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Some people are born with a passion for cars. They can see the potential in every rusty heap, the beauty in every curve and line, the thrill in every roar and rev. They can transform any scrap into a masterpiece, any wreck into a wonder. They are the car masters, and Mark Towle is one of them.

Mark Towle is not just a mechanic, he is an artist. He is the founder and owner of Gotham Garage, a legendary shop in Temecula, California, where he and his team create custom cars that defy imagination. From the Batmobile to the Speed Racer Mach Five, from the Lincoln Futura to the Plymouth XNR, Mark Towle has built them all. He has also starred in his own Netflix show, Car Masters: Rust to Riches, where he showcases his amazing skills and stories.

Mark Towle
Car Masters fabricator Mark Towle

But who is Mark Towle, really? How did he become one of the most renowned car designers and fabricators in the world? What drives him to pursue his dreams and challenges? What are his secrets and inspirations? In this article, we will take a closer look at the life and work of Mark Towle, the man behind the magic of Gotham Garage.

Mark Towle: The Car Master Who Turned His Passion Into A Profession

Mark Towle’s story is one of passion, creativity, and resilience. He was born in July 1962 in Los Angeles, California, where he spent his childhood in a challenging environment. His father abandoned the family when Mark was only five years old, leaving him with little support and guidance. However, Mark did not let this stop him from pursuing his dreams. He had a strong bond with his mother and siblings, who he loved dearly. He also had a best friend who shared his interest in cars and mechanics. Together, they would scavenge the dumpsters for scraps and materials, and use them to make their own toys and inventions. They had a vivid imagination and a knack for innovation, which would later serve them well in their careers.

Mark was not very interested in formal education, and little is known about his academic achievements. He preferred to learn by doing, and he had a natural talent for car design and fabrication. He started working on cars at a young age, and soon developed a reputation for his skill and craftsmanship. He opened his own garage in Temecula, California, where he and his team create custom cars that are works of art. He has also become a celebrity in the car world, starring in his own Netflix show and building cars for famous clients. Mark Towle is a car master, and his journey is an inspiration for anyone who loves cars.

From Hollywood to Gotham

Mark Towle’s professional career started in the entertainment industry, where he worked as a prop technician for various TV and movie studios. He used his creative and technical skills to build and design original machines and props for different shows and films. He also appeared on some of them, such as Stacey David’s Gearz, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, America’s Most Wanted, and The Today Show. However, Mark was not satisfied with working under someone else’s vision. He wanted to have his own freedom and control over his creations. He decided to leave Hollywood and open his own garage in Temecula, California. He named it Gotham Garage, after his favorite fictional city from the Batman movies.

Gotham Garage was the turning point in Mark’s life. His garage became a place where he could unleash his imagination and innovation, creating custom cars that amazed and attracted car lovers from all over the world. He also had a team of talented and dedicated people who shared his passion and vision. Together, they created everything from cars to boats, and sometimes even weirder things. One of their most impressive creations was the Lincoln Futura replica, a car that was featured in the first season of their Netflix show, Car Masters: Rust to Riches. They also made replicas of other famous cars, such as the Speed Racer Mach Five and the Plymouth XNR. Mark Towle is a car master who turned his hobby into a profession, and his garage into a wonderland.

Television Show: Rust to Riches

Mark Towle is the star of Car Masters: Rust to Riches, a Netflix reality series that showcases his amazing car creations. Along with his crew at Gotham Garage, he takes old and rusty vehicles and transforms them into stunning and valuable machines. He sells his custom cars for a handsome profit, and uses the money to fund his next project. He is the boss and the brain behind the operation, and he also narrates and explains the process on the show. He has been on the show since 2018, and has appeared in 32 episodes across four seasons. He also displays his custom cars on his website, where car lovers can admire his work. Some of his most impressive creations include the Munsters Koach, the Splitinimage Tribute Car, the Grand Sport Corvette, the Paddy Wagon, the Tow Truck, and the Speed Racer Mach 5. The show has been a hit with critics and audiences, who love its fun and fascinating content, its amazing car transformations, and its charismatic cast.

Batmobile Lawsuit and Other Controversies

Mark Towle was a man who loved to make Batmobiles. He was fascinated by the sleek and powerful vehicles that Batman used to fight crime in Gotham City. He wanted to share his passion with other fans of the Dark Knight, so he started to sell replicas of the Batmobiles from the 1966 TV show and the 1989 movie. He thought he was doing nothing wrong, since the Batmobile was just a car, not a character. He also claimed that his replicas were not exact copies, but had some differences from the original designs.

But DC Comics, the publisher of Batman comics, did not agree. They saw Mark Towle as a thief who was stealing their intellectual property and profiting from their iconic creation. They sued him in 2011 for violating their rights and competing unfairly with their licensed products. They argued that the Batmobile was not just a car, but a character in its own right, with a unique and expressive personality. They said that Mark Towle had infringed their trademarks and copyrights by using the name and image of the Batmobile to advertise his business. They demanded that he stop making and selling the Batmobile replicas and pay them damages.

The case went to court, and Mark Towle lost. Twice. The federal district court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals both sided with DC Comics in 2013 and 2015. They applied a three-part test to determine that the Batmobile was indeed a character that deserved protection. They also found that Mark Towle had copied the distinctive features of the Batmobile and had misled the public by implying that his replicas were authorized by DC Comics. They ordered him to cease his operations and compensate DC Comics for their losses.

But that was not the end of Mark Towle’s troubles. He also faced legal battles with other people who were unhappy with his work. He sued Scott Lee, a former employee who had created a website for his business, Gotham Garage, and then claimed to own it. Lee fought back and accused Mark of breaking their contract, defaming him, and other charges. The outcome of this case is unknown. Mark also got sued by Michael Hunt, a customer who had paid $85,000 for a Batmobile replica but never got it. Hunt alleged that Mark and his former partner, Kory Geick, had cheated him and breached their contract.

Mark Towle was a man who loved to make Batmobiles. But his love turned into a nightmare, as he faced lawsuits, losses, and scandals. He learned the hard way that the Batmobile was not just a car, but a legend. And legends belong to their creators.

How Rich is Mark Towle?

Mark Towle is a car enthusiast who has turned his hobby into a lucrative career. He works as a mechanic, restorer, and designer of cars, specializing in transforming old and rusty vehicles into stunning and valuable ones. He also stars in the Netflix show “Car Masters: Rust to Riches”, which showcases his Gotham Garage shop and team as they take on various car renovation projects. Mark Towle has an estimated net worth of USD $2 million, which may grow as he continues to follow his passion and his TV fame.

A Tattooed Love Story: Mark and Kandace’s Journey

Mark Towel, a man of mystery, has never revealed much about his past love life. But he has found his soulmate in Kandace Nilos, a divorced mother of three and a psychology graduate from UCLA. The two have been in a committed relationship for years, and recently announced their engagement. They are also expecting their first child together, adding to their happy family. Mark and Kandace have a common passion for tattoos, and they proudly display their inked arms as a sign of their bond. Their love story is a testament to their resilience, compatibility, and creativity.

Mark Towle girlfriend
Mark Towle and Kandace Nikos

Physical Traits

Mark is a tattoo lover and has inked his right arm including a spider web with his elbow as a center. Mark usually opts to keep his mustache and beard intact and often wears a beanie. Talking about his other body traits, Mark has a muscular build and tall height. He has brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Social Media Presence

Mark Towle’s social media presence is not very active. He does not have any official accounts on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. He does have an Instagram account under his garage name @gotham.garage which has over 538 K followers. He mostly uses his social media to promote his Netflix show “Car Masters: Rust to Riches” and his Gotham Garage shop. 

Wiki/Bio Facts:

NameMark Towle
Birth DateJuly 1962
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, U.S.
Gay (yes/no)No
Relationship StatusCommitted
Divorce (yes/no)N/A
Marital StatusUnmarried
Spouse/PartnerKandace Nilos
ProfessionReality TV actor, Car Mechanic/Designer/Fabricator, Business Owner
Net WorthOver $1M
HeightAbout 5 feet 9 Inches
Eye ColorBrown
Social Media HandleInstagram, IMDb, Wikipedia

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