Tomica Wright wife of Eazy-E: Wiki-Bio, Career, Tragedy, Struggle.

Even though Tomica Woods has gone on to make “Ruthless” a brand it is today, her fame has always been tangled with that of her late husband. Eazy-E. Often considered as the father of gangsta rap, Eazy-E led the group N.W.A and its label, Ruthless Records. He pushed the boundaries of conventional lyrical content and introduced a completely new side to the world of rap. Even though the group’s debut album, Straight Outta Compton, was considered controversial at the time, it now ranks amongst one of the best albums of rap. Eazy-E also established the Ruthless Records which is currently married by his wife Tomica Woods.

Early Life:

Tomica Woods-Wright was born 7th of December 1969 in Los Angeles, California USA. The only child in the family, Tomica spent much of her early life in Los Angeles. Her parents had divorced when Tomica was quite young and the custody was handed to her mother. While she lived her mother most of the time, there were instances when Tomica lived with her father or was admitted to foster care. Tomica attended the San Fernando Valley high school and decided to enroll at Santa Monica School for college. She later moved to West Los Angeles College in Baldwin Hills and graduated in 1990.

Film Producer Tomica Woods.
Film Producer Tomica Woods.

Professional Career:

Following her time at West Los Angeles College, Tomica Woods-Wright started working as a secretary to Tabu Records founder Clarence Avant. When Clarence decided to move from Tabu Records to Motown Records, Tomica made the switch with him. Working with Clarence afforded a large amount of exposure to Tomica, who went on to sign comedian Chris Tucker amongst a few other names. Tomica currently overlooks the Ruthless Records which was established by her late husband Eric Eazy-E. While Tomica had to fight to keep the record label, she was able to restructure the label and expand the label’s roster within two years of taking control.

Meeting Eazy-E and Marriage:

Tomica met Eric Lynn Wright or better known as Eazy-E in 1991. The pair crossed paths at a nightclub in LA. The pair dated for over four years and decided to tie the knot just weeks before Eazy’s death. While the pair had a loving relationship, there were rumors that Tomica and Eazy fought the week before their marriage and that Eazy had thrown Tomica out of the house. The pair tied the knot on the 19th March 1995 in the hospital where Eazy-E was admitted with HIV-AIDS. However, the pair only had a short time on their hands and Eazy passed away on the 26th March at the age of 30. The pair had two children, Dominick and Daijah.

Struggles with Ruthless Records:

Following the death of Eazy-E, Tomica took ownership of Ruthless Records. However, she had to fight a long and elongated battle with her stepson, Eric Wright. Tomica had previously filed a case against Eric for illegally profiting off his father by attempting to register trademarks related to him. Tomica sued Eric for demanding an injunction that prohibited him from continuing to infringe the trademark. The drawn-out legal battle was finally settled in 2018 as Eric agreed to not use trademarks including “Straight Outta Compton,” “N.W.A.” and “Ruthless”, but he was handed the ownership of “Rich & Ruthless”.

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