Getting to know All Girls Garage cast and their Net Worth

“All Girls Garage” is a TV show in Velocity network with its first season premiered on March 3, 2012. The show is about the three girls showing how to repair and upgrade the parts of cars and motorcycles inside a shop setting while also getting their hands dirty in the process. Using the combined expertise they undertake and completes the projects mostly considered for the male.

Sarah Bogi Lateiner, Cristy Lee and Jessi Combs are the original cast/host of the show. After Jessi Combs left the show in 2014, Rachel De Barros was added as the new cast member. One thing the show appeal is that the girls engaged in the automotive business are as capable as their male counterpart.

All Girls garage cast
All Girls Garage Cast Bogi (L), Cristy, Rachel (R)

In this article, we will bring everything about current cast of “All Girls Garage” and their net worth.

Getting to know Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner and her net worth

Sarah Lateiner is a certified mechanic and a television personality. She was born on December 15, 1977, in Flushing, Queens in a middle-class family. This 40 years old automotive expert spent most of her childhood growing in North Jersy in a small town called Montclair with her only sibling Jenny.

Sarah attended Oberlin College with a double major in Women’s Studies and Pre-Law and a minor in Politics. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa in just three years. Like her parents wanted she initially thought of joining Harvard Law school and become a lawyer. However, she could not resist her passion for vehicles and hence attended Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix and graduated as a mechanic.

Sarah Bogi Lateiner net worth
Sarah Bogi Lateiner net worth

Bogi’s love affair with the car started at the age of sixteen. Ever since she bought her first car an old VW Bug, she got into wrenching. She had terrible experience repairing at the auto shop, so she enrolled in her high school’s auto shop where she learned to restore her beloved first car completely. In case you are wondering how she got a nickname “Bogi,” she studied a year in Hungary as an exchange student where her friend gave her that name.

Sarah worked six years for an auto shop and quit the job. She then worked two years in a friend driveway which got her $100,000 and a small two-car auto repair shop. This entrepreneur mined lady emerged as a major name in the business in 2011 when she made one million dollars in sales. She currently owns 180 Degrees Automotive, a vehicle repairing shop in Central Phoenix. She has further profited with emergence as TV personality in 2012. Her current net worth is estimated at $5M.

Cristy Lee and her net worth

Cristy Lee is a TV host and Motorsports reporter and a motorcyclist. She was born and raised in Daytona Beach, Florida. Her birth date of  21, 1977, makes her 40 years of age now. This beautiful sports fanatic lady stands with a height of 5 ft 2 in, if you care about her zodiac sign then it is Libra.

Growing up, she had a thing for pricey sports cars and involve herself in garage projects with her father who was a mechanic. However, she turned into wrenching after she got her first motorcycle at the age of 18.

Cristy Lee
All Girls Garage star Cristy Lee

Cristy moved from Central Florida to Detroit, Michigan in search of business opportunity after graduating from college. She began her career as a dancer as she is a trained dancer. She got selected for Detroit Pistons Dance Team ‘Automotion’ through audition in 2006. She also had dance stint with the NBA. Soon after leaving NBA she performed for the MISL Dance Team.

Gradually she made her name as host through radio and other show. Cristy worked in the Autoshow circuit as a Narrator for Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep from January 2010  to December 2011. She has been working as co-host of Velocity Network TV show “All Girls Garage” since 2011 with the show officially making into TV screen in March of 2012.

Apart from Velocity network TV host, Cristy has worked in a variety of racing series in the world of motorsports for a variety of networks. Over the years, she has been seen covering Motocross Racing for SPEED and Fox Sports 1, Off-Road Truck Racing for NBC Sports Network, Supercross, Monster Jam, Flat Track Racing, and even the XGames on ESPN and ABC. Currently, Cristy’s net worth value is not available.

Rachel De Barros and her net worth

Rachel was born on 4th August 1978 in a Brazillian family. This 39 years old car fanatic lady grew up in Washington DC. She got the passion for electronics and mechanics growing up from her electrician father and uncle who owned an auto body repair shop. As a teenager, she would take apart electronics gadget and other home appliances to provide them with more power. And during summer working at her uncle’s garage introduced her to basic repairs, bodywork, and paint.

Rachel De Barros net worth
Rachel De Barros net worth

Rachel is president and CEO of Purple Star Media, a boutique design, and interactive marketing company. Before getting a TV show, she made her name in the automotive world through Gearhead Diva which is part of her Purple Star Media. This accomplished lady has an estimated net worth of $1.5M.

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