What happened to Beth Dillon [Paul Teutul Sr.’s ex-wife]? Her Wiki-Bio.

Beth Dillon doesn’t have a lot going for herself. The ex-wife of Paul Teutul Sr., Dillon’s success can be fully attributed to her marriage and divorce with the Orange County Choppers proprietor. While Dillon doesn’t have much to get recognized by, Paul is well known as the owner of Orange County Choppers which is at the center of the American reality TV series, American Chopper. However, unlike some of the most famous custom shops within the district, Orange County focuses on creating custom bikes for their customers. Manned by the father-son duo of Paul Teutul, Sr., and Paul Teutul, Jr., the shop has enjoyed massive success over the last few years. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Beth Dillion.

Early Life and Career:

Beth Ann Santos was born on the 8th of September 1957. Apart from her date of birth, not much is known about Santos, and details on her education, parents, and siblings have never been talked about in the media. In fact, most of Santos’s life before meeting Paul Sr. is a mystery. Not much is known about her professional career as well and while she was proficient with the wrench in her few outings with the Orange County Crew it is not known if she works in custom shops or has some automative background.

Paul Teutul Sr.’s ex-wife Beth Dillon

Marriage and Rise to fame:

Long before she tied the knot with Paul, Santos was married to Burton Dillon. She took up Dillon’s last name and while the pair didn’t stay together for long, she still goes by the name of Beth Dillon. The pair had two children together but ultimately ended up splitting when things didn’t work out. She met Paul Sr. sometime during the mid-2000s and the pair began dating almost instantly.

In 2007, Santos decided to tie the knot to Paul Sr., taking a family of four step-children under her wing. In their time together, Santos was seen making several appearances on the show, American Chopper. The show which began in 2003 focused on the Orange County Custom Shop and the custom adventures of Paul Sr. and Paul Jr.

Divorce and Moving on:

While things were looking good for the pair, Santos and Paul Sr. ended up calling things off after 8-years of marriage. Given the pair’s stance on their relationship and the fact that they never went public with it avoided any unnecessary attention from the pair. Around the same time, American Chopper had been off the television for three years. The pair never released a statement for the divorce and went their separate ways. Since the split, Beth has maintained her silence and has not been on the media a lot. She is yet to re-marry and has since disappeared from the series altogether.

Paul, on the other hand, has since moved on with not just the series but his life as well. According to several sources, Paul is in a relationship with Joan Bulger-Kay, and the duo takes time off their busy schedule riding motorcycles and rescuing dogs.

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