Juliette Buchs [Matt Schulz ex-wife]: Wiki-Bio, career, family, facts.

Juliette Buchs is a french model and social media star who is best known for her marriage to Matt Schulz. While the pair have put an end to things in 2018, Buchs generated massive attention during the pair’s time together. A glance at her social media account is more than enough to justify the claims. Buchs has a massive fan following on social media something that has helped her generate traction in her career as a model. But for all her works, Buch is still best recognized as the ex-wife of Matt Shultz, a title she is sure not to lose for a few years down the line.

Early Life:

Juliette Buchs was born on the 18th of March, 1983, in France. Born to baker parents, Buchs was raised alongside her younger brother, and both her parents worked at the family-owned bakery. As a young kid, Buchs wanted to try her luck in acting but experience showed her otherwise. After a few rounds at her school’s drama club, Buch decided that acting was not her bread and butter and decided to move to become a model. Buchs’s luck turned out as she was noticed by a casting agent, even before she had a single audition for modeling. Buchs made her modeling debut when she was still in her senior year of high school and decided not to go to college after matriculating in 2001.

Matt Schulz ex-wife Juliette Buchs

Professional Career and Marriage:

Buchs’s career started getting traction in 2003 and the model was a part of several campaigns for different clothing brands and companies. In 2013, Buchs was featured in the music video, Cigarette Daydreams, written and composed by none other than, Matt Schultz.

Buchs and Schultz first met at a party in 2011. The pair began dating soon after and decided to tie the knot in 2014. The private ceremony was attended by only the closest friends and family members. While the pair enjoyed their time together for a few years, things started going down the drain. In 2018, the pair decided to call things off citing irreconcilable differences.

Following the divorce, Schultz started living like a nomad in hotel rooms flying from state to state, and eventually poured his feelings into the new album, Social Cues. Schultz eventually got his life back together and tied the knot with Eva Daire. The pair started dating a few months after his divorce and tied the knot after two years of togetherness in 2020.

A bit on Schultz:

Born on the 23rd of October, 1983, Matt Schultz is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter, for the American Rock Bank, Cage the Elephant. Music ran in Schultz’s household and Matt and his brother Brad Shultz followed their father Brad Sr. into music. While Matt was good at football during his school years, he quit the football team and became focused on music. The band had Brad Shultz on guitar, Daniel Tichenor on the bass, backing vocals, Lincoln Parish on lead guitar, and Jared Champion on drums. And while the band had good opening years, they were often teased as ‘The Poor Boys’ due to the Schultz brother’s background.

Over the years, Matt has worked on several albums and has gathered a few accolades to show for it. The band earned its first nomination in 2014 when Shake Me Down was nominated for the best rock video at the VMA. The same year, Cage was nominated for the Best Alternative Music Album for Melophobia, at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. Cage received its first Grammy in 2016 and nabbed the award for the Best Rock Album for Tell Me I’m Pretty.

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