Alicia Shearer bio, Love affair and marriage with Big Chief aka Justin Shearer.

Alicia Shearer is not a celebrity on her own she grabs spotlight due to her relationship with streetcar racer and TV personality Justin Shearer. Justin Shearer is her ex-husband. Professionally Alicia is in the medical field as a Respiratory Care Practitioner.

Personal Life

When two falls in love, they do not know how long their relationship will last. As a fact, no one is prepared for the breakup, yet they deal with the situation. Facing the harsh reality is Alicia Shearer relationship with Big Chief aka Justin Shearer. They were lovers for years and later turned it into marriage. However after ten years of conjugal life and two children together they are separated now. Get further insight into their personal life from love affair and marriage to divorce.

Her Love Affair and marriage with Justin Shearer

Alicia and Justin crossed their path in their teenage year. A young 17 years old  Alicia and 18 years of Justin met at a gas station. Justin worked there while Alicia came to fill the gas in the vehicle she was riding. This event happened in 1999.

Justin Shearer and Alicia Shearer
Justin Shearer and Alicia Shearer back in the days

Justin was nervous about the first meeting, and he kind of knew this was not going to be the last encounter. Well, it came true as they became lovers. Alicia maintained the love affair throughout college. She attended Oklahoma City Community College pursuing the education in Respiratory Care while Justin was making a name in his lifelong passion for car racing.

Alicia and Justin exchanged engagement ring in 2005. After getting out of college she and Justin wedded on September 29, 2006. They have two children together, both sons Corbin and Covil Shearer.

Their Divorce

Alicia and Justin were going through marriage woes, but they kept mostly private. However, people started to question Justin’s intention as he was seen dating fellow street racing girl Jackie Braasch. Having still married to 10 years of wife Alicia he faced criticism for his extramarital affairs. Later Justin put his silence to hold as he addressed the difficulty in the marriage situation. Talking in The Chief and Shawn show, he said;

“ It’s no secret obviously that me and Alicia, my wife of 10 years have been having trouble or whatever you want to call it, well, it is further than just having trouble, we are actually getting a divorce, and that is happening.”

Although Alicia and Big Chief ended the relationship, their love for children remains intact. They keep in touch with each other for their children.

Alicia Shearer Wiki/Bio, Age

Alicia Shearer was born as Alicia Leigh Howard on August 18, 1980, in Yukon, Oklahoma, U.S. She is 37 years of age at the time this article is written. She follows Christian religion If ethnicity is concerned she is of Caucasian origin.

Her parents raised her in Oaklohama where she began her schooling too. She attended Yukon High School. Later in college at Oklahoma City Community College she pursued a career in Respiratory Care and graduated there in 2006.

Alicia practised her medical skill in the real world working for several healthcare facilities. She worked as a respiratory therapist and was also employed at Integris Southwest Medical Center in Oklahoma City.


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