Elaine Starchuk: Wiki-Bio, career, husband, life after divorce.

Elaine Starchuk and Tommy Lee had one of the most bizarre marriages in Hollywood. While it may not be as bizarre now, considering the standards set by Hollywood at the present, it was quite unheard of in the past. The duo was only married for a total of seven days despite having dated for the past two years. A playboy model, Starchuk was Lee’s first wife, and the pair were the talk of the town following their short split. While Starchuk did gain traction from her marriage to Lee, she has since found a new career for herself and is currently working as a lashes artist. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Elaine Starchuk.

Early Life and career:

Elaine Starchuk was born on the 4th of April 1964, in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. Born and raised in Canada, not much is known about Elaine’s early life and the formel model has kept her silence. Details on her parents, siblings, and education have never been revealed to the media, and judging from the fact that she is not the one to give exclusive interviews, it will likely remain that way. 

Tommy Lee’s first wife Elaine Starchuk

As a young kid, Elaine wanted to be a model and had breast augmentation surgery done when she was just 16 years old. Despite her enhanced appearance, Elaine didn’t get much attention and the model decided to move to the United States. In 1982, Elain was struggling to make her mark after the move to the states and started working as a model for Playboy Magazine. Elaine started posing nude and was also featured in a number of other magazines including, Miss Nude BC as well as Penthouse. 

Tommy Lee, Marriage, and Divorce:

Before dating Tommy Lee, Elaine was involved in three other relationships, with David Coverdale, Vince Neil, and Gregg Giuffria. She met Tommy during one of his gigs and the pair began dating soon after. Following two years as a couple, Tommy and Elaine tied the knot on the 24th of November 1984. However, the pair’s relationship was short-lived and they called things off just seven days after tying the knot in May 1985. While no reason was given for the pair’s divorce, it is rumored that Tommy physically assaulted Elaine leading to the pair’s divorce. 

Following the divorce, Tommy Lee got married to Todd Marshall but the pair split after four years as a couple. Following the divorce, Elaine was in a relationship with Anders Erikson. The pair were together for five years before calling things off. Since then, Elaine has not been involved in any relationships. 

Life after, and Accident:

Following her divorce from Tommy, Elaine attempted to get things back on track. She is currently the founder and CEO of Enlightened Lashes and is one of the early pioneers in lashes art in Canada. When she started 11 years ago, there were only three lash artists in British Columbia. She has been actively involved in the industry for over a decade. 

In 2016, Elaine was hit by an SUV that crashed into a Langley deli in Vancouver. The SUV was driven by an old man who lost control and slammed the car into Elaine who was pinned in the wall of the deli. The deli collapsed around her and her ribs were broken. She was taken to Royal Columbian Hospital and was awarded more than $400,000 in damages. 

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