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Adam Berry finds the time to follow all his passions. A paranormal investigator by trade, Adam is also passionate about theatre and owns a theatre company, where he nurtures young talents while also producing some of the best plays on the Cape. Adam first rose to fame following his appearances in the reality TV series, Ghost Hunters Academy. He was then promoted to the main cast of Ghost Hunters. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Adam Berry.

Adam Berry is an American paranormal investigator, television personality and producer. He is best known as the co-star and executive producer of Kindred Spirits on Discovery Plus, where he works with Amy Bruni to help people who are haunted by the dead. He is also a former cast member of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters Academy on Syfy.

Adam Berry Ghost Hunters Alum
Adam Berry

Early Life:

Adam Berry was born on March 9, 1983, in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, United States. Raised in Alabama, Adam had his first paranormal encounter when he was nine years of age. During that time, Adam had an encounter with a paranormal creature that looked like a menacing ghost dog. For weeks, Adam could not escape the harrowing sound of the dog scratching against his wall. As if responding to the paranormal event, his TV would glow mysteriously even though it was well turned off. On the education side of things, Adam later moved to Boston and attended college, while also working towards a BFA degree in Musical Theatre from the Boston Conservatory.

A career in the paranormal:

Even though Adam had always been able to see ghosts as a kid, he often thought them to be delusions of a child. But in 2006, Adam had one more harrowing encounter with the paranormal. During the time Adam was in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and saw massive white figures in a field. The figures were accompanied by sounds of gunshots and people yelling. Adam rushed to see what was going on but could find no explanation for what he just witnessed.

Ghost Academy and Ghost Hunters:

After his encounter in 2006, Adam established the Provincetown Paranormal Research Society (PPRS). In four years, Adam gathered a ton of experience and was counted amongst the up-and-coming Ghost Hunters. In 2010, Adam was invited to be a part of the reality TV series, Ghost Hunters Academy. The experience proved to be vital for Adam who was promoted to the role of the investigator on the TAPS Teams. After joining the team Adam made the Ghost Hunters debut in 2010 and appeared in 82 episodes until 2014. In Ghost Hunter, Adam teamed up with Amy Bruni until they left the show in 2014. Even though the pair returned during season 14 and season 15 it was only in a recurring role instead of a regular one.

Kindred Spirits:

Adam Berry and Amy Bruni are the co-host and executive producers of the television show “Kindred Spirits” which premiered on October 21, 2016, on Destination America and TLC. In the show, Adam teams up with his longtime friend and fellow investigator Amy Bruni and psychic medium Chip Coffey to help people who are troubled by unexplained phenomena in their homes or businesses. They use a combination of historical research, cutting-edge technology and empathetic communication to identify and resolve the issues that are haunting their clients.

Adam Berry along with Amy Bruni
Adam Berry and Amy Bruni

The series has seven seasons so far, with a total of 70 episodes. The seventh season premiered on January 20, 2023, and concluded on March 24, 2023. Some of the locations that the team has investigated on the series include:

  • A desolate cabin in Pennsylvania where an aggressive ghost scratches and breaks objects.
  • A Connecticut restaurant that was used as a makeshift morgue after a flood.
  • A Florida jail where a murderous spirit channels a dark vision from beyond the grave.
  • An old Masonic temple shrouded in mystery and local lore.
  • A haunted New Jersey mansion where an occultist attempts to cross them over into the spiritual realm.
  • A century-old theater haunted by a menacing shadow figure.

On Paranormal Investigation:

Adam Berry says that every investigation is different and unpredictable and that they always try to find the best solution for both the living and the dead. He says that their style of investigation is not about proving the existence of ghosts or scaring themselves, but about understanding the stories and emotions behind the activity. He says that they often form a bond with their clients and the spirits they encounter and that they always respect their wishes and boundaries.

Berry also says that he enjoys visiting places that have been investigated by other paranormal teams because he likes to give them the Kindred Spirits treatment and see what happens with their approach. He says that he is always open to learning new things and challenging his beliefs and that he never stops being amazed by the mysteries of the paranormal world.


Pairing with Amy Bruni:

Adam and Amy have been working together for more than a decade. The two shares similar styles and beliefs and possess abilities to connect with those in the afterlife. Talking about the partnership Adam writes on his website;

” Adam likes to say he was awarded Amy Bruni as his prize because the two paired up and have since become a paranormal powerhouse”.

Other Endeavors:

Adam is also passionate about theater and owns a theater company called Peregrine Theatre Ensemble in Provincetown, Massachusetts. He produces and directs plays and musicals and also mentors young talents.

Public Appeareances:

Adam Berry also makes public appearances at various events and locations related to the paranormal field. Some of his public appearances are:

  • Live paranormal investigations with Adam Berry: These are events where Adam invites fans and enthusiasts to join him in exploring haunted places and conducting investigations. He also provides lectures, talks, and Q&A sessions about the paranormal. Some of the locations he has visited include the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, the Old Jail Museum, and the USS Salem1.
  • Paranormal conventions and festivals: These are events where Adam meets his fans and fellow investigators, signs autographs, takes photos, and participates in panels and workshops. Some of the conventions and festivals he has attended include ScareFest, Phenomenology, Salem Con, and ParaUnity.
  • Book signings and readings: These are events where Adam promotes his books and shares his stories and insights with his readers. He has written four issues of a comic book series called Goodbye Hello, which is based on his personal experiences with the paranormal. He also offers free autographed bookplates for those who purchase his books online.

Net Worth:

As of 2023, Adam Berry has a net worth of $1.8 M. He makes his money as a paranormal investigator, television appearances, authorship, and his other business. He also has endorsements and sponsorships from various brands and companies.

Social Media Presence:

Adam Berry also has a strong social media presence where he shares his paranormal experiences, his personal life, and his other projects. Some of his social media accounts are:

  • Twitter: @AdamJBerry. He has over 161 K followers and posts frequently about his TV shows, his books, his events, and his personal life. He also retweets and replies to other users.
  • Instagram: @adamberry. He has 109K followers and posts regularly about his travels, his dogs, his husband, his friends, and his paranormal adventures. He also uses stories and reels to showcase his activities.

He also has a website where he sells his books, merchandise, and tickets to his events. His website is

Personal Life

Wife and kids:

Adam is openly gay and is married to Ben Griessmeyer, who is also an actor. They have been married since August 22, 2012, and live in Provincetown, Massachusetts with their two chihuahuas, Maria and Cheeto.

Adam Berry along with his partner Ben Griessmeyer
Adam Berry along with his partner Ben Griessmeyer

Adam and Ben met before they became famous and supported each other careers. They appeared in the comedy Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads in 2011. In addition to working as an actor Ben has accompanied Adam to investigate many haunted locations together.

Adam and Ben have a loving and supportive relationship. They often post pictures and stories of their travels, their dogs, their friends, and their paranormal adventures on their social media accounts. They also celebrate their anniversaries and birthdays with sweet messages and gestures. They are actively involved in their local theater community and run a non-profit theater company called Peregrine Theatre Ensemble.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Name Adam Berry
Birthdate March 9, 1983
Age 40 years old
Birthplace Muscle Shoals, Alabama, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Star Sign Pisces
Parents Not Known
Siblings Lucas Berry
Profession Television personality, Actor, Paranormal Investigator
Net worth $1.8 M
Relationship Status Married
Spouse/Partner Ben Griessmeyer (2012-present)
Children None
Social Media Handle Twitter, Instagram

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