Who is Kristina Sunshine Jung, drug kingpin George Jung daughter?Bio, net worth.

Kristina Sunshine Jung is the daughter of George Jung, the same Jung who was a major drug dealer in America during the 70’s and early 80’s and worked with Colombian drug organization Madelin Cartel. The shady past of Jung has gained him popularity in the current world.

Kristina on the other hand gains spotlight due to her father. She can also be associated with fame from her portrayal by American actress Emma Roberts in 2001 Hollywood movie Blow. Actor Johnny Depp portrays real-life George Jung in the movie.

Kristina Sunshine Jung  Early Life

Kristina Sunshine Jung was born on August 1, 1978, in Florida U.S. As of now she is 40 years of age, if ethnicity is concerned she is descended from Cuban American heritage. Her mother Mirtha Jung was born in Cuba and her father George Jung an American.

Kristina had a complicated childhood due to her parents’ inability to stay away from drug and consequently facing jail time. As a minor girl of two years, she had no idea when police busted her father at their family home in Eastham (Cape Cod), George was all baked and hence she had to be taken in the custody too for temporary care.

Kristina Sunshine Jung
George Jung Daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung

Her grandparents were boon to her upbringing and making her childhood more bearable. She would stay with them when her parents were in the jail or out of depth in drugs. As any child is fond of gifts from their loved one, Kristina cherishes the memories of getting many presents from her grandparents during every season be it a Christmas, her summer holidays or casual occasions. It did not stop even after they died who transferred responsibility to her aunt Marie Jung until she got 18.

She also became the blessing in her parent’s fortune at least in case of her mother.  When she was around three Mirtha stopped doing drugs to become a  responsible mother but we cannot say so for her father who was struggling to keep up with the demands of the situation.

In 1984 her parents divorced, thereafter George is said to have relationships with several mistresses and went in and out of jail. As for Mirtha, she led her life under the radar of public attention and looked after her child and educational affairs.

Career and Net Worth

Kristina aspires to become a writer, well we can say she is a thoughtful person. She was working on her first book a biography on her mother, Mirtha Jung although there is no update available for her book recently.

Kristina Sunshine Jung and Johnny Depp
Kristina Sunshine Jung and Hollywood actor Johnny Depp

She also appeared in the movie “Blow” in which she did a court scene with Johnny Depp. Before it made it to hall screens authorities cut her scenes, but you can see her presence in the DVD version. Currently, Kristina is involved in Merchandise business with her father. She turns her father’s popularity as clothing brand “BG Apparel and Merchandise”. So far Kristina accumulates the net worth of $150,000.

Personal life: Kristina Sunshine Jung husband, children.

Kristina was married to Romain Karan and had a child with him. Besides that, she has been able to keep her personal life anonymous. We even do not know if she is still married to Romain. However, going through fact, Kristina uses the surname “Jung” in her legal documents which she inherits from her father we suspect she is divorced from her husband. Like we said she keeps her personal life secret we don’t know if she is in the relationship with other man or married presently.

Relationship With father

Kristina grew up without the proper guidance of her father who spent more time trading drugs and being incarcerated. After frequently in and out of jail Jung was sentenced for 60 years time in 1994.  The relationship between Jung and Kristina was so bad she did not visit him in the jail. It is also the emotional core of the film, Blow.

Kristina Sunshine Jung and George Jung
Kristina Sunshine Jung and her father George Jung

However, Kristina was able to mend her broken heart little by little after she helped late Ted Demme, director of Blow with her part of the story, and learning more about her father and forgiveness he was seeking. She reportedly visits George in the spring of 2002. Thereafter she followed several times. By the time George Jung got out of Jail in 2014, there was a new sense of optimism in their relationship. Kristina publicly appeared with her father in several occasions including the two getting along in the business. If you follow her on her Instagram page then you get to know more about the father-daughter relationship. She has clearly expressed her love for him seemingly she has forgiven her father.

Kristina Sunshine Jung facts

Name Kristina Sunshine Jung A.k.a Kristina Jung
Place of Birth Florida, U.S
Birthdate August 1, 1978
Age  40
Nationality American
Occupation Entrepreneur
Net worth $150,000.
Spouse/Partner Romain Karan
Children 1
Parents George Jung, Mirtha Jung
Siblings N/A
Social Media Handle  Instagram


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