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Somaya Reece is a first-generation American who was raised in the city of California. As her parents came from El Salvador, Somaya had a hard time adapting to the US culture. Not the one to give up, Somaya excelled at everything she did. Her fate took a turn when she was brought in to meet with William Morris agents. Things lit up for Somaya, who soon landed comedic roles in over 45 national commercials. In the years that followed, Somaya landed roles in reality TV and also made her own music. An independent artist, Somaya has also dabbled in business and books. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Somaya Reece. 

Early Life:

Somaya was born on the 17th of June 1986 in Los Angeles, California. Somaya had a hard time growing up and spent much of her early life in the streets. Between the ages of 11 and 18, Somaya dropped out of school, joined street gangs, and got stabbed in the process. Her parents weren’t the perfect role models as her mother would verbally abuse Somaya and her father was an alcoholic. This led to an incident of Somaya running away from her home. During all this, Somaya also got pregnant and wanted to return home. Her mother threw her out and Somaya sought shelter with her boyfriend’s mother. Her boyfriend’s mother wasn’t the loving mother Somaya sought and was often mean to her. During her stay there, Somaya’s son was tragically murdered. Somaya then continued her education at the University of California, Los Angeles.

American singer and reality television star Somaya Reece
American singer and reality television star Somaya Reece

Professional Career:

After graduating with a degree in theater, Somaya wanted to make it out as an actor. She had a hard time landing roles and was working as a maid in the hotel. During her time at the hotel, Somaya was contacted by William Morris’s agents. The meeting was a turning point in Somaya’s career who soon became the face of international brands. 

Reality TV star Somaya Reece
Reality TV star Somaya Reece

Her acting debut came in 1998 which was soon followed by other movies including The American Psycho, The Scorpion King, The Girl from the Naked Eye, Slammed, and Ride or Die. Following her appearances in movies, Somaya also began appearing in reality series such as Girlfriends, Love and Hip Hop, Famously Single, and First Family of Hip Hop. Somaya is also a rapper and has held the top position in charts across Latin America. She is also heavily interested in business and owns a fashion brand entitled, This Fits Me. Alongside her girlfriend, Somaya also owns television production, The Greatest Entertainment, and a record label venture, La Rosa Ent.

Personal Life:

Somaya Reece is openly bisexual and has always been open about her sexuality. Even though she has dated both men and women in the past, Somaya’s most recent relationship was with Shanell Jones. She first dated Kellan Lutz who was known for her role in Twilight. The pair broke up in 2009 and Somaya grew attached to rapper Joe Budden. The relationship didn’t work out for Somaya who later dated another rapper, XO. The pair broke up in 2013 and Somaya remained single for a while before announcing a relationship with Jessica White in 2016.

Actress/model, businessman Somaya Reece
Actress/model, businessman Somaya Reece

Somaya then had a serious relationship with Shanell Jones and got engaged on the 20th of March 2017. Things didn’t work out for the pair and they later called it quits. Somaya often struggled with weight during her acting career and decided to take it down a few notches. She adjusted her eating habits and her workout schedule which paid off for her. 

Net Worth

Somaya Reece grabs her net worth primarily through her career in music and as a model/actress. She also runs her own fitness brand, ThisFitMe. As of 2020, Somaya has an accumulated net worth of USD 4 million.

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