarding the rumours of supplying her husband with HGH drug which is sometimes illegally used by players to enhance performance on the field.  Ashley was accused of providing HGH ( Human Growth Hormone) to Peyton during his injury lay-off in 2011.  The acquisition came threatening to Peyton’s 18 years of NFL career. However, after the investigation from related authorities, Ashley had HGH prescription for some private reason, and her husband was not found guilty of using the drug to fuel performance enhancement on the football field. Nevertheless, she is bound to be followed by her unwanted controversy.

Wiki Facts

Name: Ashley Thompson Manning
Birth Date: December 9, 1974
Birth Place: Memphis, Tennessee
Age: 43
Nationality: American
Spouse:  Peyton Manning
Profession: Entrepreneur, Real Estate Developer
Social Media Handle N/A

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