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Valeria Salazar is more than just the partner of the renowned American rapper, television host, and chef Action Bronson (Ariyan Arslani). She is a woman of many talents and passions, who has carved her own niche in the world of social media. She is a licensed social worker, creative entrepreneur, and the founder of The Mothership Portal, a community for women to share their creativity. She has a YouTube channel where she has posted videos about her family and lifestyle. She is active on Instagram, where she has more than 31 thousand followers. Valeria is not only a social media influencer, but also a source of inspiration for many women. She is a strong advocate for mental health awareness, self-care, and empowerment. She encourages her followers to pursue their dreams and express themselves authentically. She is also a loving mother and wife, who balances her personal and professional life. This biography will explore her life story, her achievements, and her relationship with one of the most controversial and versatile artists in the music industry.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameValeria Salazar
BirthdaySeptember 28
Birthplace United States
Height (approx)5 feet 9 inches or 175 cm
Weight (around)143 lbs or 65 kg
Eye colorHazel
Hair colorBlack
Zodiac signLibra
OccupationLicensed social worker, Creative Entrepreneur, Founder of The Mothership Portal
Net worthUnknown
Spouse/PartnerAction Bronson (Ariyan Arslani)
ChildrenBenicio Arslani (son), Lennox Daisy (daughter)
Step-childrenHannah Bronson (daughter), Elijah Bronson (son)
HobbiesTraveling, yoga, meditation, cooking, gardening, reading, writing
Favorite musicPeruvian pipe music, DMX, hip hop, soul, jazz, rock, reggae
Favorite movieUnknown
Favorite bookUnknown
Favorite colorPurple
Pet peeveUnknown
Hidden talentUnknown
Celebrity crushUnknown
Medical condition(s)None
Social media accountsInstagram: [@vamosvalee]
Charity work(s)Supports various causes such as women empowerment, indigenous rights, environmental protection, and mental health awareness.
Awards and recognition(s)None.
Valeria Salazar & Action Bronson

Fun Facts about Valeria Salazar’s Birthday

  • Valeria Salazar is in her 30’s and celebrates her birthday on September 28.
  • Her birthstone is the sapphire, which is a beautiful blue gem that symbolizes loyalty, sincerity and integrity. Sapphires are also associated with wisdom, faith and purity.
  • Her birth flower is the aster, which is a lovely purple flower that represents love, devotion and elegance. Asters are also known as starworts, because of their star-shaped petals.
  • Her zodiac is a Libra. Libras are diplomatic, balanced and charming. They are also sociable, cooperative and fair.
  • Valeria shares her birthday with many famous celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Mira Sorvino and Naomi Watts.

Relationship with Action Bronson

Valeria Salazar and Action Bronson are happily engaged and share two children. They come from different backgrounds and professions but it did not stop them from falling in love. Action Bronson was born in Queens, New York, to an Albanian Muslim father and an American Jewish mother. He grew up in a multicultural environment and developed a passion for cooking and music. He worked as a chef at his father’s restaurant until he broke his leg in the kitchen and decided to pursue rapping as a full-time career. He released his debut album, Dr. Lecter, in 2011 and gained recognition for his witty lyrics and distinctive voice.

Bronson was previously in a relationship with another woman, whose identity remains unknown. They had two children together, Hannah and Elijah, who are now teenagers. Bronson has his daughter’s name tattooed on his chest and is devoted to his kids. However, he and his ex-girlfriend broke up sometime before 2017.

In 2017, Bronson met Valeria Salazar, who is of Peruvian descent. She is the founder of The Mothership Portal, which is a community for women to share their creativity together. She is also a licensed social worker who helps people with mental health issues. She has an Instagram account where she posts about spirituality, wellness, and her life. Bronson calls Salazar his “Indigenous Queen” and often expresses his love for her on social media.

As of October 2024, Valeria and Bronson have been in a relationship for more than six years and are engaged, but they have not announced their wedding date yet. The couple kept their relationship discreet at first, but they did share the gender reveal party for their first child together. Their son Benicio was born in November 2019 and was Bronson’s third child. Bronson revealed that he played DMX music to help his wife through her 18-hour labor. They gave birth to their second child, a baby girl Lennox Daisy in December 2022. The couple live in New York. They support each other’s careers and passions. They also enjoy traveling together and exploring different cultures and cuisines.

How Valeria Salazar Inspires Action Bronson to Pursue His Dreams in Music and TV

Valeria Salazar is a loving and supportive partner for Action Bronson. She inspires Action Bronson to pursue his dreams in music, TV, and wrestling in many ways. Here are some examples:

  • She supports his weight loss journey and encourages him to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Action Bronson lost over 130 pounds since the beginning of the pandemic, thanks to Valeria’s influence.
  • She shares his passion for music and culture. She accompanied him on his travels around the world for his show Fuck, That’s Delicious. She also helped him with his labor playlist when their son Benicio was born. Action Bronson played DMX to speed up the delivery process.
  • She respects his privacy and keeps their relationship discreet. 
  • She celebrates his achievements and milestones. 

What Little Known of Valeria’s Professional Career & Net Worth

  • Valeria Salazar is a licensed social worker who helps women and children in need.
  • She is passionate about art and spirituality. She practices meditation, breathwork, and energy healing. She also loves to travel and explore different cultures. She also offers coaching sessions on topics such as self-care, spirituality, and empowerment.
  • She is the founder of The Mothership Portal, a website and a community for women to share their creativity, stories, and wisdom. 
  • Valeria Salazar’s net worth is not publicly known, but her husband Action Bronson has an estimated net worth of $16 million as of 2024. He has earned his fortune from his music, TV shows, movies, and wrestling career.

Valeria Salazar’s Style and Fashion

Valeria Salazar is not only a talented social worker and entrepreneur, but also a fashion icon. She has a unique and colorful style that reflects her personality and culture. She loves to mix and match different patterns, textures, and accessories to create stunning outfits. She also experiments with different hairstyles and makeup to complete her look. Some of the elements that define Valeria Salazar’s style and fashion are:

  • Indigenous prints: Valeria is proud of her heritage, and she incorporates indigenous prints and fabrics into her wardrobe. She wears colorful ponchos, skirts, hats, and bags that showcase her roots and culture.
  • Statement jewelry: Valeria loves to accessorize her outfits with bold and eye-catching jewelry. She wears large earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets that add sparkle and contrast to her look. She also likes to wear crystals and stones that have spiritual meanings and healing properties.
  • Vibrant colors: Valeria is not afraid to wear bright and vibrant colors that make her stand out from the crowd. She likes to wear shades of pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple that complement her skin tone and hair color. She also mixes different colors together to create interesting combinations and contrasts.

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