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When it comes to building cars, nothing is impossible for Mark Towle. The man stands true to his slogan,’ If you can dream it, I can build it.’ The statement speaks volumes about Mark’s skill and confidence when it comes to building cars. The owner of Gotham Garage, Mark has worked with cars all his life. He often works with movies and TV series, to create shooting props. A fabricator, mechanic, builder, and designer, there is nothing about cars that Mark doesn’t know. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Mark Towle.

Mark Towle is a car mechanic and car and motorcycle restorer and designer. He is the owner of a car restoration and makeover shop called Gotham Garage based in Temecula, California. He is also a cast member of the Netflix reality show Car Masters: Rust to Riches, which features his work and his team at Gotham Garage.

Mark Towle
 Car Masters fabricator Mark Towle

Early Life:

Mark Towle was born in 1962 in Los Angeles, California, U.S. Born and raised in LA, Mark’s father walked out on the family when Mark was just five. While little is known about his siblings and parents, Mark has nothing but love for his family. Growing up, Mark and his best friend would often journey to the dumpsters and find some scarps to work with. The pair made toys of their own and used their imaginations to come up with new ideas. This became the basis for Mark’s incredible career as a car renovator. Little is known about Mark’s career as an academic.

Professional Career:

Mark Towle’s professional career began as a prop technician for television and movie studios. He built and designed original machines and props using his creativity and technical expertise. In the years that followed, Marked appeared in television shows such as Stacey David’s Gearz (2007), Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (2008), America’s Most Wanted, and The Today Show. Fed up with working under someone, Mark decided to strike out on his own. Mark left Hollywood and started Gotham Garage. As a big fan of the Batman movies, Mark named the garage after Gotham City.

Opening a garage proved to be the big break Mark needed in his life. His unusual and innovative creations started gathering car enthusiasts around the world. Blessed with a team that could match his creative vision, Mark started creating everything from cars to boats. When his creativity is in full tilt, Mark starts innovating on his own and comes up with stuff that is sometimes, borderline weird. One of the remarkable creations of Towle and his Gotham Garage crew was the Lincoln Futura replica that they showcased and sold at the 2018 Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona Fairplex. This was featured in the first season of Car Masters: Rust to Riches. He has also made cars replicas such as Speed Racer Match Five, and the Plymouth XNR.

Rust to Riches:

After years of working as the prop guy for TV series, Mark and and his Gotham Garage crew were featured on the Netflix reality series Car Masters: Rust to Riches in 2018. The show follows Towle and his team as they transform rusty and rundown vehicles into valuable and unique creations. They use their skills and creativity to turn scrap metal into gold, and sell their custom cars for a profit. Towle is the leader and the mastermind behind the projects, and he also provides narration and commentary on the show. He has appeared in 32 episodes of the show so far, across four seasons. Mark uses the platform to showcase his custom cars which are also on display on his website. Munsters Koach, Splitinimage Tribute Car, The Grand Sport Corvette, Paddy Wagon, Tow Truck, and Speed Racer Mach 5, are just a few of the showpieces. The show has received positive reviews from critics and audiences, who praise its entertainment value, car transformations, and cast chemistry.

Batmobile Lawsuit and other controversies:

Mark Towle had a legal dispute with  C Comics, the publisher of Batman comics regarding Batmobile replica. The case started in 2011 when DC Comics sued Mark Towle for copyright infringement, trademark infringement and unfair competition for selling replicas of the Batmobile based on the designs from the 1966 television show and the 1989 movie without permission. Mark Towle argued that the Batmobile was not a character but a car and that his replicas were not identical to the originals. The case went to the federal district court and then to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which both ruled in favor of DC Comics in 2013 and 2015 respectivelyThe courts applied a three-part test to determine that the Batmobile was a distinctive and expressive character that was entitled to copyright protectionThe courts also found that Mark Towle had copied the distinctive features of the Batmobile and had used its name and image to promote his businessThe courts ordered Mark Towle to stop making and selling the Batmobile replicas and to pay damages to DC Comics.

Mark Towel has also been involved in other controversies. He sued Scott Lee, a former employee who created a website for Gotham Garage and later claimed ownership of it. Lee countersued Mark for breach of contract, defamation, and other charges. The outcome of this case is unclear. Also, Mark Towle and his former partner Kory Geick were sued by Michael Hunt, a client who paid $85,000 for a Batmobile replica but never received it. Hunt accused them of fraud and breach of contract. 

Net Worth:

Mark Towle’s net worth is estimated to be around USD $1.2 million. His earnings are mainly from his work as a car mechanic, restorer, and designer, as well as his appearance on the Netflix show “Car Masters: Rust to Riches” which features his Gotham Garage shop and team. His net worth may increase in the future as he continues to pursue his passion for car renovations and his television career.

Personal Life:

Mark Towel is currently married but committed to a relationship. He is dating a woman named Kandace Nilos, who is a divorced mother of three children. Kandace is a California native who attended UCLA to attain a psychology degree while Mark has not shared about his previous relationship. 

Mark Towle girlfriend
Mark Towle and Kandace Nikos

Mark and Kandace have been together for years now. Furthermore, the two are engaged. Even though they have not shared any details of their marriage they are expecting their first child together. The pair share a common interest in tattoos as they have visible tattoos on their arms.

Physical Traits:

Mark is a tattoo lover and has inked his right arm including a spider web with his elbow as a center. Mark usually opts to keep his mustache and beard intact and often wears a beanie. Talking about his other body traits, Mark has a muscular build and tall height. He has brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Social Media Presence:

Mark Towle’s social media presence is not very active. He does not have any official accounts on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. He does have an Instagram account under his garage name @gotham.garage which has over 538 K followers. He mostly uses his social media to promote his Netflix show “Car Masters: Rust to Riches” and his Gotham Garage shop. 

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Name Mark Towle
Birth Date 1962
Age 60-year-old
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Ethnicity Caucasian
Nationality American
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Gay (yes/no) No
Relationship Status Committed
Divorce (yes/no) N/A
Marital Status Unmarried
Ex-Wife N/A
Spouse/Partner Kandace Nilos
Children N/A
Profession Reality TV actor, Car Mechanic/Designer/Fabricator, Business Owner
Net Worth Over $1M
Height About 5 feet 9 Inches
Weight N/A
Eye Color Brown
Social Media Handle Instagram, IMDb, Wikipedia

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