Luciana Barroso divorced before finding Matt. Her wiki/bio, net worth.

Matt Damon is a global megastar who has transcended the mundanity of Hollywood with each of his performances. Each of his performances’ are packed to the brim with quality and Matt brings something new every time he performs. From tear-jerking performances in Good Will Hunting to action-packed performances in The Bourne Identity, Matt has given life to some of the most iconic characters on the big screen. And while he is the Matt Damon to others, for Luciana Barroso, he is just Matt. The very same Matt who she first met at a bar and helped to hide him behind the bar. So, for this article, we will take the spotlight away from Matt Damon and shine it on his wife, Luciana Barroso. If you didn’t know yet, Luciana was previously divorced and had to hustle as a single mother before finding solace in the arms of Matt Damon. We will bring everything to know about Luciana Barroso.

Early Life and Career:

Luciana Bozan Barroso was born on the 31st of July 1976, in Salta, Argentina. Her father, who worked as an insurance agent, and her mother, who stayed home to take care of the kids, divorced at a very young age, and Luciana ended up with her grandparents. Even though her family is originally from Italy, Luciana’s parents moved to Argentina in search of a better life. She was interested in arts from a very young age and had a huge interest in literature. Despite her early interest in literature, Luciana decided to pursue art and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from a local university. However, things didn’t go to plan and she ended up pursuing her career as an Air Hostess. 

Matt Damon and wife Luciana Barroso

Not much is known about Luciana’s career and given that she was a bartender when she met Matt, it is safe to say that she gave up her life as an Air Hostess at some point. 

First Marriage:

Before her fairytale wedding and relationship with Matt Damon, Luciana was married to Arbello Barroso. The pair met while she was working as an Air Hostess and welcomed a daughter, Alexia Barroso in 1999. As a result, Luciana was forced to give up her career and moved to Miami. The pair divorced in 2004 and Luciana was given custody of Alexia. Not much is known about the pair’s divorce while several sources claim that the pair have remained friends since not much is known about the details. 

Meeting Matt Damon:

Luciana Barroso and Matt Damon met for the first time in 2003 when Matt was filming the comedy flick, Stuck On You. While Luciana is not the one to give interviews, she talked to Vogue Australia in 2018.

“I was working as a bartender in South Beach (Miami) and he was shooting a movie there and the crew ended up in the bar one Saturday night. Matt’s story is that he saw me across the room and there was a light on me. And I’m like: ‘yeah it was a nightclub – there were lights everywhere!’ ”

Around the time, Matt had just started getting recognized at places and wanted a place to hide. So, he jumped behind the bar and decided to hang out with Luciana. But instead of simply hanging out, Luciana put Matt to work and asked him to work as a bartender. And given Matt’s status, he made a ton of money in tips. The pair shared an instant connection and even though Luciana declined Matt’s proposal to go out during the first few times, he never gave up. Matt was accommodating of Luciana’s daughter Alexia and was never bothered by it. 

 “When you meet somebody that you have a connection with, that’s just the person that you have a connection with, all the other stuff— the movie-star part—wasn’t really a factor. It was just Matt, to me he’s just Matt.” 

Second time the charm, marriage to Matt:

Luciana and Matt tied the knot in 2005. The pair took the wedding vows in Manhattan, New York with their relatives and close ones in attendance. Luciana and Matt certainly knows how to keep the marriage charm and have been together for over 17 years. Luciana is often seen accompanying him during Hollywood ceremonies and red carpet events.

Matt Damon and wife Luciana Damon during an event

Luciana and Matt were guests of honor at the premiere of Downsizing at the Venice Film Festival on August 30, 2017. Luciana wore a semi-sheer red gown with a plunging cut-out neckline and Matt went for a classic black tuxedo as they walked the red carpet on the occasion of the 74th Venice Film festival. Supporting her husband, Luciana has been in attendance during many more occasions.

Luciana also follows Matt in the sense both stay away from social media. Despite the fact, social media boost revenue stream and in the case of Matt Damon he can easily command millions of dollars, the actor chooses to stay from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Luciana is also not available on these platforms.

Mother of four Children:

In the years together as a married couple, the pair have given birth to three biological children, Isabella Damon born in 2006, Gia Zavala Damon born in August 2008, and Stella Damon born in 2010. The family of five, along with Alexia Barroso, resides in Manhattan, New York. Alexia has taken baby steps in the field of acting and has played a role alongside Matt in the movie We Bought a Zoo (2011). And at the age of 23, she is still waiting for her breakthrough role in Hollywood.

Net Worth:

Luciana is a homemaker and is not known to be working on the business side of things. Nonetheless, she shares an incredible net worth thanks to her successful husband Matt Damon. Matt has a net worth of USD 170 Million.

A quick bio of her famous husband Matt Damon:

The bankable star of Hollywood, Matt Damon is an actor, producer, and screenwriter. Instead of praising in words his works speak for themselves, Matt Damon is the recipient of numerous awards and nominations including the Oscar, the highest one can achieve in the field of acting. He is regarded as one of the most intelligent actors in Hollywood. Demon won an academy award for Best Screenplay in 1998, for the movie Good Will Hunting which he co-wrote with Ben Affleck, and also was nominated in the best actor category which he lost to Jack Nicholson. Not just critically well-reviewed Matt has given movies with huge box office success such as Bourne Series, The Martian, Interstellar, Elysium, Ocean series. The movies featuring Matt has collectively earned over $3.88 billion.

If we delve into biography details, Matt is American by nationality and he is Caucasian by ethnicity, his father has roots to English and Scottish ancestry, while his mother is of Finnish and Swedish descent. Matt was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S on October 8, 1970. He was only 2 when his parents, Kent Telfer Damon and Nancy Carlsson-Paige. Matt grew up alongside his elder brother, Kyle Damon in Cambridge. Matt performed in high school plays and remain active during his college years. Matt attended Harvard University however before he dropped out of college to focus on his Hollywood career.

Wiki/Bio Facts:  

Full Name: Luciana Bozán Barroso
Other Name:Luciana Damon
Birth Date:July 31, 1976
Birth Place:Salta, Argentina
Height / How tall :5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)
Ethnicity:Galician and Portuguese
Nationality:Argentine American
Divorce (Yes/No):Yes
First Husband:Arbello Barroso
Marital Status:Married
Second Husband: Matt Damon (m. 2005-present)
Children:Isabella Damon, Gia Zavala Damon, Stella Damon, Alexia Barroso
Profession:Air hostess, BarTender, House Wife
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Eye Color:Black
Social Media Handle:Unavailable

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