Amanda Hornick: Wife of Wes Bergmann, Fitness Influencer, & College Coordinator.

Amanda Hornick is not just the wife of a famous reality TV star. She is also a fitness influencer, a yoga instructor, a lifestyle blogger, and a college coordinator. She has a passion for healthy living, wellness, and education. She met her husband, Wes Bergmann, in a bar and married him in a wedding ceremony attended by many of his MTV co-stars. But who is Amanda Hornick, really? How did she become the woman she is today? What are her challenges? Her best dating advice? In this biography, we will explore the life of Amanda Hornick, from her childhood to her career to her marriage and motherhood. We will also get a glimpse into her relationship with Wes Bergmann, one of the most popular and controversial figures in reality TV history. This is the story of Amanda Hornick, a woman who has it all.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameAmanda Hornick
Date of birthSeptember 17, 1985
Age38 years old
Zodiac signVirgo
BirthplaceKansas City, Missouri, USA
EducationBA in public relations and advertising in 2008, and MS in education in 2016
OccupationYoga instructor, recruiter, volunteer
Net worthUnknown
Marital statusMarried
SpouseWes Bergmann
ChildrenOne daughter, Lucy Jean Bergmann
Wedding dateJune 1, 2018
Wedding locationOverland Park Arboretum in Overland Park, Kansas
Engagement dateSeptember 2016
Engagement locationKauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri
First metAt a bar in Kansas City, Missouri
First childBorn in September 2023
PetsOne dog, Penny, a Bernedoodle
Fun factShe was surprised by Wes’s proposal and took two minutes to say yes
Amanda Hornick & her husband Wes Bergmann

From a Bar to a Baby: The Love Story of Amanda Hornick and Wes Bergmann

Wes Bergmann, the reality TV star who rose to fame on The Real World: Austin and The Challenge, has been happily married to Amanda Hornick since June 2018. But how did the couple meet and fall in love? 

Amanda Hornick and Wes Bergmann met at a bar in Kansas City in 2011. Wes Bergmann was there with some of his friends, and he noticed Amanda Hornick sitting at a table with her friends. He was immediately attracted to her, and he decided to make a bold move. Hornick shared the story of their first encounter in an Instagram post celebrating their five-year anniversary. 

“I’m REALLY glad you walked up to that table of 13 guys + me and told me I was really beautiful and that you wanted to buy me a drink but only if I followed you to the bar across the street because you were leaving”.

Hornick was apparently impressed by Bergmann’s confidence and charm. She followed him to the other bar and the rest is history.

Romantic Proposal: Wes Bergmann proposed to Amanda Hornick at a Kansas City Royals baseball game in September 2016. He had planned the proposal for months, and he wanted to make it special and memorable. Wes Bergmann then got down on one knee and presented Amanda Hornick with a beautiful ring. Amanda Hornick was shocked and overjoyed, and she said yes. Shortly after, They shared the news with their friends and family, who were thrilled for them.

The Wedding: Amanda Hornick and Wes Bergmann tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception at the Overland Park Arboretum in Kansas in June 2018. The wedding was attended by about 200 guests, including some of Wes Bergmann’s co-stars from The Real World and The Challenge, such as Lacey Buehler, Rachel Moyal and Melinda Stolp, Devin Walker, and Nehemiah Clark. The wedding was also filmed by MTV. Bergmann told MTV News that his favorite part of the wedding was the vows, which were “the most beautiful combination of seriousness and hilarity”. 

Baby: Amanda Hornick and Wes Bergmann welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Lucy Jean, on September 28, 2023. She has been open about her pregnancy and delivery experience on social media, sharing updates and photos of her baby bump, ultrasound scans and hospital stay. She revealed that she had a natural birth and that her daughter weighed 7 pounds and 11 ounces.

Motherhood: Amanda Hornick seems to be enjoying her motherhood and embracing her new identity as a mom. She has been posting cute and candid pictures and videos of her daughter, showing her growth, milestones and personality. On October 22, 2023, she opened up about her motherhood experience in a sincere Instagram post, a month after having her baby girl. She posted a picture of her adorable daughter wearing a pink bow and a white onesie. She captioned the photo with:

“Such a big miracle in such a small person 💞🥺 Other parents just stare at their child/children multiple times a day and have their mind blow every time when thinking- “I made this!!”… right?? 🤯 I can’t believe I spent nine months thinking I was having a boy and three weeks into having a girl I now have a drawer full of bows 🎀😂 #BigBowEra”

Amanda Hornick: Best Dating Advice

Amanda Hornick shared her best dating advice in an Instagram post in May 2021. Hornick, who has been married to Bergmann for five years and together for twelve years, admitted that it had been a long time since she was in the dating world. However, she still had some valuable insights to offer to her followers who were looking to find love in the post-pandemic era.

Hornick said that she believes that open-mindedness is the key to dating and life in general. She explained that while it is important to have non-negotiables when it comes to things that one won’t accept in a relationship, such as lying, cheating, or abuse, one should also be flexible and willing to try new things and meet new people. She said that sometimes the person or things in life that make one happiest are slightly different than what one had in mind, and that’s okay.

She encouraged her followers to say yes to a date with someone who “isn’t your type”, reach out to someone they have been wanting to get to know better as a friend and ask them to coffee or happy hour, or agree to take a trip with a group they don’t know super well. She said that the possibilities to open oneself a bit more to something that may just be wonderful are endless, and one never knows who they will meet along the way. She added that one may learn something interesting about someone, start to understand a different culture or mindset better, fall in love, or just have a good story for their group chat.

Hornick also reminded her followers that not every date or meet-up will be someone who is in their life forever, but if they go into something with an open mind, there may still be a gift there for them. She concluded her post by wishing her followers good luck and happiness in their dating journey. Hornick’s dating advice was well-received by her fans, who thanked her for her wisdom and positivity.

How did Amanda Hornick Become the Professional she is Today?

Amanda Hornick was born (September 17, 1985) and raised, in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. She faced financial struggles during her childhood, but she pursued higher education and earned her degrees from Drury University (Bachelor’s) and the University of Kansas (Master’s). She also had the opportunity to study abroad in London at Regent’s College in 2007, while she was studying at Drury University. Hornick completed her BA in public relations and advertising in 2008, and her MS in education in 2016.

Amanda Bergman worked as a senior admission counselor at William Jewell College, from July 2008 -August 2012. She was responsible for managing the undergraduate admission process for more than 550 applicants from four states, interviewing prospective students, maintaining communication with families, traveling to recruit students and represent the college at fairs, collaborating with supervisors and colleagues, working closely with current students as a mentor, and assisting with the strategic planning of admission office events. She also served as a staff advisor for leadership students attending the Outward Bound course in the Florida Everglades.

Before joining William Jewell College, Amanda Bergman gained valuable experience in various fields of communication, marketing, and journalism. She worked as a public information office intern for Springfield Public Schools for 5 months (Jan 2008 – May 2008), the third largest school system in Missouri, where she researched and wrote news releases and handled media inquiries. She also worked as an associate editor and contributing writer for Welcome to Springfield Magazine for 9 months (Sep 2007 – May 2008), where she interviewed area business owners and wrote articles promoting their businesses, as well as edited other articles for the magazine. Additionally, she worked as an online marketing assistant for for a year (Jun 2007 – May 2008), a social change platform, where she developed and implemented grassroots marketing strategies to assist the nonprofit in its web communication. During the same period, she also worked as a marketing specialist for DIOSA Communications, a company that provides online marketing and fundraising services for nonprofits, where she assisted the company owner with her client accounts and implemented marketing strategies to increase profit.

Amanda Bergman graduated from Drury University in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in Arts with a major in Public Relations and Advertising and a minor in Writing and Global Studies. During her studies, she was involved in various activities and internships that enhanced her skills and knowledge. She worked as an admission department assistant, where she helped with the admission process and events for prospective students. She also worked as an editorial intern for 417 Magazine, where she wrote and edited articles for the lifestyle magazine. Furthermore, she worked as an IT coordinator for University Communications, where she formatted and uploaded press releases and stories to the Drury website and Drury MySpace, and advertised Drury-related events through grassroots marketing on sites such as

Amanda Hornick currently works as a Manager of Campus Recruiting at HNTB, an employee-owned infrastructure solutions firm that serves public and private owners and contractors. She joined HNTB in January 2018 as a Campus Recruiter for the Great Lakes, Northeast, Northwest and West Divisions, where she connected talented students and new graduates to internship and full-time opportunities at HNTB. She also helped to foster a culture of integrity, technical excellence and quality work at HNTB.

In February 2022, she was promoted to Team Leader of Campus Recruiting, overseeing the firm-wide campus recruiting efforts and leading a team of recruiters. She is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to attract and retain diverse and high-performing talent for HNTB. She also manages relationships with donors, employers and academic institutions to enhance HNTB’s brand and reputation.

In June 2023, she became the Manager of Campus Recruiting, a role that involves planning, directing and coordinating the campus recruiting activities for HNTB. She is also involved in developing and executing the talent acquisition budget, policies and procedures for HNTB. She works closely with the senior leadership and business units to align the campus recruiting goals with the business objectives and needs. In addition to her recruiting role, Hornick is also a certified yoga instructor and social media specialist for Core Energy Hot Yoga, a studio in Kansas City. She teaches hot yoga classes. She is passionate about health and fitness, and often shares inspirational and motivational posts on her own social media accounts.

Before joining HNTB, Amanda Hornick was a Senior Coordinator of the Self Engineering Leadership Fellows Program (SELF Program) at the University of Kansas from August 2012 to January 2018. The SELF Program is a prestigious scholarship program that provides engineering students with leadership development, mentoring and experiential learning opportunities. As a Senior Coordinator, Amanda Hornick planned and implemented workshops, retreats and other programming for the approximately 112 Fellows in the program. She also developed individualized leadership and career plans for each Fellow and led weekly cohort meetings for the freshman and sophomore classes. She coordinated major events for SELF alumni, current Fellows and other special events as necessary. She also supported the Dean’s Office staff in all School of Engineering recruitment and retention events and initiatives.

In addition to her professional and personal pursuits, Hornick is also an active volunteer in her community. She has been involved with Girls on the Run, a nonprofit organization that empowers young girls. She has served as a head coach (Feb 2012 – Jan 2018) and a marketing committee member (Dec 2015 – Present ) for the organization. She is also a Lululemon ambassador, a brand representative for Glamour Magazine, and a supporter of various causes, such as animal welfare, education, and women’s rights.

Amanda Hornick: Net Worth

Amanda’s net worth is not publicly known; however, she and her husband Wes have a combined net worth of around $5 million. They generate their income from their careers, social media platforms, and Wes’s participation in MTV’s The Challenge.

Amanda Hornick: Family Background and Siblings

Amanda Hornick was born into a loving and supportive family. Her parents, Victoria and Kevin Hornick, raised her and her younger brother, Shawn, in Kansas City, Missouri. Amanda was always interested in fitness and wellness, and she participated in various sports and activities throughout her childhood and adolescence. She also developed a passion for public relations and communication, and she excelled in her academic pursuits.

Amanda is close to her parents and her brother, who are supportive of her endeavors. She often visits them in Kansas City, where they still reside. She also maintains a strong bond with her extended family, including her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. She cherishes the memories of her early years in Kansas City, where she learned the values of hard work, kindness, and open-mindedness. 

Amanda Hornick: Physical Traits

Height5 feet 3 inches or 160 cm
Weight112 pounds or 51 Kg
HairBlonde, wavy, and shoulder-length
BodySlim and athletic
Skin toneFair
TattoosNone visible
PiercingsOn ears
Dress styleCasual and chic with a preference for jeans, t-shirts, and leather jackets
AccessoriesNecklace, sunglasses, backpack

Fun Facts About Amanda Hornik’s Birthday

Some fun facts about Amanda Hornick’s birthday are:

  • She was born on a Tuesday in the year 1985.
  • Her zodiac sign is Virgo , which means she is likely to be loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, and practical.
  • The number one song in the US on her birthday was Money For Nothing by Dire Straits. The number one song in the UK was Dancing in the Streets by David Bowie & Mick Jagger.
  • Some famous people who share her birthday are Alex Ovechkin (Russian ice hockey player), TomĂĄĹĄ Berdych (Czech tennis player), and Baz Luhrmann (Australian director).
  •  Her birthstone is sapphire, which is a gem that symbolizes purity and wisdom. Sapphire usually refers to the blue variety of corundum, but it can also come in other colors. 
  • Her birth flower is the aster, which is a composite flower from the daisy family that has late-season blooms. The name aster comes from a Greek word that means “star”, referring to the star-shaped flowers of the plant. Asters symbolize faith, love, wisdom, and valor.

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