Is Jaclyn Swedberg married to a husband? Biography, age, net worth.

Jaclyn Swedberg is a model that belongs on the front covers. The American model is also a TV host, reality show contestant, and Playmate. One of the regular models featured in the Playboy Magazine, Jaclyn has a huge interest in reality TV as well. Down the years, she has made a name for herself after acting in movies like Snake and Mongoose and Muck. Jaclyn who is entirely focused in her modeling career aspires to make it out as a full-time journalist. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Jaclyn Swedberg. 

Early Life:

Jaclyn Elaine Swedberg was born on the 14th of August 1990 in San Pedro, California. Even though Jaclyn was born in Los Angeles, she is presumed to have a Swedish descent. Fans assumed her descent because of her surname which is similar to those found in Scandinavian nations. Her family moved to Chino Hills in San Bernardino county. After graduating from the Chino Hills High School in 2008, Jaclyn enrolled at a local university in California. She graduated with a major’s degree in Communication in 2009 and wanted to work as a journalist.

Jaclyn Swedberg
Model Jaclyn Swedberg

Professional Career:

Fresh out of college, Jaclyn began showing interest in the field of modeling. She sent some photos in a competition organized by Playboy Magazine. She managed to win the competition and was selected out of several hundred applicants. Jaclyn was awarded a photoshoot as a prize which marked her debut as a model. 

Ever since then, Jaclyn started working as a model and also became the host of the Playboy TV series, Badass. The series featured top Playboy models as the tried extreme sports for the first time. After a year as host, Jaclyn was replaced by another model which allowed her to turn her attention towards her desired acting career.

Jaclyn Swedberg wedding dress

After being voted as Playmate of the Month for April in 2011, Jaclyn made an appearance on Playmate Casting Call. The series focused on the daily lives of Playboy models. The followed year, Jaclyn was featured on the cover page of Playboy Germany and Playboy Argentina. Ever since then, Jaclyn has been a staple of the Playboy magazine. The mode who recently turned 28, is admired for her beauty and charisma. It was this charisma that propelled Jaclyn to her debut role in reality TV. She made an appearance Pauly Shore’s Pauly~tics. Her next two appearances came in 2013 when she played a role in Snake & Mongoose and 2015 when she was cast in Muck. Her next appearance is on the horizon as she returns in Muck: Chapter 2. 

Personal Relationships:

To date, Jaclyn has remained tight-lipped regarding her relationship status. The model has refrained from talking about her personal life in the media and keeps her cards close to her chest. Even though Jaclyn is active in social media, she mostly posts pictures of herself and behind the scene images during shoots. And while that has been the case for long, she did post a picture of herself in a wedding dress recently. Turnout she is now happily engaged to her fiance since 2019. The pair plans to have a wedding soon. She is yet to share more information about the man in her life even the name. 

Jaclyn Swedberg Fiance and to be husband
Jaclyn Swedberg fiance and to be husband

Net Worth 

Jaclyn actively uses social media to update her fans on what she is doing. But over the recent years, she has not done much work with Playboy which can be an indication that she is ready for the next stage in her career. If things work out, we might see Jaclyn as a TV host in the coming years. As of 2020, she has amassed a total net worth of USD 1.5 million.

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