What happened to Mariette Detotto [Walter Mercado girlfriend]? Her Wiki-Bio.

Mariette Detotto and Walter Mercado were at the center of one of the most confusing celebrity relationships. From questions about Walter’s sexuality to the “spritual relationship” that the pair shared, everything about the relationship strayed away from normal. Best known for his works as an astrologer, Walter Mercado rose to fame following his astrological predictions. Over the years, the Puerto Rican astrologer, actor, dancer, and writer became a cultural phenomenon in the Hispanic community. While much of his life and death have been well-documented in the media, questions about his sexuality have continued to date. The only silver lining was Walter’s alleged relationship with Mariette Detotto. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Mariette Detotto.

Early Life and Career:

Mariette Detotto was born on the 26th of October, 1963, in Brazil. Born and raised in Brazil, little is known about Mariette’s early life. All that is revealed to the media is that Mariette is a dancer, celebrity, and actress.

Walter Mercado girlfriend Mariette Detotto

Meeting Walter and their relationship:

While Walter never confirmed is sexuality publicly, his over the top characters and acting led many to believe that Walter was a gay icon. The closest Walter came to conforming his relationship, was with Mariette Detotto. Walter and Mariette met in 2004 when Walter moved to Brazil. He made the move because of a prediction that he had, that his career would be better if he moved to another country.

Walter and Mariette Shared a long-lasting partnership, which at some point may have converted into romance. Talking to a journalist the same year, Walter revealed that he shared a spiritual relationship with Mariette and was considering marriage with her.

“Marriage before God is more serious than a signed paper, which often does not last long. The union of the soul and that of the body cannot be separated.”

He even went as far as to admit that Mariette was his soulmate and the pair couldn’t do without each other. In the same interview, Walter also revealed that he had been celibate for years and was waiting for someone like Mariette.

“I made a vow of celibacy until a woman came to awaken the energy of love in me and that is Mariette.”

Even though Walter admitted his desire of wanting to marry Mariette, he stopped calling her his girlfriend a few years later.

“We have shared traveling together and we kiss on the mouth because she is a free, single woman — beautiful, loving, and the mouth of a woman is the entrance to her soul.”

A decade after this statement, Walter revealed that he had no one in his life and was adamant in changing his sexual energy for the betterment of the community.

“I have no one. I have channeled my sexual energy into the good of humanity by praying for so many people who ask me for help.”

Life away from spotlight:

While all this happened, Mariette remained in the shadows and never came forward to give her statement. Not a huge fan of social media, little is known about Marietta in general. She was never the one for media and when Walter passed away in 2019, Mariette decided to disappear alongside him.

Caption: Mariette Detotto (right) back in 2013

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