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To say why Ghost Adventures is so popular amongst viewers is a difficult task. It can be the sense of spookiness that increases every passing moment, the locations, the writing, or something else. But what makes the series pop-out to viewers is the incredible cast members. Jay Wasley is one of the recurring cast members of the show and is also the paranormal team’s sound mixer. Since his first appearance in season four, Jay has established himself as one of the recurring cast members of the show and is adored by his fans. In this article, we will take a closer look at Jay Wasley and his adventurous life.

Filled with secrets:

Just like his adventures where a house is full of secrets, Jay Wasley is a man of secrets. He has revealed little about his early life, parents, and education. Jay Wasley was born on the 19th of November 1981 in New York. Apart from his date of birth, there is no information on Jay. Jay once revealed that he has always been interested in the paranormal. His interest began at a young age when Jay would hunt down books relating to the paranormal and voraciously read them. His passion developed at a young age and continued throughout high school.

Ghost Adventures star Jay Wasley
Ghost Adventures star Jay Wasley

Finding his stride:

When Jay seemingly had enough of studying on paranormal, he switched his attention to music. Over the years, he developed a host of new skills including but not limited to photography, direction, lecturing, and music. Over the years, Jay worked on a host of different endeavors. Long before he began his work in Ghost Adventures, Jay was a filmmaker working out of Philadelphia. This was way back in 2002 when Jay worked as a director of photography and audio engineer. Since then, Jay has worked in his fair share of feature films, documentaries, television shows, national commercials, and music videos. Apart from his obvious talents in filmmaking, Jay is also dedicated to music and can play the piano, banjo, mandolin, and bass drums. Over the years, Jay has been associated with a host of bands including Total Breakdown, Colors of Sound, and Bodhi Grove.

In front of a camera:

Jay Wasley joined the Ghost Adventures in 2010 when the show was gearing up for its fourth season. He may have started as the paranormal investigation team’s sound mixer, but Jay is now one of the show’s audio/visual technicians and cinematographers. Even though Jay traveled with the crew to most of the haunted locations, he never appeared in front of a camera. Things changed for a Jay during the fifth season of the series when he was called in to run in voice recognition for the team. Since then, Jay has made numerous appearances and often pitches his idea to the rest of the team.

Personal Life:

For the longest time, Jay Wasley was married to Ashely Wasley. The pair worked together on Ghost Adventures and Ashely was a part of Jay’s crew. This was until a supposed demon got attached to Ashely and caused problems. The pair have since then gotten a divorce and Jay has moved on with his new girlfriend, Morgan Cassiani. There are no details on the pair’s relationship as of yet.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Full name Jason David Wasley
Date of Birth November 19, 1981
Place of Birth New York, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Profession Reality-TV personality,  Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Audio engineer
Net worth Under Review
Wife Ashely Wasley (divorced)
Children Not Known
Girlfriend Morgan Cassiani
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Social Media Handle Instagram, Twitter

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