Andy Spinks: Everything You Need to Know About the Gold Rush Star

Andy Spinks is one of the most popular stars of the hit reality TV show Gold Rush, which follows the lives and challenges of various gold mining crews in Alaska and other locations. Andy has been part of Todd Hoffman’s team since season 3 and has proven himself to be a loyal and hardworking miner. Here are some facts and details about Andy Spinks that you may not know.

Early Life and Career

Andy Spinks was born in May 1963 in United States and grew up in a family of loggers. He learned how to operate heavy machinery and work in harsh conditions from a young age. He also developed a passion for hunting and fishing, which he still enjoys today.

Andy Spinks from Gold Rush

Before joining Gold Rush, Andy worked as a truck driver for a logging company. He met Todd Hoffman through their mutual friend Jim Thurber, who also became part of the show. Andy decided to join Todd’s gold mining venture in 2012, hoping to make some money and have an adventure.

Gold Rush Journey

Andy Spinks made his debut on Gold Rush in season 3, when Todd Hoffman moved his operation to the Klondike region of Canada. Andy was assigned to run the wash plant and process the gold-bearing dirt. He quickly showed his skills and dedication, earning Todd’s trust and respect.

Andy continued to work with Todd in subsequent seasons, following him to various locations such as Guyana, Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska. He also became friends with other members of the crew, such as Jack Hoffman, Dave Turin, Kevin Hiatt, and Hunter Hoffman.

Andy faced many challenges and dangers on Gold Rush, such as breakdowns, accidents, injuries, weather, wildlife, and conflicts. He also had some memorable moments, such as finding a large gold nugget in season 4, celebrating his birthday in season 5, and getting married in season 6.

Andy Spinks has been one of the most consistent and reliable miners on Gold Rush, always giving his best effort and never giving up. He has also earned a lot of money from gold mining, which he has used to support his family and buy his own property.

Hoffman Family Gold

In 2021, Andy Spinks reunited with Todd Hoffman and some of his former crew members for a new spin-off show called Hoffman Family Gold. The show follows Todd’s attempt to save a failing gold mine in Alaska that belongs to his partner Jason Otteson. Andy joins Todd as his right-hand man and helps him run the operation.

Hoffman Family Gold premiered on Discovery Channel on March 25, 2022. The show features Andy Spinks as one of the main cast members along with Todd Hoffman, Jim Thurber, Hunter Hoffman, Jack Hoffman, Rob Naughton.

Hoffman Family Gold showcases Andy Spinks’ skills and experience as a gold miner as well as his friendship and loyalty to Todd Hoffman. It also reveals some of his personal life and challenges that he faces along with his team.

Net Worth

Andy Spinks has been working as a gold miner for almost a decade now. He has been part of several successful seasons of Gold Rush and has earned a substantial amount of money from his share of the gold. He has also appeared on other shows such as Gold Rush: The Dirt and Hoffman Family Gold.

Andy Spinks has an estimated net worth of around $500,000 as of 2023. He has invested some of his money in buying his own ranch in Oregon where he lives with his family. He also owns some vehicles and equipment that he uses for mining and other purposes.

Wife and Kids:

Andy Spinks is married to Gina Spinks, who has also appeared on Gold Rush as his wife. Gina Spinks is a supportive partner who sometimes joins Andy on his gold-mining adventures. She is also his cheerleader and his best friend.

Andy and Gina Spinks have been married since 1989 and have a strong and loving relationship that has lasted for over three decades. They have two kids together, a son and a daughter named Kenzie Jo Spinks. They also have a grandson.

Andy and Gina Spinks are proud of their family and often share their photos and updates on their Facebook page. They enjoy spending time with their kids and grandson and celebrating their milestones. They also like to travel, fish, hunt and have fun together.

Wiki/Bio Facts

NameAndy Spinks
Birth DateMay 1963
Age60 years old
Birth PlaceUnited States
OccupationForeman, Television Personality
Net Worth$500,000
Known ForGold Rush, Hoffman Family Gold
SpouseGina Spinks (m. 1989)
Children2 (Kenzie Jo Spinks)
GrandchildrenYes (Name Unknown)
Eye ColorHazel Green
Hair ColorDark Brown
Zodiac SignNot Available
HobbiesFishing, hunting, traveling

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