The Mystery of April Dubois: Where is Wesley Snipes’ Former Spouse Now?

April Dubois is not a name that rings a bell for most people, but she has a fascinating story. She is the first wife of Wesley Snipes, one of the most famous and successful actors in Hollywood. They met and married in their 20s, and she gave birth to his first son, Jelani. She supported his acting career, even before he became a star.  She also had her own dreams and struggles, which she pursued in the shadow of her ex-husband. She is a mysterious woman, who has stayed away from the media spotlight for decades. In this article, we will explore the life of April Dubois, the woman behind the Blade star. What happened to her after she divorced Wesley Snipes? What did she do with her life, and where is she now? Read on to find out.

April Dubois and Wesley Snipes: A Brief History of Their Marriage and Divorce

April Dubois and Wesley Snipes were married for five years, from 1985 to 1990. They met at a party and had a private ceremony. They supported each other’s careers and dreams, as Wesley was an aspiring actor and April had her own interests. They had a son, Jelani Asar Snipes, in 1988.

Wesley Snipes First Wife April Dubois

Wesley started his acting career in the mid-1980s, appearing in films such as Wildcats, Streets of Gold, and the music video for Michael Jackson’s Bad. He rose to fame in the early 1990s, starring in films such as New Jack City, White Men Can’t Jump, and Passenger 57. He also became known for his martial arts skills and his role as Blade in the Blade film series. He won several awards and nominations for his acting work, including a NAACP Image Award and a Venice Film Festival Volpi Cup.

April, on the other hand, led a private life and stayed away from the media spotlight. As Wesley’s career began to take off, their marriage did not. They decided to go their separate ways in 1990. She and Wesley did not share the financial details of their divorce, such as spousal and child support. However, they agreed to share the custody of their son and maintained a cordial relationship. They were both involved in their son’s upbringing, as evidenced by Wesley’s appearance on The Rosie O’Donnell Show in 1998. He shared some details about his nine-year-old son Jelani, who seemed to be very mature for his age. He said:

“Well we had a conversation just yesterday, me and his mother and we were basically trying to figure out what he was. We don’t know what he is.”

He further went on to add;

“I can have conversations like a grown man with him and he can have conversations with me like a grown man, it’s frightening.”

How April and Wesley Snipes Moved On?

The divorce was amicable, and they both moved on with their lives. Wesley Snipes continued his successful career as an actor, producer, and director, starring in numerous action, thriller, and comedy films, such as the Blade trilogy, Demolition Man, U.S. Marshals, and The Expendables 3. He also had two more relationships after his divorce from April. He dated Donna Wong, a Chinese-American actress, during the 90s and the early 2000s, and they co-owned a Chinese restaurant in New York City. Following the split, he moved on with Nakyung Park, a Korean-American painter, and married her in 2003. Together, they gave birth to four children together: Akhenaten Kihwa-T, Iset Jua-T, Alaafia Jehu-T, and Alimayu Moa-T Snipes.

Nakyung Park and Wesley Snipes’s children

However, Wesley Snipes also faced some legal troubles in the late 2000s, when he was convicted of three misdemeanor counts of failing to file his federal taxes between 1999 and 2004, a period in which he earned about $40 million. He was sentenced to three years in prison and fined $5 million. He offered to pay $842,000 to clear his $23.5 million debt, but the judge rejected his offer. He began his sentence in December 2010 and was released in April 2013. He appealed his conviction and sentence, but they were upheld by the courts.

Despite his legal woes, Wesley Snipes did not give up on his passion for acting. In 2021, he appeared in the comedy film Coming 2 America, a sequel to the 1988 classic Coming to America, in which he played General Izzi, the ruthless leader of the neighboring country of Nexdoria, who wants to marry his daughter to Prince Akeem’s son. The role required him to display a lot of charisma, humor, and flair, which he said he learned from his children. During an interview with Fatherly, he opened up about how fatherhood affected his portrayal of General Izzi. He said:

“General Izzi is the reflection of my children and their influence and impact on me. The timing, humour, the way they play things, the nuances. What you are seeing in my joy is the reflection of them and their effect on me.” 

He further went on to play on movies and tv shows such as Paper Empire (2023-2024), Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (2023-) and Back on the Strip (2023).

April Dubois, on the other hand, has kept a low profile and has not remarried. She currently lives in Marrow, Georgia. She seems to value her privacy and does not have any social media accounts.

How Jelani Asar Snipes Carved His Own Path Away from His Father’s Fame

Jelani Asar Snipes, born in 1988, is the only son of April Dubois and Wesley Snipes. He appeared in his first and only film role as a baby in Spike Lee’s Mo’ Better Blues, alongside his father and other stars like Denzel Washington and Robin Harris. Unlike his parents, Jelani Asar Snipes did not pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Instead, he followed his passion for business and marketing and became the Chief Marketing Officer of Nukanga Metamarketing LLC, as stated on his LinkedIn profile. He is also a fitness enthusiast who works out regularly to keep his body in shape.

Wiki/Bio of April Dubois

Full NameApril Eloise Dubois
Birth YearFeb 1961
Birth PlaceAmerica
EthnicityAfrican-American (possibly of French descent)
Height (approx)5’6’’ feet
Ex-HusbandWesley Trent Snipes (actor and martial artist)
Marriage Period1985 – 1990
Marital StatusDivorced
ChildrenJelani Asar Snipes
Current ResidenceMorrow, Georgia
Current OccupationUnknown
Net Worth$500,000 -$700,000 US Dollars (estimated)

Early Life of April Dubois

April Dubois was born in February 1961 in the United States but she never revealed much about her family or childhood.  Her surname Dubois comes from the Old French word “bois” meaning “wood”. She completed her high school in her native place, but her further education are not revealed.

Career of April Dubois

April Dubois is a former American public figure who gained fame as the ex-wife of Wesley Snipes, a renowned actor and martial artist. However, not much is known about her career, as she has always been a private person who avoided the media and social media platforms. She has never revealed her educational background, professional qualifications, or work experience. She is also not involved in the entertainment industry, unlike her ex-husband. 

Challenges and Controversies Faced by April Dubois

Here are some of the challenges and controversies faced by April Dubois:

  • She had to raise their son, Jelani Asar Snipes. She shared custody of their son with Snipes, who remarried and had four more children.
  • She had to deal with the legal troubles of her ex-husband, who faced tax evasion charges and prison sentences. She received alimony and child support from Snipes, but his financial situation was unstable.
  • She had to cope with the media and public scrutiny of her personal life, especially after her divorce from Snipes. She was often compared to his other wives and girlfriends and faced rumors and gossip about her relationship with Snipes.
  • She had to maintain her privacy and dignity in the face of social media and the internet, which exposed her personal information and photos to the world. She did not have any social media accounts and avoided the media, but she could not escape the online attention and curiosity of the public

Networth of April Dubois

April Dubois’ net worth in 2024 is estimated to be around $500,000 to $700,000 USD. She is the ex-wife of Wesley Snipes, a famous actor and martial artist, who has a net worth of $10 million USD. She received alimony and child support from Snipes after their divorce.

Social Media Presence of April Dubois

April Dubois is a very private person who does not have any social media accounts. She prefers to stay away from the media and does not share her life with the public. She doesn’t care about fame or glamour and is more interested in other aspects of life, such as her work, hobbies, or family.

FAQs of April Dubois

What is April Dubois’ ethnicity?

April Dubois is of African-American and French descent. Her surname comes from the Old French word “bois”, meaning “woods”. It is a French topographical name given to a man who lived or worked in the woods, or who worked as a woodcutter.

Does April Dubois have any social media accounts? 

No, April Dubois does not have any social media accounts. She is a very private person who does not share her life with the public. She avoids the media and does not talk about her past relationship with Snipes.

Where does April Dubois live now?

April Dubois currently lives in Morrow, Georgia.

How old is April Dubois? 

April Dubois was born in February 1961, which makes her 62 years old as of January 2024.

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