Michael Koman Bio-Net Worth: Inside the life of Ellie Kemper husband.

Over the years, Hollywood has seen its fair share of comedic proposals. And while each proposal seems funnier than the last, none are quite like Michael Koman’s proposal to Ellie Kemper. In an interview with Ellen, Kemper revealed that the subject of marriage came three times between the pair. Each time Kemper ended up more confused than the last. But eventually, Koman gathered courage, and while the pair tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony, Kemper still believes that she is due a proper proposal. Regardless of how their proposal went, the duo has enjoyed diverse and successful careers. And given Kemper’s fame, much remains to be known about Koman. So, for this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Michael Koman. 

Early Life:

Michael Koman was born on the 2nd of February, 1977, in San Diego, United States. Born and raised in San Diego, Koman found a strong penchant in comedy. As a young kid, Koman often watched the sketch comedy show SCTV, and would often visit The Comedy Store club near his home in La Jolla. Following his high school graduation in 1995, Koman enrolled at the  University of California, San Diego, and graduated in 1999. 

Ellie Kemper & husband Michael Koman

Life in comedy:

After working at The Comedy Store club while still at high school, Koman was able to secure stand up sets and began performing at the club. He also began writing sketches regularly and submitted them to MADtv. During the final year of college, Coman regularly performed at The Improv. He met Todd Glass around the same time and began writing a sketch show entitled Todd’s Coma. After Fred Willard appeared in the show, Fred’s agent sent the clip to MADtv, who hired Koman. 

While at MADtv, Coman worked with Greg Cohen, who recommended Coman to the O’Brien show. He worked with renowned  Late Night writers including Brian Stack and Andrew Weinberg and produced some of the best comedic bits ever seen on the show. 

On with his career:

Koman worked on the O’Brien Show from 2001 to 2008 and left the show after it was announced that the series was moving to New York following the acquisition from NBC. Following his exit, Koman began working as the head writer for Important Things with Demetri Martin. While Koman worked on The Colbert Report in 2008, his next big work came in the form of Eagleheart, which ran on Adult Swim for three seasons (2011–2014). During the end of Eagleheart, Koman began working on Nathan for You. The series came to a stop in 2017 after the fourth season. Koman also worked in  The Jack and Triumph Show and was also involved in Triumph’s Election Watch 2016. 

After Nathan for You, Koman began working for Saturday Night Live from the summer of 2017. He won his ninth Emmy Award nomination for his work on SNL, having won the award as a part of the Late Night writing team in 2007. Koman has also nabbed six Writers Guild of America Awards in his career. 

Net Worth:

American writer & Television producer Michael Koman has a net worth estimated to be around USD 3 Million.

Personal Life:

Michael Koman is happily married to actress and comedian Ellie Kemper. The pair first met in the early 2000s backstage at Late Night with Conan O’Brien and worked on a number of productions together. The pair dated for nearly a decade before deciding to tie the knot on the 7th of July, 2012. And while the pair have enjoyed an amazing time as a married couple, things didn’t go quite as expected in their engagement. Talking about the pair’s engagement, Kemper revealed on Ellen,

Three times, the subject of marriage came up. The first time he was like, ‘I don’t have the ring, but one day maybe we’ll get married. It was weird… I was like, ‘Am I supposed to say yes to that?'” The second attempt fared no better. 

“It was this beautiful [ring], his grandmother’s ring. He was like, “I’m not asking… I mean, we can get married at some point.’ It kept being put off.”

And despite the successful third-time proposal, Kemper still remained unimpressed

“He asked me as I was leaving for New York from Los Angeles. He asked me to marry him [and] I got on a plane and left for a week. Again, I love him, but that was not a proposal.”

The pair tied the knot on the 7th of July, 2012, and have two sons, James and Matthew, born in 2016 and 2019. 

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