Who is Instagram celebrity Taylor Lashae? Wiki-Bio, Career, Relationship.

The “It-Girl” of the modeling industry, Taylor Lashae always had a creative edge to her works. A fan of the creative process behind the photoshoots, Taylor not only looks good in front of the camera but is also a wiz when it comes to photo editing. In her own words, “Editing basically makes or breaks an image. It all depends on how it is used.” In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Taylor Lashae.

Early Life:

Taylor Lashae was born on the 14th of August, 1988, to French and Colombian parents. Born and raised in Texas, Huston, Taylor’s house was right beside NASA. Born in a creative household, Taylor always had a creative edge to everything she did, from dancing to makeup. She first learned about makeup when she was in the third grade and opened up her mother’s closet. 

“In third grade, I was playing in my mum’s bathroom. I opened up this huge drawer and I saw all this Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent makeup. I was like oh my god, what is this? So I literally put on Lenny Kravitz and started putting on all the makeup. I’ve loved it ever since. I must say, I looked pretty good.”

Actress, Model, Taylor Lashae.
Actress, Model, Taylor Lashae.

Since then, Taylor has never left makeup and the world of modeling and would often try to play makeup with her brother as a child. Growing up, Taylor attended the Nina Murano Acting Studio in New York City and studied the Meisner technique of acting. She was into modeling from her early years and continued it throughout her high school years. 

Professional Career:

When she was 20-years of age, Taylor moved to New York City in hopes of becoming an actress. At the same time, Taylor continued her work as a model and would regularly participate in photoshoots. While she lived in Brooklyn during the first five years she was in New York, she later moved to Los Angeles, California. While Taylor has never managed to land high profile roles, she has made numerous appearances in short movies including,  The After (2013), Je T’Adore (2014), and K4 1/2 (2014). She has also starred in a music video for the song “Walking with a Ghost”, by Megan and Tegan featuring Manilla Killah. 

Life as a model:

Even though Taylor modeled for most of her early childhood, it was only when she was 15 that she started taking it as a profession. At the time, Taylor was working part-time for a popular vintage store, while also using Instagram on the side. Over the years, Taylor has represented several brands including, P.E. Nation, Calvin Klein, Hansel & Gretel, Nice Martin, and Pac sun, IamGia, and many others. 

As her modeling career took off, so did her career as an Instagram model. Over the years, Taylor has gathered a massive amount of fan following and has gathered over 877 thousand followers. But while Taylor is huge on modeling and acting, she wants her fan to not classify her based on her style.

“If my style defined me, I would be all over the place! My style is nor here or there and it certainly doesn’t define me. Style should be an expression; not a definition.”

Taylor is currently dating photographer Zachary Chick. The pair are not married nor do they have any children. Taylor currently lives with Zachary in Los Angeles.

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