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If you are a fan of the Discovery Channel show “Deadliest Catch”, you probably know Keith Colburn as the fiery captain of the Wizard, one of the most successful crab fishing vessels in the Bering Sea. But did you know that before he became a self-made crabber, he was a sous-chef and a ski bum in California? Or that he witnessed the sinking of a fellow boat on his first appearance on the show? Or that he testified before Congress on the effects of climate change on the fishing industry?

In this article, we will explore the untold truth of Keith Colburn, the man behind the wheel of the Wizard. We will reveal how he started his crabbing career from scratch, how he rose to the captain’s chair and how he deals with his brother Monte and Wizard’s co-owner. We will also learn about his personal life, his health challenges and his passion for conservation. Join us as we dive into the fascinating story of one of the most charismatic and successful captains on “Deadliest Catch”.

Deadliest Catch star Keith Colburn
Deadliest Catch star Keith Colburn

Net Worth- How Rich is Keith Colburn?

Keith Colburn is an American first-generation fisherman and reality television star who has a net worth of $2 million. He earned his net worth as a commercial fisherman and from his role on the documentary/reality television series Deadliest Catch. This Discovery Channel series chronicles the real life events aboard fishing vessels during the Alaskan king crab and C. opilio crab fishing season. Keith Colburn is the captain and owner of one of the Bering Sea’s premier crab vessel, the Wizard.

From Sous-Chef to Crab Captain: The Remarkable Journey of Keith Colburn

Keith Colburn, born on March 10, 1963, in California, is the son of Gary Clark Colburn and the brother of Monte Colburn. He grew up in Lake Tahoe, where he attended North Tahoe High School and developed a passion for skiing and cooking. He started working at a French restaurant when he was 14 and became a sous-chef by 21. His dream was to pursue a culinary career, but he changed his course after learning about the lucrative opportunities in Alaskan crab fishing from a high school acquaintance. In 1985, he took a plane to Kodiak, Alaska, and embarked on a risky adventure as a fisherman. With no prior experience or family connections in the industry, he landed a job as a greenhorn. He credited his cooking skills for keeping him on the boat, as he had to feed the crew in challenging conditions. He worked his way up from a greenhorn to a full-share deckhand and eventually became the owner and captain of a fishing vessel.

Fishing & Television Career

Keith Colburn began his fishing career in 1985, at the age of 22, as a novice on the Alaska Trader, a 135-foot crabber/tender vessel. In 1988, he joined the Wizard, a 155-foot crab boat, as a deckhand and soon became a full-share crew member. He worked hard and learned from his mentors, earning his captain’s license in 1992. He served as a relief captain and co-captain with Lenny Lekanoff for several years, until acquiring the Wizard from John Jorgensen in 2005.

Keith Colburn was making a name for himself in the crab fishing industry when he was approached by the producers of Deadliest Catch, a reality TV show that follows the lives and challenges of crab fishermen in the Bering Sea. He agreed to join the show in its third season in 2007 and has been a regular cast member ever since. He has made 218 appearances on the show until 2022, showcasing his fiery temper, his competitive spirit and his high standards. He is known for his passion, his leadership and his dedication to his crew and his family.

Besides Deadliest Catch, Keith Colburn has also appeared on other shows and documentaries related to crab fishing, such as After the Catch, Deadliest Catch: The Bait, Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove and Deadliest Catch: Bloodline. He has also been involved in various initiatives and campaigns to promote sustainable fishing practices, marine conservation and public awareness. He is one of the most influential and respected figures in the crab fishing community.

Keith Colburn’s Relationship with His Brother Monte: A Complex Bond on the Bering Sea

Keith and Monte Colburn are more than just co-captains of the F/V Wizard, a crab fishing vessel that operates in the harsh and dangerous waters of the Bering Sea. They are also brothers, and stars of the hit reality show “Deadliest Catch”. Their relationship, however, is not always smooth sailing. The Colburn brothers have a history of conflicts and arguments that often escalate on camera, putting their partnership and friendship to the test.

The Colburn brothers started their crabbing careers in the late 1980s, when they left their jobs in California and flew to Alaska to join the lucrative but risky industry. They worked their way up from greenhorns to first mates of the Wizard, and in 2005, they bought the boat from its previous owner. They also joined the cast of “Deadliest Catch”, a documentary series that follows the lives and challenges of crab fishermen in the Bering Sea.

Since then, the Colburn brothers have been entertaining and inspiring millions of viewers with their skills, courage, and charisma. They have also shown their human side, as they have faced personal and professional difficulties, such as health issues, family problems, and fierce competition.

But perhaps the most dramatic aspect of their story is their relationship as brothers and partners. Keith and Monte have a strong bond, forged by years of working together in extreme and perilous conditions. They also have a mutual respect and admiration for each other, as they recognize their talents and contributions to the success of the Wizard.

However, they also have different personalities and styles that often clash. Keith is more outspoken, assertive, and demanding, while Monte is more laid-back, easygoing, and flexible. Keith tends to be more involved in the decision-making and management of the boat, while Monte prefers to focus on the fishing and the crew.

These differences often lead to heated arguments and confrontations, especially when the stakes are high and the pressure is on. The Colburn brothers have been seen yelling, cursing, and insulting each other on camera, sometimes over trivial matters, sometimes over serious issues. They have also threatened to quit or fire each other on several occasions, putting their partnership and friendship at risk.

Despite their frequent fights, the Colburn brothers have always managed to reconcile and move on, realizing that they need each other and that they share a common goal: to catch as much crab as possible and to keep the Wizard afloat. They have also acknowledged that their arguments are part of their dynamic and that they help them to vent their frustrations and to improve their performance.

As Keith Colburn said in an interview with Monsters and Critics, “We’re always going to fight, that’s just the way it is. But we’re also going to work together to try and accomplish what we need to do out in the Bering Sea. … So there’s no captain in the Bering Sea that I’d rather have run my boat than my brother Monte.”

Keith Colburn: Passion for conservation

Keith Colburn is also passionate about conservation, especially of the marine environment and the fisheries he depends on. He has testified before Congress on issues such as climate change, ocean acidification, and sustainable fishing practices. He has also supported various conservation organizations, such as The Nature Conservancy, Oceana, and the Alaska SeaLife Center. He believes that fishermen have a responsibility to protect the resources they use and to ensure the future of their industry and the planet.

Social Media:

Keith Colburn is active on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Twitter: @crabwizard. He has 111.7K followers and joined in April 2009. He posts about his fishing adventures, his family, his friends, his opinions and his causes.
  • Facebook: CaptainKeithColburn. He has 317K followers. He posts about his show, his boat, his crew, his events and his sponsors.
  • Instagram: @captainkeithcolburn. He has 54.6K followers and 1,019 posts. He posts photos and videos of his fishing trips, his travels, his hobbies and his personal life.

Public Appearances:

As a public figure and reality television personality Keith Colburn’s appeareances during different events have been recorded. Some of them are:

  • Captain Keith Colburn attended Discovery Upfront at Jazz at Lincoln Center on April 2, 2009, in New York City.
  • Captain Keith Colburn was at the 2013 Creative Arts Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on September 15, 2013, in Los Angeles, California.
  • Captain Keith Colburn was seen posing with a fan at Deadliest Catch’s Twitter For Tough Guys during the 2013 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival at Austin Convention Center on March 11, 2013, in Austin, Texas.
  • Captain Keith Colburn attended the Discovery Channel’s 30th Anniversary Celebration at The Paley Center for Media on June 23, 2015, in Beverly Hills, California.
  • Captain Keith Colburn spoke at onstage during the Deadliest Catch panel as part of the Discovery Communications portion of This is Cable 2016 TCA Press Tour at Langham Hotel on January 7, 2016, in Pasadena, California.

Personal Life

How Keith Colburn’s Drinking Habit Ended His 25-Year Marriage

Keith Colburn, the captain of the fishing vessel Wizard and a star of the reality show Deadliest Catch, tied the knot with his long-term girlfriend Florence Colburn in 1987. Florence was not only a devoted wife and mother, but also a business partner who helped Keith run the Wizard. She rarely appeared in front of the cameras or gave interviews, but she always supported her husband’s career. She even joined him on some episodes of After the Catch, a spin-off of Deadliest Catch. Their marriage seemed to be happy and stable until 2014, when they shocked their fans by filing for divorce. The reason behind their split was reportedly Keith’s alcohol addiction, which he later sought treatment for. During their 25 years of marriage, they had two children, Caelan and Sienna, who have also followed their father’s footsteps and joined the crabbing industry.

Keith Colburn ex-wife Florence Colburn
Keith Colburn & ex-wife Florence Colburn


The pair keeps in touch and has maintained a friendly relationship after the divorce. They continue to support and co-parent their children. Both Caelan and Sienna are learning the ropes from their father. Keith is known to be hard on Greenhorn crew members but he has been patient and easing Caelan.

Captain Keith Colburn children
Keith Colburn alongside his children Caelan Colburn, and Sienna Colburn

Sienna is sometimes seen joining her father on the fishing expedition however she has not decided to follow in her father’s footsteps. During high school, she was into acting and performed at a school event.

Health Issues:

In recent years, Captain Keith Urban has been weighed down by several health issues. A spine infection kept him out of the fishing grounds for both Bairdi and Opilio for the 2017/2018 season. In his absence, his brother Monto took over the helm of F/V Wizard. In 2021, amidst the pandemic, Keith got caught by Covid. Keith spent the first 10 days in quarantine without any kind of medication. Among different physical weaknesses that kicked in with the infection, Keith had bad pneumonia and was later admitted to the hospital. On his eighth day of bed rest from the hospital, on April  7, 2021, Keith posted a video while he was on a nasal cannula. He updated his health condition and suggested taking precautions by getting vaccinated. 

New Beau?

Keith has not shared much about the woman in his life since the divorce from his first wife. However, there are suggestions he is in a relationship. Keith is active on his social media pages and has shared pictures alongside Hilary who could actually be his girlfriend. Although the man has not confirmed the relationship publicly there is room for deduction and Hilary could be his beau out of many ladies who have graced his Instagram account.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameKeith Colburn
Age60 years old
Date of BirthMarch 10, 1963
Place of birthCalifornia, United States
High SchoolNorth Tahoe High School
ProfessionTelevision personality, Commercial Fisherman, Captain
Net worth$2 M
Marital Status Divorced
Wife Florence Colburn (1987-2014)
ChildrenCaelan Colburn, Sienna Colburn
ParentsGary Clark Colburn
SiblingsMonto Colburn

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