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From teaching English in Japan to one of the largest restaurants in the USA, David Chang has come a long way. An American restaurateur, author, and television personality, David Chang is the founder of the Momofuku restaurant group, which includes Momofuku Noodle Bar, Momofuku Ssäm Bar, Milk Bar, and Momofuku Ko in New York City; Momofuku Seiōbo in Sydney; Momofuku Noodle Bar and Kojin in Toronto; and Momofuku CCDC in Washington, DC. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of David Chang.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameDavid Chang
Korean nameChang Seok-ho (장석호)
Date of birthAugust 5, 1977
Place of birthArlington, Virginia, U.S.
EducationGeorgetown Prep, Trinity College, French Culinary Institute
SpouseGrace Seo Chang
Children2 sons
Culinary styleNew American, Modern-Asian
Current restaurantsMomofuku Noodle Bar, Momofuku Ssäm Bar, Momofuku Ko, Má Pêche, Momofuku Milk Bar, Momofuku Nishi, Fuku+, majordōmo
Awards wonJames Beard Foundation Award, Time 100 Most Influential People, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? winner
Books authoredMomofuku (2009), Eat a Peach (2020)
Podcasts hostedThe Dave Chang Show, Recipe Club
David Chang
David Chang

Early Life

David Chang or Chang Seok-ho was born on the 5th of August, 1977. Born and raised Arlington, Virginia, Chang comes from Korean descent. His parents moved to the States from Korea in the early 1960s. The family-owned a golfing goods warehouse and two restaurants, which explains Chang’s interests in golfing and cooking. As a young kid, Chang as a competitive golfer and participated in Junior Circuits. After getting his matriculations from Georgetown Prep, Chang attended Trinity College and majored in religious studies. After graduating from college, Chang pursued several odd jobs including, teaching English in Japan, bussing tables, and working in finance positions.

Life as a Chef

Chang’s career took a huge shift in 2000 when he attended the French Culinary Institute (FCI). During training, Chang worked part-time at the Mercer Kitchen in Manhattan. He got a job of answering phones at Tom Colicchio’s Craft restaurant. After a two-year stay, Chang moved to Japan and opened up a small soba shop. His business quickly gathered pace and Chang started a restaurant in Tokyo’s Park Hyatt Hotel.

He later returned to the US and started working at Café Boulud. After a year or two, Chang got fed up with the fine dining scene and opened his first restaurant, Momofuku Noodle Bar in the East Village. This was way back in 2004, and it took Chang two more years to set up a second restaurant. Since then Chang has opened more than 10 restaurants all across the USA including Milk Bars. 2004: Momofuku Noodle Bar (New York, NY), Momofuku Ssäm Bar (2006), Booker and Dax, 2008: Momofuku Ko (New York, NY), 2010: Má Pêche – located in Chambers Hotel (New York, NY), 2011: Momofuku Seiōbo – located in The Star (Sydney, Australia), 2012: Momofuku (Toronto, Canada) – includes Momofuku Noodle Bar, Nikai, Daishō and Shōtō, 2018: Majordōmo (Los Angeles, CA), 2015: Fuku – East Village (New York, NY), 2017: Fuku – Financial District (New York, NY),2008: Momofuku Milk Bar – East Village (New York, NY),2017: Milk Bar (Las Vegas, NV),2018: Milk Bar (Los Angeles, CA), and2019: Milk Bar & Pizza (Cambridge, MA).

Life as Media Person

As a media personality, Chang has been involved in various projects that showcase his passion for food and culture. He launched the acclaimed food magazine Lucky Peach in 2011, which ran for 25 quarterly issues until 2017. He also created, produced, and starred in two Netflix original series: Ugly Delicious and Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. In Ugly Delicious, Chang explores the history and diversity of different cuisines around the world, while in Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, he travels with celebrities and friends to discover new places and flavors.

Chang is also a prolific podcaster and the founder of Majordomo Media, a multimedia company that produces content related to food, sports, music, art, and more.

Net Worth

David Chang is a famous American chef and entrepreneur who is the founder of the Momofuku restaurant group. He is also an author, podcaster, and television personality. His net worth is estimated to be between $23 million as of 2023. He has earned his wealth from his successful restaurants, books, shows, and other ventures.

Physical Traits

Height 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) approx.
Weight154 -176 lbs (70 – 80 kg)
Hair colorBlack 
Eye colorBrown
Body TypeOval

Wife & Kids

David Chang has been married to Grace Seo Chang since 2017. Grace is a former fashion professional who is passionate about Korean food, animal rescue, and beautiful clothing. The couple met after David broke off his engagement with PR executive Gloria Lee in 2013 and eloped in a secret ceremony.

David Chang wife
David Chang & wife Grace Seo Chang 

So far in the marriage, David and Grace have given birth to two children Hugo and Gus Chang. David Chang is a famous chef and restaurateur who has two sons with his wife Grace Seo Chang. His first son is named Hugo, who was born in early 2019. His second son is named August, or Gus for short, who was born in September 2021. Both of his sons have adorable chubby cheeks that David Chang often shares on his Instagram account. David Chang has said that fatherhood is the best and that he wants to introduce his sons to diverse cuisines from different cultures. He also makes his own baby food for them using fresh ingredients and spices.


  1. Is David Chang a chef? Yes, he is a chef and the founder of the Momofuku restaurant group.
  2. Was David Chang born in Korea? No, he was born in Virginia, USA, to Korean parents who emigrated from North and South Korea.
  3. Does David Chang have a wife and children? Yes, he is married to Grace Seo Chang and they have two sons, Hugo and Gus.
  4. Did David Chang study religious studies in college? Yes, he graduated from Trinity College with a major in religious studies.
  5. Did David Chang work at Craft restaurant in New York? Yes, he worked part-time at Craft while he was attending the French Culinary Institute.
  6. Did David Chang open his first restaurant in Japan? No, he opened his first restaurant, Momofuku Noodle Bar, in New York in 2004.
  7. Does David Chang have a Michelin star? Yes, he has two Michelin stars for his restaurant Momofuku Ko, which he opened in 2008.
  8. Is David Chang a TV personality? Yes, he has appeared on several TV shows as a guest judge, host, producer, and actor. Some of his shows are Ugly Delicious, The Mind of a Chef, MasterChef Australia, and Secret Chef.
  9. Is David Chang an author? Yes, he has written and published several cookbooks and memoirs, such as Momofuku, Lucky Peach, My Ideal Bookshelf, and Eat a Peach.
  10. Is David Chang a podcaster? Yes, he has a podcast called The Dave Chang Show, where he interviews guests and talks about food, culture, and life.
  11. Is David Chang related to Jang Bogo? Yes, according to the TV series Finding Your Roots, one of his paternal ancestors was Jang Bogo, a famous mariner and military leader of the medieval Korean kingdom of Silla.
  12. Is David Chang a philanthropist? Yes, he has donated money and food to various causes and organizations, such as Southern Smoke Foundation, World Central Kitchen, City Harvest, and Feeding America.
  13. Is David Chang a competitive golfer? No, but he was a competitive golfer as a child and participated in many junior tournaments.
  14. Is David Chang allergic to peanuts? No
  15. Is David Chang vegan? No, but he has experimented with vegan dishes and menus at some of his restaurants, such as Momofuku Nishi and Fuku+.
  16. Is David Chang a fan of rap music? Yes, he is a fan of rap music and has cited artists such as Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake as some of his favorites.
  17. Is David Chang friends with Anthony Bourdain? Yes, he was friends with the late chef and travel writer Anthony Bourdain, who was also his mentor and collaborator on several projects, such as Lucky Peach magazine and The Mind of a Chef TV show.
  18. Is David Chang a millionaire? Yes, he is a millionaire and has an estimated net worth of $23 million as of 2023. He also won $1 million for charity on the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in 2020.
  19. Is David Chang religious? No, he is not religious and has described himself as an atheist or agnostic. He has also criticized some aspects of organized religion in his podcast and memoirs.
  20. Is David Chang depressed? Yes, he has struggled with depression and bipolar disorder for most of his life and has sought professional help for his mental health issues. He has also been open about his experiences and challenges in his memoirs and podcasts.
  21. Is David Chang a fan of Game of Thrones? Yes, he is a fan of Game of Thrones and has hosted viewing parties at his restaurants and homes. He has also created dishes inspired by the show, such as Dragon Eggs and Red Wedding Cake.
  22. Is David Chang a fan of Harry Potter? No, he is not a fan of Harry Potter and has admitted that he has never read the books or watched the movies.
  23. Is David Chang a fan of sushi? Yes, he is a fan of sushi.
  24. Is David Chang a fan of spicy food? Yes, he is a fan of spicy food and has incorporated various types of chili peppers, sauces, and condiments into his dishes.
  25. Is David Chang a fan of pizza? Yes, he is a fan of pizza and has experimented with different styles and toppings at his restaurants, such as Detroit-style pizza, Korean BBQ pizza, and pepperoni pizza with honey.
  26. Is David Chang a fan of ramen? Yes, he is a fan of ramen and has made it the signature dish of his first restaurant, Momofuku Noodle Bar. He has also explored the history and culture of ramen in his TV shows and podcasts. He has also created his own instant ramen brand called Momofuku Ando Tribute Ramen.
  27. Is David Chang a fan of burgers? Yes, he is a fan of burgers and has created his own versions at his restaurants, such as the Momofuku Burger and the Impossible Burger. He has also ranked his favorite burgers in America on his podcast.
  28. Is David Chang a fan of tacos? Yes, he is a fan of tacos and has experimented with different fillings and tortillas at his restaurants, such as pork belly tacos, shrimp tacos, and corn tortillas made with koji. He has also traveled to Mexico and learned from local taco experts on his TV show Ugly Delicious.

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