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Travis Michalzik has a simple formula. If you embarrass yourself, others won’t be able to do so. Ever the joker, Travis often uses social media to post embarrassing photos of himself and is quite open about it. Travis first made an appearance in the fourth season of the Below Deck Mediterranean. He was invited to work as a lead deckhand, but was quickly promoted to Bosun after Joao Franco fell ill during the cruise. One of the more experienced heads on the charter, Travis knew his left from right. While his performance was applauded by fans and fellow crew members, personal shenanigans less so. 

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameTravis Michalzik
OccupationYachtie, deckhand
HometownPerth, Australia
Zodiac signScorpio
EducationDropped out of high school
TV showsBelow Deck Mediterranean (Season 4)
Net WorthN/A
Relationship statusSingle
CrushHannah Ferrier
FlingsNatalie (Below Deck Med charter guest)
HobbiesTraveling, surfing, sailing, joking, partying
SkillsYachting, communication, leadership, humor
Travis Michalzik, cast of Below Deck Mediterranean.
Travis Michalzik, cast of Below Deck Mediterranean.

Early Life

Travis Michalzik was born and raised in Pert, Australia. As a young Kid, Travis attended the Kelmscott Senior High School but dropped out to pursue yachting. Fascinated by the sea adventure, Travis has been working on yachts for over a decade. While on the show, Travis often talked about the meth problem in Perth but never revealed if he was into drugs. 

“It’s weird to see your friends who were like, just good people, like ‘oh, sick, they’re in jail’. Why? Addicted to the old meth. Yes, sailing is basically one of the quickest ways out.”

Professional Career

After dropping out of high school, Travis worked his fair share of odd jobs and was making a few bucks. Things changed for him when he heard the job as a deckhand on a yacht. Still in his early twenties, Travis packed his things and left for the sea. Since then, Travis has been actively working on a yacht and has an impressive track record.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Travis was cast as the lead deckhand in the fourth season of the Below Deck Mediterranean. Even though Travis was first introduced as a deckhand, things changed when the Bosun Joao Franco took ill. Travis was then promoted to the bosun and did a fine job. Even the captain was impressed with his performance. 

“Travis when he was bosun, he didn’t need to be taught, he knew. Because Travis has a lot of experience. He’s worked on a lot of sailing yachts. He has more experience than João.”

While Travis did grow to fame following his appearances on the series, the reality star revealed that he had never watched a single episode. Talking to  WAtoday, Travis revealed,

“So I couldn’t tell you what is what. I would never watch reality TV with my time. So watching myself would just be the ultimate waste of time and also mega cringe.”

What has Travis been up to since he left the show?

After the show, he has been traveling the world and enjoying life as a “yachtie”. He has posted photos and videos from various destinations, such as Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Croatia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia on his Instagram account. He has also been working on different boats, including a sailing yacht and a motor yacht.

Net Worth

Travis’s net worth and sources of income are not publicly known, but he has been working in the yachting industry for eight years, which can be a lucrative career. He also appeared on the fourth season of Below Deck Mediterranean, a popular reality TV show that pays its cast members for their participation. He is currently a captain on a super yacht, which could also earn him a good salary.

Personal Shenanigans

Even though Travis had his moments on the galley, his drinking habit struck a chord with his fellow crew. In one of the instances, Travis passed out poolside after he had too much to drink. He had a similar incident at the group dinner and passed out after telling a waitress to f— off. 

But for all his incidents, Travis had his moments. He stood up against the homophobic comments of Mila by telling her that she was an absolute oxygen thief.

“Your opinion on gays shows your opinion on humanity, which is f—ing terrible, and I don’t support it. You absolute oxygen thief.”


Travis’s recent relationship status is not very clear, as he has not posted any photos or updates of him being with a romantic partner on his social media accounts. However, he did have some flirtatious interactions with one of the charter guests, Natalie, during the fourth season of Below Deck Mediterranean. However, it seems that nothing serious came out of that encounter, as Natalie later revealed that she never contacted Travis after the charter. 

Travis’s previous relationship was with Hannah Ferrier, the chief stew on Below Deck Med. He had a crush on her and tried to woo her with his charm and humor, but she rejected him because of his excessive drinking and lack of professionalism. They remained friends, but Hannah moved on to date someone else.

So far, Travis seems not only to be single but also successful in keeping his relationship status out of the limelight.

Physical Traits

Height6’0″ (approx.)
Hair colorBlonde
Hair styleShort, messy, sometimes shaved
Eye colorBrown
Facial hairBeard, mustache, sometimes clean-shaven
ScarsNone visible

Travis Michalzik FAQs

Did Travis drop out of high school?Yes
Did Travis have a crush on Hannah Ferrier?Yes
Did Travis and Hannah go on a date?No
Did Travis drink too much on the show?Yes
Did Travis get in trouble with Captain Sandy?Yes
Did Travis kiss Jack Stirrup?Yes
Did Travis hook up with Aesha Scott?No
Did Travis flirt with a charter guest?Yes
Did Travis contact the charter guest after the show?No
Is Travis still friends with Jack Stirrup?Yes
Is Travis still friends with Hannah Ferrier?Yes
Is Travis still working in yachting?Yes
Is Travis still traveling the world?Yes
Is Travis a captain now?Yes
Is Travis dating anyone now?Unknown
Is Travis open to DMs on Instagram?Yes
Is Travis an Instagram influencer ?No

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