Who is Zlatan Ibrahimovic wife Helena Seger? Her Wiki-Bio, net worth.

When asked what he was getting his wife for her birthday, Zlatan once famously replied: “Nothing, she already has Zlatan”. The woman to whom Zlatan is referring to is a well-known businesswoman and entrepreneur Helena Seger. The pair have been together for a long time and Seger has been a constant source of motivation in Zlatan’s side. From his early days in Juventus to his troubling times in Barcelona to his glorious return to Milan, Seger has helped Zlatan get through some of the most troubling times in his career. And given how Zlatan can do pretty much everything, there are not a lot of people who can claim that they helped Zlatan Ibrahimovic. So for this article, we will take a closer look at someone who can.

Early Life:

Helena Seger was born on the 25th of August 1970, in Lindesberg Municipality, Orebro County, Sweden. Born to Ingemar and Margareta Seger, Seger spent most of her early life alongside her brother, Henrik Seger, and sister, Karin Seger. Following her matriculation from a local high school, Seger moved on to University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in economics. The name of her alma matter has been kept a secret.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic wife Helena Seger

Professional Career:

Seger began her professional career at the age of 13 when she was scouted by the Swedish firm Gul & Blå. Seger’s first job came in 1993 and she has worked with a number of prestigious brands in her career including, Diesel, Rabbit, Replay, and JC. Seger took on a number of jobs during her early years. She worked as a sales representative in Bonner for three years and also had a two-year stint as a marketing and sales representative for Corona and Hooch. During her early years, Seger also worked as a bartender to make things work.

In 1998, Seger took her first job in a managerial position and worked at the tobacco company, Swedish Match. After the company was sold off, Seger began working at Austria Tabak and also started taking regular classes on brand management and communication on the side. She eventually took up the role of marketing manager for FlyMe and landed a job at Malaco Leaf.

Net Worth:

Although Seger has been a professional lady for many years the details on her net worth are hard to come by. Nevertheless, her husband has earned a fortune as a footballer. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has a net worth recorded at USD 190 Million as of 2021.

Personal life and Relationship with Zlatan:

Zlatan and Helena’s first meeting was not the best of meetings but is pretty memorable. The pair first met in 2002, when Zlatan was just 21 whereas Helena was 32. Seger recalled the pair’s first meeting in an interview with Elle,

“When we met, he had double-parked his Ferrari next to my Merca. I was in a bad mood and hissed him to move the car. I think he was triggered by my attitude.”

And while the pair’s first meeting was amusing for both parties, Seger admits that Zlatan is not her kind of guy, to say the least.

“Well, it’s true that he wasn’t my kind of guy, but I promise you, if I did not notice him, it was because I was working too much! I had a lot of projects at the time but to become a footballer’s companion was not one of them!”

However, the pair ended up together after a few months, and while Seger declined Zlatan’s proposal at first she ended up moving together with the football star. Now, Seger travels around the world with Zlatan and has two sons, Maximilian born in 2006, and Vincent in 2008. And even though the pair have been together for 16-years they are yet to tie the knot, even though Zlatan refers to Seger as his wife.

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