Who is Charles Barkhouse from Curse of Oak Island? His Wiki, bio facts.

Even though the Lagin brothers are the undoubted stars of The Curse of Oak Island, they are supported by a massive team of technicians and specialists who are just as important. Charles Barkhouse is one of the older and experienced heads in the group. As someone who has lived and investigated on the island for over 50-years, Charles knows the island inside out. While the treasure of the money pit was not a big deal for Charles at the beginning, he loves to help out the Lagina brothers and is fond of them. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Charles Barkhouse.

Early life:

Charles Barkhouse was born and raised in Nova Scotia which is located across Oak Island. From a young age, Charles was intrigued by the island and wanted to explore it. At the time, Charles was living with his grandmother, who had some friends on the Island. As Charles revealed in one of the episodes, his grandmother used to get presents from the people living on the Island. The families lived there during the 1930s and 40s and one of them was the godfather to Charlie’s father.

Charles barkhouse Curse of Oak Island
The Curse of Oak Island star Charles Barkhouse 

Following his graduation from a local high school, Charles attended College and started studying history courses. Around the time of his grandmother’s passing, Charlie began looking deeper into the mystery of the Island and decided to move there.

Life on the Island:

Much of Charlie’s career has been centered around Oak Island. He moved to the island following his college graduation and started exploring the island. By the time the Lagina brothers came knocking, Charlie had already studied the Island inside out. So when the asked him to be their guide, Charlie agreed and started working as an advisor to the brothers. Whenever the brothers needed to do any digging, they ask Charlie’s opinion without fail. Alongside his work for the Lagina brothers, Charlie also conducts regular tours of the place. He is also a production assistant on the show and is more than happy to help out the Lagina brothers.

Personal Life:

Much of Charlie’s personal life has been hidden away from the media. Given that the man has spent 25 years exploring the mystery of Oak Island, it is very unlikely that he has a wife and children to go back to. As of 2020, Charlie is either very much single or is good at hiding information.

A freemason:

As Charlie’s Facebook page reads, Charlie is a Freemason and a Knights Templar. The news was confirmed by the executive producer of the show, Joe Lessard. Talking to Monsters and Critics, Lessard was asked if Rick and Marty were freemasons.

“Yeah, Rick and Marty are not Freemasons. Charles Barkhouse, their team member, is a Freemason and in fact, recently, I think just this year, advanced beyond the highest degree to the level of what they call Knights Templar in the Masonic order. I think the intrigue in the Masons is certainly on Rick and Marty’s radar, but they are not themselves members, at least not disclosed.”

This led to many fan theories with many fans claiming on Reddit that Charles is a knights templar who is tasked with leading people away from the treasure.

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