Alaina Marie Mathers biography: Facts to known about Eminem’s adopted daughter

Alaina Marie Mathers is the name famous to most of us because she is adopted daughter of American rapper Eminem. While Eminem has a professional life filled with millions of fans and most prestigious awards one can earn from singing, his personal life is full of complex stories. He twice married and divorced his ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott. We can say Eminem is not so great in a relationship with women but has shown to be an inspirational figure when it comes to parenting. He is the father of three daughters with two of them adopted. Let’s find out about his daughter Alaina Marie Mathers.

Alaina Marie Mathers Wiki facts

Birth Name: Amanda Marie Scott
Nationality: American
Birth Date: May 3, 1993
Age: 24 Years
Born In: United States Of America
Father: Eminem
Mother: Kimberly Anne Scott, Dawn Scott

Alaina Marie Mathers early life

Alaina was born as Amanda Marie Scott on May 3, 1993, to her mother Dawn Scott while there is no available information about her biological father. Dawn suffered drug addiction throughout her life even risked her unborn baby Alaina by continuing drug during her pregnancy. After Aliana was born, the family went through rough patches. Dawn struggled with the drug while she was financially incapable of raising her. Eminem and Kim took Alaina as a baby and raise her as one of own. Eminem maybe an uncle in the relationship but he became a father figure to her. He changed Amanda Marie Scott to Aliana Marie Mathers after formally adopting her in 2002.

Alaina Marie Mathers mother, Dawn Scott

Dawn tried as much she could to get away from drugs and took responsibility for Alaina. She even tried rehab, while nothing worked for her, Eminem and her twin sister Kim took Alaina as guardian. Dawn failure as responsible parents maybe has to do with her troubled childhood. She and her twin Kim was raised by her mother Kathleen Sluck and stepfather who was alcoholic and abusive in the family. At the age of 13, the sister ran away from family and lived in Marshall Mathers house with his mother Debbie Nelson as guardian. Growing by a bad neighborhood and no proper guidance led Dawn and her sister Kim into drugs. While Kim came clean but Dawn struggled, and it eventually became her death reason. Dawn Scott was found dead in Detroit, Michigan, the United States on January 19, 2016.

Alaina Marie Mathers family and siblings

From Dawn, Aliana has two brothers; Adam and Patrick Scott. Adam Scott is her twin who is reportedly born physically and mentally handicapped due to her mother Dawn continued using drugs during pregnancy. Eminem raised Alaina with two sisters; Whitney Scott Mathers and Hailie Jade. She is eldest of three. While Alaina and Whitney are adopted, Hailie is only blood daughter of Eminem.

Alaina Marie Mathers Career and Net Worth

Eminem who seems like a hardman through his foul-mouthed rap songs is a real softy as a parent. He had a rough childhood, grew in a lousy neighborhood working in restaurants and taking odd jobs to support himself and family. While he is known to the importance of parents, he raised his three daughters quite well. Like normal parents, Eminem is a significant presence to his daughter from attending schools to being involved in their small details. At the same time, Eminem has concealed most of the information about Alaina from her education to career. It is clear she hasn’t persuaded career as a rapper or in the entertainment industry. We will have to wait until Alaina opens about her career and education. Having a super-rich father with a net worth of $190M Aliana enjoys a luxury life.

Alaina Marie Mathers Boyfriend

Alaina likes to enjoy her personal life out of the spotlight so we cannot say if she has a boyfriend or dating, someone. One thing is clear she is not comfortable sharing her personal life unlike her sister Hailie who is open about her boyfriend and relationship.


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