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Wayde King is an American entrepreneur and a Television personality. He is co-owner of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing(ATM) in Las Vegas, Nevada. He started the business venture (ATM) with his brother in law Brett Raymer in 1997 and since the family-run operation has bloomed gaining the reputation as one of the biggest aquarium manufacturing company in United States. Wayde, on the other hand, is famous for Animal Planet show “Tanked” (2011). He is also credited for appearances in TV shows such as  America’s Cutest (2009) and Monster Garage (2002).

Early Life and Education

Wayde was born on September 19, 1969, in Long Island, New York. He was raised alongside his five sisters. His parents worked as fish dealers which helped him develop an early interest in the fishes. He would spend time watching different beautiful fishes in tanks lying around the basement of his home. Also, he would provide helping hand to his parents in work.

By the age of 14, his biological father and mother had divorced, and he was living with stepfather, Shelly. Shelly had a commercial service company in New York which provided cleaning Aquariums alongside other services. The father-son duo would travel from the city to the island to different restaurants and hotels cleaning aquariums.

Growing up, he was determined to shape up his career. Instead of looking for a more conventional way of learning he chose to join the school which implemented real life skills. He attended machinist school- American Institute for Tooling to become a Diamond cutter. There he learned to use machines and different hand co-ordination techniques. His education timeline includes Attending Commack North School of Hard Rocks before joining America Institute of Diamond cutting.

Personal Life

Alongside professional success, Wayde King is one blessed individual in his personal life. Only a few people are lucky enough to see their love affair turned into a “Happily Ever After.” Although Wayde king has a long way to go along with his wife, the years they have spent together is already impressive.

Wayde King is Married to longtime wife Heather Raymer who indeed was his girlfriend

Wayde was working for the company that built Aquarium and sold to customers in Las Vegas. In the process, he met his future mother/father-in-law as they were looking to build an aquarium for their retirement home.  Also, he got chance to meet and know their daughter Heather Raymer.

The young couple fell for each other and afterwards remained together in a relationship as lovers. Wayde and Heather married in a wedding ceremony on October 25th, 1997.

Wayde King and Heather Raymer
Wayde King and Heather Raymer in their honeymoon trip to Hawaii

The two are extremely supportive of each other be it their family or a business affair. The loving partner likes to keep their relationship romantic. They went to Hawaii for their first Honeymoon. Later they picked their spot in Mexico where Wayde’s favourite sport of scuba diving lies. So far in over 20 years, their marriage has been blissful, and they also get to share the love with their two children, both daughters  Taylor King and Morgan King. The couple resides in a luxury house in Las Vegas.

Wayde king and his wife Heather Braymer
Wayde King and his wife Heather Braymer married for 20 years and counting

Alongside family, together they have been successfully running Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, their family operated business. The company was set up by Wayde King and Brett Raymer in 1997 which Bret’s father helped them with funding. Heather looks after accounting books of the company, and her father is operation manager.

Wayde King Career and Net Worth. His Journey to become a Millionaire

Some people get the opportunity to flourish, and some are deprived whether or not hard works beats all. Wayde was born in a poor family and learned hardship growing up. Through constant zeal and dedication over the years, he has turned his fortune.

At the age of 14, he was cleaning Acquirium tanks for different restaurants and hotels in New York. Meanwhile, he devoted learning Machinery, and it’s implementation on cutting hard rocks like Diamond.

At 24 he moved to Los Angles where he worked for the company that dealt with Acquirium tank manufacturing and selling them. In 1997 when he was already part of Raymer family, Wayde and Bret Raymer established Acrylic tank manufacturing in 1,000 sq. ft office. In five years they had developed the company into one of the biggest manufacturers in U.S.A.

However grass did not always remain greener for them, they had to face a significant drop in the aquarium demands and to solve with financial crisis they lessened the number of hired employ. During the time they put intact, once it began to flourish again, they added more employees to the company.

Wayde King Tanked

The family-owned business (ATM) now operates in  37,000 sq. ft. facility with around 50 employees. They make tanks of different sizes which contain some of the amazing, world’s most exotic and endangered variety of fishes. The company brings in  $8 million to $10 million from annual sales.

Alongside business operation Wayde is involved in TV, he is the cast of reality show Tanked since it began on August 7, 2011. As a main cast of the show, he earns an impressive salary figure.

Wayde lives a lavish lifestyle owing to his millions of net worth. His net worth value is estimated at $5M. His house in Las Vegas accounts for around $600,000. Wayde is a car fanatic and over the years he has gone through few cars. His all-black Chrysler 300 was featured in “Tanked” which he later put on sale at the Prestige dealership. He then opted for a brand-new, Chrysler 300 STR-8.

Wayde King  Wiki Facts

Birth NameWayde King
Born OnSeptember 19, 1969
Age:48 years
BirthplaceLong Island, New York
Net Worth:$5 Million
WifeHeather Raymer
Children Taylor King and Morgan King

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