Model Brittanya Razavi (Brittanya O’Campo) bio, net worth, husband &children.

33-years-old Brittanya McCall Razavi (born as Brittanya O’Campo) is a Model, Actress, Businesswoman owning her two international brands “187 Clothing” and “Meow Gang.” She is the mother of two children and wife of Lucky Moe Razavi. She is popularly known for her curvy figure, her appearance at the VH1 reality series TV Rock of Love & Charm School Season 3, tattoos, and the book Millionaire Self-Talk in which she is a Co-Author.

However Brittanya McCall Razavi is very secretive about her personal life, but the good news is we have much information about her wiki, height, age, early life, career, net worth, children, affair and bio.

Brittanya McCall Razavi affair and marriage with Moe Razavi. Their children.

Girls are lucky to have a man who stands beside them during thick and the thin. The man in Brittanya life is not a model or any other kind of celebrity but won her heart with constant dedication and support during hard times. Brittanya was jailed for seven months starting from Dec 28, 2010, for her ill-fated past. She attacked a woman with pimp cup who needed several stitches in the head in 2008. Her boyfriend Moe Ravazi struck by her side and visited her in jail every week. After she got out of jail, the two tied the marriage knot.

Brittanya Razavi with her children

Brittanya Razavi with her children Cash and Legend King Razavi

The blissful couple now boasts their marriage with two lovely children. Their first child Cash King was born on March 26, 2011; she was pleased about sharing the news with everyone. On 24 October 2012,  Brittanya and her husband had second child Legend King and their happiness had no boundaries. There are beautiful pictures of Brittanya McCall Razavi and her children.

As rumors surfaced, at one point their relationship went downhill that this lovely couple broke up back in 2015.  As of now, the two have rejuvenated. Brittanya and Moe are together and blissful. Moe is a tattoo fanatic and inked all over the body including a tattoo of her on his bald head. Besides their romantic affair, Moe involves and manages her several businesses.

Model Brittany Razavi and her husband Moe Razavi

Model Brittany Razavi and her husband Moe Razavi

Brittanya Razavi’s Career and Net Worth

Brittanya was not born with a silver spoon. Her father was sent to prison when she was just fifteen. All the responsibility was on her shoulders. She began with her career with television shows. She slowly then started gaining many followers on social media. Her following helped her with her debut in Television Series Roc of Love Bus & Charm School Season 3. Her curvy figure and tattoos are also the reason for her gaining popularity. Her tattoos attracted many sponsors and magazine.

She was indeed in the covers of many renowned magazines like MMA, Revel Ink, Sports Magazine, Tattoo Magazine, Savage Tattoo, and Tattoo Energy. Besides Magazine and modeling, she is also a businesswoman and is co-owner of Exclusive brands of clothing, ‘187 Avenues’ and ‘Meow Gang.’ These clothing brands are an online website and sell clothes and merchandise. She has many sources of income and is very rich. Her estimated Net worth for 2019 is 8 million dollars.

Short Wiki of Brittanya Razavi born as Brittanya O-Campo

Social Media Star Brittanya McCall Razavi was born on July 7, 1985, in Oxnard, California.  Her original name is Brittanya O-Campo, and she celebrates her birthday on July 7. She is 5feet 3 inches tall. Although her father is an ex-convict, she maintains a close relationship with him and evident sharing love towards him in social media posts. Both her parents are supportive of her career.

Brittanya Ravazi and her modeling career controversy

Her felon past is one dark spot in her modeling career, but recently she finds herself in a debate regarding her motherhood. If you are one of her followers in social media, then you must have been through her flashy photos which leave nothing or very few to the imagination. Considering her two children who are growing and have much to learn. Her modeling career can impact in their childhood, and many have questioned if she is trying to be a good mother? Brittanya herself is aware of the fact, but she is happy the way she is handling her career and her motherhood. In a long Instagram post, she brought down all her hater down to earth and admitted loving her children more than anything. She wrote:

“Why do people say “Your kids @cashandlegend will be embarrassed of you when their older” Having a “Hot Mom” that’s comfortable in her skin & shows it, is all they know..What’s normal to us may not be to you. I teach my kids not to judge, be open minded & most importantly I show/teach them unconditional Love (this means you can do no wrong) I’ll love my kids the same if they were to graduate from Harvard or they were the next Charles Manson. I would still love no less! Handsome or ugly, Fat or skinny, wrong or right. Maybe those of you that say they’ll be “embarrassed” don’t understand the meaning of unconditional Love. Anyway no, not for a second do I think of my kids when they are older are going to look at how great I set their lives up & say “I’m so embarrassed my Mom made a nude site with my Dad, and now we are so Rich please return everything I don’t want it”How do you think kids are made?? I’m on my private site with the same man which is their Dad. Moral of the story…Some of you think I’m crazy & I think you’re crazy for asking a crazy question..We all don’t have to agree. These are just opinions but a FACT is I’m very successful & some advice on how I became this way is being open-minded & not judgmental.”


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