Who is Ernestine Sclafani [Skip Bayless wife] ? Net Worth 2023?

Being with a sports fan is not particularly easy. Things get even more complicated if your husband appears on national television to dish out some bold comments. Just ask Ernestine Sclafani, who wrote a book about how to be with a sports fan. The book entitled, Balls: How to Keep Your Relationship Alive with a Sports-Obsessed Guy, offers some light-hearted tips and advice on how best to handle the sports obsession of your partner. Ernestine is married to Skip Bayless who is paid by the FOX Network for his bold views. And while a ton of people relate to Ernestine’s experience, there can be no one better to write a topic on the business. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Ernestine Sclafani.

Ernestine Sclafani is an American publicist and media relations specialist. She currently serves as the head of her own Los Angeles-based publicity firm Ernestine Sclafani Bayless PR. Despite a long illustrious career, Ernestine has found fame through her highly publicized marriage with  Skip Bayless, a sports commentator and television personality. The pair have been married since July 18, 2016.

Ernestine Sclafani with her loving husband Skip Bayless.
Ernestine Sclafani with her husband Skip Bayless

Early Life:

Ernestine Sclafani was born on August 3, 1962, in Long Island, New York. Born and raised in Long Island, Ernestine took after her Italian-American father who worked as an engineer at Republic Aviation. When she was five years of age, Ernestine’s family moved from East Islip to Mastic. Talking about her early life, Ernestine revealed,

“He wanted to move his family out to have a nice life where it was quiet. So we moved to Mastic Beach. Back in the day when I lived there, there were tons of potato farms and it was not the cool place where Anna Wintour now lives . . . It was very neighborhood-y.”

After graduating from a local high school, Ernestine enrolled at Suffolk County Community College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

Professional Career:

A media relations specialist and public relations guru, Ernestine Sclafani has spent over two decades 20 serving different clients and later opted to establish and grow her own business. During her early years, she worked as an accessories director at Izod Lacoste and Esmark Apparel before becoming a public relations expert.

She started as “In House Public Relations Director” at Bally of Switzerland from February 1985 to January 1995, where she was responsible for men’s and women’s footwear, outerwear, ready-to-wear and accessories media relations. She then served as “Vice President/Group Head” at Edelman Public Relations Worldwide from January 1995 to January 2005, where she oversaw accounts such as Eddie Bauer, Starbucks, Smartwater, Ecco Footwear, MaryKate and Ashley accessories and cosmetics, Mudd Jeans, Finesse and Dove and other Unilever brands.

Always on the lookout to better herself, Ernestine took over the position of Vice President of Consumer Media Relations at Weber Shandwick from February 2005 to October 2018, where she worked with clients such as Dunkin Donuts, ALDI, Bank of America, Unilever, Chobani, General Mills, Harley Davidson, United States Army, and more.

She is currently the Principal of her own public relations firm named Ernestine Sclafani Bayless PR since October 2018.

Net Worth:

Ernestine Sclafani has been economically active since 1981 and has worked as a vice president of consumer media relations for over a decade and later switched to a PR business of her own. As of 2023, she has an estimated net worth somewhere between $5 Million to $8 Million. Meanwhile, her husband Skip Bayless has net worth of $17 Million.

Personal Life:

She met her husband Skip Bayless, a sports commentator and TV personality, on the set of his ESPN2 show Cold Pizza in 2006 when she was working as a publicist for one of his guests. They exchanged cards and started dating soon after. They felt an instant connection and called it “love at first spark.”Bayless proposed to her on a flight from Newark to Oklahoma in 2010, after four years of dating. They got married in a private ceremony on July 28, 2016, without telling anyone. They had the judge’s bailiff as their best man and the rest of his chamber as their witnesses. They have been married for five years and together for 15 years. They celebrated their fifth anniversary with a sweet Instagram post by Sclafani.

In the years of togetherness as a couple they have not given birth to any children. They have a happy and successful marriage despite their different interests and lifestyles. Sclafani is not a sports fan and Bayless is obsessed with sports. They respect each other’s passions and support each other’s careers. Sclafani wrote a book in 2019 titled “Balls: How to keep your relationship alive when you live with a sports-obsessed guy”, where she shared her insights and advice on how to make such a relationship work.

Book and other things:

Following her relocation to Southern California, Ernestine found herself with some time on her hands and decided to write a book. The result was the light-hearted comedy, Balls: How to Keep Your Relationship Alive with a Sports-Obsessed Guy.


The book talks about Ernestine’s experience giving out some sort of advice to women in similar situations. Talking about the inception of the book, Ernestine revealed,

“I had friends say to me, ‘I don’t know how you put up with it on a Sunday,’ or, ‘You watch games on Saturday?’ ” she said. “I’d say, ‘Yeah, I watch because I want to be with him. So I thought, well there’s something for a book, not to teach women about sports, because I don’t care about the 40-yard line, I don’t care about any of the rules. Mine would be tips on how I’ve kept my relationship alive.”

Getting accustomed to fame:

While Ernestine was not bothered by the fame, she was left aghast at some of the comments left on her husband’s social media pages. While Ernestine was bothered by the comments, Skip couldn’t care less. She later revealed that she was bugged by how people did not have the guts to say the same things in real life.

“That’s what the whole social media thing is that I despise, that people don’t have the nerve to say what they want to say.”

Social Media Presence:

Ernestine Sclafani is active only on Instagram, where she posts photos and videos of her personal and professional life. She has over 12K followers and 168 posts as of now. She does not have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok, but has a professional portfolio on LinkedIn. She has appeared on some episodes of her husband’s FOX Sports show Undisputed, where she discussed sports topics with him and his co-host Shannon Sharpe. She has also promoted her book “Balls: How to keep your relationship alive when you live with a sports-obsessed guy” on various media platforms, such as podcasts, radio shows, and magazines.

Physical Traits:

Ernestine has a slim and lean body with a decent personality. She has a height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 m) and weighs around 110 lbs (50 kg). She has brown eyes and dark brown hair which she sometimes likes to dye blonde. As for her likes and interests, she loves to explore the outdoors and has an interest in golf, running, swimming, and ping-pong.

A quick write on Skip Bayless:

Skip Bayless is a well-known American sports journalist, author, and television personality. He was born on December 4, 1951, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States.

Bayless attended Vanderbilt University where he earned a degree in English and History. After graduation, he worked as a sports writer for several newspapers, including the Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times, and The Dallas Morning News.

In the early 2000s, Bayless became a fixture on the “First Take” show, where he was known for his provocative opinions and debates with fellow commentator Stephen A. Smith. He also appeared on other ESPN programs, such as “SportsCenter” and “Outside the Lines.”

In 2016, Bayless left ESPN to join Fox Sports, where he currently hosts the talk show “Undisputed” alongside former NFL player Shannon Sharpe.

Bayless is the author of several books, including “God’s Coach: The Hymns, Hype, and Hypocrisy of Tom Landry’s Cowboys,” “The Boys: The Untold Story of the Dallas Cowboys’ Season on the Edge,” and “Hell-Bent: The Crazy Truth About the ‘Win or Else’ Dallas Cowboys.”

Throughout his career, Bayless has been known for his controversial opinions and his willingness to take strong positions on controversial topics. He has been criticized by some for his incendiary comments and his tendency to provoke strong reactions from viewers and fellow commentators alike. However, he has also been praised for his insight and his ability to generate lively and engaging debates about sports and other topics.

Ernestine Sclafani Wiki/bo Facts:

Name Ernestine Sclafani
Full Name Ernestine Sclafani Bayless
Date of Birth August 3, 1962
Age 60 years old
Place of Birth Long Island, New York, United States
Nationality American
Fathers Name N/A
Mothers Name A/A
Ethnicity Caucasian
Religion Christianity
Education Suffolk County Community College
Profession Publicist, Media Relations Specialist
Net worth $5M-$8M
Gender Female
Sexuality Straight
Relationship Status Committed
Marital Status Married
Husband  Skip Bayless (m. 2016-present)
Marriage Location N/A
Zodiac Sign Leo
Height 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown

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