Who is Daniel Krauthammer [Charles Krauthammer’s son]? His net worth, girlfriend? wiki, bio.

From Charles Krauthammer to Daniel Krauthammer, the art of political writing has not been lost in the Krauthammer household. On the contrary, Daniel has seemed to up his game ever since his father passed away in 2018. His father, Charles Krauthammer, was an American political columnist who won the Pulitzer Prize for his column in The Washington Post in 1987. A highly respected author, Charles wrote a series of books highlighting his political idealogy, the latest of the lot was Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics. After he passed away in 2018, many thought that the void left by Charles would be too big. But of late, his son, Daniel Krauthammer has been following the footsteps of his father. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Daniel Krauthammer.

Early Life:

Daniel Krauthammer was born in 1986 in New York. Born to Charles and Robyn Krauthammer, Daniel was introduced to political writing at a very young age. The only child of the family, Daniel was excellent when it came to academics. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Harvard University and continued his education at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. After gathering his MBA degree from Stanford, Daniel enrolled at the University of Oxford and graduated with a Master of Science Degree in Financial Economics.

Charles Krauthammer son Daniel Krauthammer

Professional Career:

Daniel shared his father’s passion when it came to writing and decided to make a name for himself in the same field. Even though he primarily works in economic consulting and analysis, he is not too shabby with words. Over the years, Daniel has worked with government and NGOs, to focus on economic policymaking. In recent years, Daniel has pursued several projects and start-up ventures in the entertainment and technology sectors. He is also the editor of the book, The Point of It All: A Lifetime of Great Loves and Endeavors. Over the years, Daniel has written about a host of topics and his articles have been featured in prominent magazines including, The Washington Post, The Weekly Standard, National Review, and The New Republic.

The father-son combo:

When Charles Krauthammer fell ill for the first time in 2017, Daniel decided to take time off to care for his father. The result was the book, The Point of It All: A Lifetime of Great Loves and Endeavors. While the book was written by Charles, it fell upon Daniel to collect his father’s mangled thoughts and convert it into a book that not only talked about the life of Charles Krauthammer but also honored his legacy. As Daniel writes in the introduction of the book The Point of It All: A Lifetime of Great Loves and Endeavors, the book is dedicated to all who knew Charles Krauthammer. Writing about the ultimate purpose of the book, Daniel wrote,

“That is the ultimate purpose of this book. Yes, it is for all those who heard and read my father and miss him. But even more, it is for those who never had the chance to see him in life. So I just hope I get the words in the right order every once in a while and give the world a nudge….It’s what I exist to do, really. He gave the world much more than a nudge in his lifetime. And I believe his words will continue to push the world in a better direction for ages to come.”

Net Worth

Daniel Krauthammer is not just the son of a Pulitzer Prize-winning political commentator, but also a successful analyst, author and commentator himself. He has a brilliant educational background, having graduated from Harvard, Oxford and Stanford with degrees in social studies, financial economics and business administration. He has written for various publications, such as The Weekly Standard, and edited his father’s posthumous book, The Point Of It All. He is also the president of Krauthammer Associates, a consulting firm. His net worth is estimated to be over $2 million, which is impressive but still far from his father’s $12 million. 

Personal Life:

Daniel has kept his personal life very private and has not revealed much about his love affair and girlfriend to the media. He is currently single and does not seem to be dating anyone publicly. He may have had some past relationships, but there are no records available about them. Daniel is focused on his career and on honoring his father’s legacy. Daniel is a respected and admired figure in political and literary circles, but he prefers to keep his romantic life away from the spotlight.

Physical Traits & Dressing Style

Daniel Krauthammer has a sophisticated and elegant dressing style. He often wears suits and ties in dark colors, such as black, navy or gray, that complement his fair complexion and black hair. He has a slim and tall figure, standing at 5 feet 8 inches (approx). He has a clean-shaven face, brown eyes, and a confident smile. He resembles his late father, Charles Krauthammer. Daniel Krauthammer’s physical traits and dressing style reflect his impressive educational background and professional achievements.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Full NameDaniel Krauthammer
BirthplaceNew York, United States
ParentsCharles Krauthammer, Robyn Krauthammer
EducationHarvard University, University of Oxford
ProfessionConsultant, Writer, Analyst
Marital StatusUnmarried

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