Who is Terry Bradshaw wife Tammy Bradshaw? Her Wiki-Bio, age, career.

Even though Tammy Bradshaw is the wife of the former NFL star Terry Bradshaw, she has flown under the radar for the most part. Terry’s fourth wife, Tammy is a former model and philanthropist. But for all her professional career, Tammy’s greatest achievement is in Terry’s life. Following his third divorce, Terry was diagnosed with anxiety and had terrible panic attacks. Scared of commitments, Terry did not treat Tammy the greatest during their early years. But to her credit, Tammy stuck with Terry for 13 years before getting married. Tammy on her own is a retired model, a TV personality, a philanthropist, and a former radiation therapist, In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Tammy Bradshaw.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameTameria Alice Bradshaw
Date of birthOctober 5, 1961
Zodiac signLibra
Height5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)
Weight52 Kg (114 lbs)
Net worthOver $40 million (combined with her husband)
Previous marriageDavid Luttrull
ChildrenDavid Cody Luttrull Jr. and Lacey Luttrull Hester (from previous marriage); Rachael and Erin Bradshaw (stepchildren)
GrandchildrenZurie and Jebediah Hester (from Lacey)
OccupationRetired model, TV personality, philanthropist
Charities supportedChris Long’s Waterboys Initiative, AQHA Lucas Oil World Championship Show 2018, Opioid Solution, No Kid Hungry Charity
First met Terry BradshawIn 1999, a year after divorcing David Luttrull
Married Terry BradshawIn 2014, after 15 years of being best friends
Wedding locationsHawaii and Oklahoma
TV shows appeared inToday, Celebrity Family Feud, The Bradshaw Bunch
Terry Bradshaw wife Tammy Bradshaw
Terry Bradshaw & wife Tammy Bradshaw

Early Life

Tammy Bradshaw was born Tameria Alice on October 5, 1961. She holds an American nationality, but her hometown and education details are not publicly known. However, we can assume that she had an interest in modeling and fashion from a young age, as she pursued a career in the modeling industry. She also left other options open and pursued a career as a radiation therapist.

Professional Career

Tammy Bradshaw worked as a model for several years. She also became a TV personality, featuring in a few TV programs before joining The Bradshaw Bunch in 2020. The Bradshaw Bunch is a reality show that revolves around the life of Tammy’s husband, Terry Bradshaw, and his family. Tammy plays an important role in the show, as she supports her husband and bonds with his daughters from his previous marriage.

Tammy Bradshaw also had a career as a radiation therapist, which is a health care professional who treats patients with cancer and other diseases using radiation treatments. To become a radiation therapist, one needs to complete an associate or bachelor’s degree in radiation therapy or radiology, and obtain a certification from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Tammy Bradshaw used her skills and knowledge as a radiation therapist to help many people who were suffering from cancer and other diseases. She worked for ten years as Radiation Therapist before retiring.

Marriage & Children

Tammy Bradshaw is no stranger to the joys and sorrows of love. She was first married to a man named David Luttrull. The pair lived in Oklahoma as they shared conjugal life during the 80s & 90s. They had the birth of their first child David Cody Luttrull Jr. on August 20, 1985. Tammy became pregnant for the second time and welcomed a baby girl named Lacey Luttrull on June 29, 1989. Together they raised both children however later in the 90s their marriage began to fall apart. Tammy and David went through a messy divorce.

Moving On

Tammy’s divorce from David was a turning point for her. She decided to rebuild her life and find happiness again. She focused on her children and her career. Tammy was not looking for romance when she met Terry Bradshaw in 1999 who was also going through difficult times. He had just divorced his wife Charlotte Hopkins and suffering from health problems and depression. They found comfort and support in each other and soon became inseparable.

Interestingly, Tammy did not recognize him as the legendary NFL player and four-time Super Bowl champion. She was just drawn to his charisma and humor, and they soon became friends. Tammy and Terry dated for 13 years before they got married in 2014.

Relationship with Terry Bradshaw

Tammy and her relationship with Terry was not without challenges. Terry was hesitant to commit to another marriage, as he had been divorced three times before. Tammy had to deal with the loss of her son Cody, who died in 2009 at the age of 23. They also had to balance their careers and family lives, as they both had daughters from previous relationships. Terry has two daughters, Rachel and Erin, from his third marriage to Hopkins.

Despite these difficulties, Tammy and Terry never gave up on each other. They supported each other through thick and thin, and eventually tied the knot in 2014. They got married in Hawaii in a spontaneous ceremony, without inviting their kids or anyone else. They wanted to keep it simple and intimate, as they felt that their love was enough. They later renewed their vows in 2021, in front of their family and friends. They expressed their gratitude and happiness for having each other in their lives.

Tammy and Terry have been supportive of each other through thick and thin. Tammy has been by Terry’s side as he battled two types of cancer in less than a year. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer in November 2021 and Merkel cell carcinoma, a rare skin cancer, in March 2022. He underwent surgery and treatment for both cancers and is now cancer-free. Tammy said that she was scared for him when she learned about his diagnosis, but she never showed him her fear or cried in front of him.

Terry has also been supportive of Tammy’s philanthropic work. Tammy is involved in many charities and causes, such as No Kid Hungry, Opioid Solution Fundraiser, American Cancer Society, Women of Influence Awards, etc. She has donated money and time to help people in need.


  • Is Tammy Bradshaw Terry Bradshaw’s fourth wife? (Yes)
  • Did Tammy Bradshaw have a career as a model and a TV personality? (Yes)
  • Did Tammy Bradshaw know who Terry Bradshaw was when they first met? (No)
  • Did Tammy Bradshaw and Terry Bradshaw have any children together? (No)
  • Did Tammy Bradshaw and Terry Bradshaw renew their vows in 2021? (Yes)
  • Does Tammy Bradshaw love horses? (Yes)
  • Does Tammy Bradshaw have a passion for singing? (Yes)
  • Does Tammy Bradshaw live in Oklahoma with Terry Bradshaw? (Yes)
  • Does Tammy Bradshaw support the Pittsburgh Steelers, Terry Bradshaw’s former team? (Unknown)
  • Does Tammy Bradshaw enjoy travelling with Terry Bradshaw? (Yes)
  • Does Tammy Bradshaw have a close relationship with her stepdaughters? (Yes)
  • Does Tammy Bradshaw have any pets? (Yes)
  • Does Tammy Bradshaw have a favorite charity that she supports? (Yes, she is involved in various charitable causes, such as Chris Long’s Waterboys initiative, the American Quarter Horse Association, and No Kid Hungry)
  • Does Tammy Bradshaw have any tattoos? (No)
  • Does Tammy Bradshaw have any siblings? (Unknown)

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