Youtuber Billy, ScrapMan: Wiki-Bio, Channel suspension, family, Wife.

When ScrapMan first began playing the game Scrap Mechanic, he never thought he would build a YouTube channel surrounding the game. But as of 2023, Scrapman boasts a budding community of four hundred and thirty-three thousand subscribers and has gathered more than a hundred and sixty-seven million views. Centered around the video game Scrap Mechanic, Scrapman creates videos of the creative type. A huge fan of sandbox games, Scrapman comes up with original ideas that are not only creative but also entertaining. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Scrapman.

Early Life:

Born as Billy, Scrapman was born on the 22nd of January 1990 in Massachusetts, USA. Apart from his real name, little is known about Billy’s associations. Details about his parents and early life are a complete mystery to his viewers. During his early years, Billy moved to Oahu, Hawaii, and stayed there for around nine years. He graduated from Hawaii Pacific University in 2012 with a degree in Psychology. After graduating from college, Billy decided to move back to California and has been stationed there ever since.

Youtuber, Billy Scrapman.
Youtuber, Billy Scrapman.

Professional Career

Little is known about Billy’s professional career before starting YouTube. When Scrap Mechanic was first released in 2016, Billy was hooked on it and played it for hours at end. His creative designs became a staple part of his game and Billy was often asked how he did it and whether he had a YouTube channel.
Three months into Scrap Mechanic and Billy started his YouTube channel under the name of, ScrapMan. The channel was launched in April of 2016 and was flying under the radar until it got a shout-out from another popular YouTuber, MrMEOLA. Even though he only had a single video at the time, Billy experienced enough success to continue YouTube as a full-time career.


In a Q&A session with the fans, ScrapMan revealed that he would never consider changing the name of the channel. It was his way of paying homage to the game that started his YouTube career. Over the years, as ScrapMan grew so did his audience and viewers count. He started investing his time in other games including Dream Car Racing 3D, Trailmakers, Colony Survival, and Cosmoteer. From being a no-name YouTuber to one of the most followed Scrap Mechanics channels on YouTube, ScrapMan has come a long way from his early years. As of now his channel as over 433K subscribers and over 167 million views.

Personal Life:

While ScrapMan has revealed that he has a wife and has been married for quite a while, there is no mention of his wife anywhere. A big fan of music, Billy has been producing and composing music ever since he was 12 years of age. Billy is also a circus performer and has worked with several productions over the years. While Billy often plays coy when asked about his jobs, he once revealed that he teaches kids circus skills in a private Iolani School. Billy is also a dog lover as we can see his Instagram walls full of pictures with his dog.

In 2017, Billy reported that his channel had been hijacked and was removed from YouTube. He tweeted his status to YouTube and was able to get back his channel. He later revealed what had happened via a tweet that read,

“So in case you are here wondering where my channel is, I’m a victim of an email fraud that closed the channel. I’m trying to figure it out.”

But fortunately for ScrapMan, Youtube pulled through and his channel was restored.

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