Who is Imani Cheadle (Don Cheadle’s Daughter)? Her Bio, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Marriage?, Facts.

You may know Don Cheadle as the Oscar-nominated actor who plays War Machine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or as the Emmy-winning producer and star of Black Monday. But did you know that he has a daughter who is also an actress and a model? Her name is Imani Cheadle, and she is one of the rising stars in the entertainment industry. Imani is also a skilled script reader and a passionate marine science lover. She has learned from the best of her parents, but also pursued her own dreams in the entertainment industry. In this article, we will explore the life and career of Imani Cheadle, from her childhood to her latest projects. We will also learn about her relationship with her family, her passions, and her future goals. If you are curious to know more about this fascinating young woman, read on and discover the world of Imani Cheadle.

Early life of Imani Cheadle

Imani Cheadle was born on October 11, 1996, in the United States of America, as the second child of Don Cheadle and Brigid Coulter, both renowned actors and directors. Her name, which means “faith” or “belief” in Swahili, reflected her parents’ love and hope for her future. She grew up with an older sister, Ayana and shared her interests in sports, modeling, and acting.

Don Cheadle’s daughter Imani Cheadle

Imani grew up in a privileged and supportive environment, where she had the opportunity to witness her parents’ work in the entertainment industry. She often accompanied them to movie sets and red-carpet events, where she met many celebrities and learned from their experiences. She also developed a strong sense of identity and pride in her mixed ethnicity, which traced back to several African countries, such as Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Liberia, Senegal, and Angola-Congo. Imani was a bright and diligent student, who excelled in her academic pursuits. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in marine science from Boston University.

Career of Imani Cheadle

Imani’s acting debut was in the series “Vanity Fair: Decades”, where she appeared in the episode “The 90s” in 2013. The series was a collaboration between Vanity Fair magazine and RadicalMedia, a production company founded by Don Cheadle and his partner, Kay Liberman. The series explored the cultural and social trends of each decade from the 1910s to the 2010s, featuring interviews with celebrities, journalists, and experts.

Since then, Imani has been working as a script reader for The Radicle Act Productions, a company that Don Cheadle launched in 2019 to produce films and TV shows that challenge the status quo and inspire social change. Some of the projects that The Radicle Act Productions has been involved in include “Max”, a dark comedy series about a powerful female senator who becomes the first woman president of the United States, only to discover that she has a teenage son she never knew about and “A Strange Loop”, a meta-musical that won a Tony Award in 2020.

Imani has also gained experience as a production assistant for RadicalMedia, where she worked on various projects, such as

  • Monster: A TV adaptation of the A. Lee Martinez novel of the same name, which follows a monster hunter and his supernatural assistant as they deal with various creatures and mysteries in a world where magic is real.
  • War: A TV series that explores the origins of the Bloods and Crips and the role the LAPD played in instigating the feud between the gangs. 
  • Rogues’ Gallery: A TV series based on the comic book by Hannah Rose May, which follows a group of superpowered criminals who are forced to work for a secret government agency. The series is in development with no confirmed network or cast yet.

She also worked as a set crew member for the docuseries The Me You Can’t See, which was hosted by Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry.

Imani is not only interested in acting and production but also in marine science, which she studied at Boston University. She has been passionate about environmental issues and conservation. She has also traveled to Africa with her family, where they have explored the diverse culture and wildlife of the continent.

Family of Imani Cheadle: A Portrait of Artistic and Social Activism

Imani Cheadle belongs to a family of talented and socially conscious artists. Her father, Don Cheadle, is an Oscar-nominated actor and filmmaker, who has starred in films such as “Hotel Rwanda”, “Crash”, and “Iron Man”. He is also a devoted father, who values spending time with his children more than anything else. In an interview, he said, “Kids clearly help center you because you can’t impress your kids. People are like, ‘Oh, are they so excited because you’re Ironman?’ My kids couldn’t care less. They like it when I hang out and play dad. I impress them by playing video games with them and doing well. Your kids humble you.” 

Her mother, Bridgid Coulter, is an actress and producer, who has worked on projects such as “Rosewood”, “Martin”, and “Westworld”. She is also a successful interior designer, who runs her own design firm in Los Angeles. Imani has an older sister, Ayana, who is also an actress. She identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. Don Cheadle and his family have shown their support for Ayana and the LGBTQ+ community. For example, in 2019, Don Cheadle wore a t-shirt that said “Protect trans kids” on Saturday Night Live. He also received positive feedback from many fans and activists for his gesture. Imani and Ayana share a close bond and a passion for acting and the arts.

Imani Cheadle Married or Dating a Boyfriend?

Imani Cheadle is a rising star in the entertainment industry, following the footsteps of her famous father, Don Cheadle. But what about her love life? Is she married or dating a boyfriend?

Imani Cheadle has not revealed anything about her marital status or relationship status. She seems to be very private and focused on her career as an actress and a script reader for her father’s company, Radicle Act Productions.

However, that does not mean she is not enjoying her life. She is very close to her family, especially her parents and her older sister, Ayana Tai Cheadle. She also loves to travel to Africa with them, which has become their favorite continent to visit.

Imani Cheadle is a beautiful and talented young woman who has a lot of potential in the show business. She is also socially aware and engaged in activism, like her father. She is surely an inspiration for many people who admire her work and her personality.

So, is Imani Cheadle married or dating a boyfriend? The answer is unknown, but one thing is certain: she is living her best life and making her mark in the world. 

Controversies and Challenges Faced by Imani Cheadle

Some of the controversies and challenges that Imani Cheadle has faced or may face are:

  • Growing up in the spotlight and dealing with the constant attention, the paparazzi, the rumors, and the expectations.
  • Living up to her family’s legacy, but also carving her own path and finding her identity.
  • Balancing fame and family by staying true to herself and following her dreams.
  • Facing discrimination or prejudice because of her mixed ethnicity and background.
  • Maintaining a private life and avoiding unwanted media attention.
  • Pursuing her passions and interests, such as photography, poetry, and social justice

Networth of Imani Cheadle

Imani Cheadle is an actress who has a net worth of about USD 600,000. She has earned this wealth through her professional career, including her debut role in the documentary series “Vanity Fair: Decades” in 2013. Her father, Don Cheadle, is one of Hollywood’s greatest actors of all time, and his net worth amounts to a whopping $40 Million USD.

Social Media Presence of Imani Cheadle

Imani Cheadle is a young actress who values her privacy and does not reveal much about her personal life. Unlike many celebrities, Imani Cheadle does not have a strong social media presence. She only has an Instagram account with around 666 followers, where she occasionally posts photos of herself and her family. She does not have a Facebook or Twitter account, and she does not share much information about her projects or interests. She prefers to keep her life away from the media and the public eye.

Trivia of Imani Cheadle

  • She was born on October 11, 1996, making her 27 years old as of 2024.
  • Her zodiac sign is Libra, the scales, which represents balance, harmony, and justice.
  • Her birthstone is opal, a gemstone that symbolizes hope, faith, and confidence.
  • Her birthflower is marigold, a flower that signifies passion, creativity, and warmth.
  • Some famous celebrities she shares her birthday with are Amitabh Bachchan, Luke Perry, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Cardi B.
  • She often visits her father’s movie sets and accompanies him to red carpet events.
  • She is of mixed ethnicity, with roots in several African countries, such as Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Liberia, Senegal, and Angola-Congo.

Imani Cheadle Wiki/Bio Facts

NameImani Cheadle
Birth yearOctober 11, 1996
Age27 (as of 2024)
ParentsDon Cheadle (father) and Brigid Coulter (mother)
SiblingsAyana Tai Cheadle (sister)
EducationBachelor of Arts in marine science from Boston University
Height (approx)5’5″
Weight (about)121 lbs (55 Kg)
HairCurly & Dark Brown
Debut roleThe 1980s in Vanity Fair: Decades (2013)
Net worth$600,000 USD (approx.)
Relationship statusN/A
Social mediaInstagram (666 followers)
Family bondClose and supportive
PersonalityIntroverted and private
InterestsSports, modeling, and acting
InspirationHer parents
DreamTo become a successful actress like her parents
AncestryNigeria, Benin, Cameroon, Senegal, Liberia, Angola-Congo, and Yoruba
Favorite continentAfrica
Travel buddyHer sister
Role modelHer father
Red carpet appearanceWith her father at the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards in 2015
Behind the scenesScript reader and production assistant at her father’s company, Radicle Act Productions
Future plansTo pursue more acting roles and explore her passion for marine science
Life motto“Family comes first”

FAQs of Imani Cheadle

What is the meaning of her name?

Her name means “faith” or “belief” in Swahili, a language spoken in several African countries.

What is her ethnicity and ancestry? 

She is of mixed ethnicity, with roots in several African countries, such as Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Liberia, Senegal, and Angola-Congo. Her father, Don Cheadle, has traced his genealogy and found out that he is of Cameroonian descent with one-third of his bloodline tracing to Senegal, Liberia, and one-quarter to Angola-Congo.

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