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For all that Heather Anne Mills has done over her career, she is best known for her relationship with the legendary singer, Paul McCartney. One of the Beatles, McCartney needs no introduction. One of the very best of his generation, McCartney introduced fans to timeless music, tunes that are, to this day, as popular as they were years ago when they were first released. In contrast, Mills is a model, media personality, businesswoman, and activist who has a net worth of $40 Million. Even though Mills first rose to fame following an accident that resulted in her losing her left knee, today, she is known for her helping charities around the world.

Early Life:

Heather Anne Mills was born on the 12th of January 1968 in, Aldershot, United Kingdom. Born to John ‘Mark’ Francis Mills and Beatrice Mary Mills, Mills comes from a military background as her father was a former British paratrooper, and her mother was the daughter of a British Army Colonel. Born in Aldershot, Hampshire, Mills moved to Alnwick, in Northumberland, but relocated to Washington, Tyne, and Wear. Mills attended the Usworth Grange Primary school, and then Usworth Comprehensive School in Washington.

Heather Mills and her ex-husband Paul McCartney

After her mother left home when Mills was nine, it fell upon Heather and her older brother Shane to take care of their younger sister, Fiona. However, the departure of his wife took a big toll on their father who became violent. While Fiona has accused her father of asking the kids to steal, John has denied all accusations.

A compulsive liar:

When John was jailed for 18 months after being convicted of fraud, Mills and Fiona left the family home and went to live with their mother in Clapham, London. While Mills has had a successful career, her history is filled with lies and it is difficult to differentiate it from the truth. Heather wrote in her autobiography that she fled home to join a funfair and lived in a cardboard box under Waterloo station for four months. However, in Heather’s alleged period of homelessness, records show that she was attending Usworth comprehensive in Tyne and Wear.

Heather eventually ran into Alfie Karmal in 1986. Karmal, who was 10 years older than Mills, set up a model agency for her, ExSell Management. The company was not successful and Heather moved to Paris in 1987. While she told Karmal that she had got a contract from a cosmetics company, she ended up becoming the mistress of millionaire Lebanese businessman George Kazan for two years. During her time there, Mills was part of a nude photo session for a stills-only German sex education manual called Die Freuden der Liebe (The Joys of Love).

First Marriage & Divorce:

Upon her return to London, Mills tied the knot with Karmal. Following her marriage on 6 May 1989, Mills suffered two ectopic pregnancies, and Karmal paid for her to go on holiday to Croatia. But Mills never returned and ended up living with her ski instructor, Miloš Pogačar, shortly before the Croatian War. She helped Croatian refugees during the war and drove to deliver donations to Croatia. Mills and Karmal divorced in 1991 and she got engaged to Raffaele Mincione in 1993.


On the 8th of August, 1993, Mills and her fiance Mincione were walking towards De Vere Gardens and Kensington Road, London. But while crossing the road, Mills was struck by a police motorcycle that was responding to an emergency call. She suffered from crushed ribs, a punctured lung, and the loss of her left leg 6 inches and had to attach a metal plate to her pelvis. Mills was awarded £200,000 by the police authority for her injuries and she used the money to set up the Heather Mills Health Trust, which existed from 2000–2004.

Relationship with Paul McCartney:

Mills met Paul McCartney in April 1999 at the Dorchester Hotel and the pair began dating soon after. The pair got engaged on the 23rd of July 2001 and tied the knot on 11 June 2002. The pair’s first child, Beatrice Milly McCartney, was born on 28 October 2003. The pair separated on 17 May 2006. Mills blamed the separation on McCartney’s daughter, Stella, citing that she was evil and jealous. The pair eventually divorced on the 18th of March,2008, and Mills was awarded £24.3 million-plus payments of £35,000 for child support. Since the split, Mills has not married anyone and is focused on charity. At present, She is a patron of Viva! (Vegetarians’ International Voice for Animals) and the Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation, and is also vice-president of the Limbless Association.

Current Work

Mills continues to be an active philanthropist and advocate for social and environmental causes. She has launched several successful businesses, including VBites, a vegan food company, and Redwood Wholefoods, a plant-based food manufacturer.

Mills is also involved in several humanitarian projects, including supporting refugees and victims of natural disasters. She is a patron of the Vivia Foundation, a charity that works on animal welfare.

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