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When A Very Potter Musical first broke out on the scene, it did a number of things. The musical provided some much-needed content for the Potter fans, while also making us realize why we fell in love with Hogwarts in the first place. On the other end, the musical also gave a platform to many talented actors who went on to become a household name in musicals. One of those actors is Lauren Lopez. Even though Lopez handled the role of Draco Malfoy in the musicals, she went on to work on several other musicals. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Lauren Lopez.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameLauren Elizabeth Lopez
Date of birthMarch 8, 1986
Place of birthRoyal Oak, Michigan, USA
Zodiac signPisces
EducationGraduated from the BFA Acting Program at the University of Michigan
ProfessionActress, Singer, Choreographer, Dancer, and Performer
Net Worth$3 Million
SpouseJoey Richter (m.2023)
PetA dog named Diane
StarKid rolesDraco Malfoy in A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel, and A Very Potter Senior Year, Taz Bugette in Starship, Commissioner Gordon and Calendar Man in Holy Musical B@man!, Monkey and Maleficent in Twisted, Son (Craphole) in The Trail to Oregon!, Zazzalil in Firebringer, Carrie Jean in ‘Movie, Musicals & Me’, Emma Perkins, Smoke Club Girl, and Donna Daggit in ‘The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals Sniggly’
Creative rolesAdditional Choreography for The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals, Director of Virginity Rocks music video (Abstinence Camp) for Nightmare Time 2, Choreographer for Nerdy Prudes Must Die
Concerts and toursA Very Starkid Reunion Starkid Homecoming, The SPACE Tour Apocalyptour, The Jangle Ball Tour, SK Labs This Title Is Permanent!
Sketch showsAirport for Birds, 1Night 2Last 3EVER Yes, I Am Afraid Of The Dark!
Lauren Lopez
Lauren Lopez

Early Life

Lauren Lopez was born on the 8th of March 1986 in Royal Oak, Michigan. Born and raised in Michigan, Lauren spent much of her early life with her brother. As a young kid, Lauren was full of ideas. In an interview, Lauren revealed that she invented a game ‘hamming’ that she used to play with her friends. In her own words,

“Friends and I used to do this thing called ‘hamming’ where we’d buy a pack of ham, and we’d drive around and throw ham at stuff so it would, like, stick. So we’d like to throw ham at car windows and throw it to stick to tree trunks. I don’t in any way condone this. Vandalism with lunch meat. I don’t condone that.”

After graduating from a local high school, Lauren enrolled at the University of Michigan to study theatre arts. A natural actor, Lauren’s talent was instantly recognized. She was invited to be a part of a theatrical group, Starkid Productions.

Professional Career

While still at college, Lauren was invited to work on movies including The Spiral Project and Clowns on Earth. When Lauren joined Starkid Productions in 2009, the team was gearing up for a harry potter musical. Lauren played the role of Draco Malfoy, which bugged most viewers as Draco was a boy. However, Lauren revealed that she thought the idea was cool and signed up for it. The musical was an instant hit amongst the fans. Following the huge success, Team Starkid launched eight more musicals.

Lauren participated in all of the musicals including Me and My Dick, A Very Potter Sequel, Starship, Holy Musical B@man!, and A Very Potter Senior Year. The group kept turning in more musicals including parodies like Batman, Star Wars, Aladdin, and The Oregon Trail.

Movies and Other Things

While Lauren is known for her role in musicals, she has had an incredible career in movies as well. Her debut appearance came in the 2009 TV series, Little White Lie. Since then, Lauren has worked on several movies including Treasures of the Past, Passenger Seat, Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party, Sona, The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals, The Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye, and Stellar People.

Starkid Lauren Lopez

Over the years, Lauren has starred in several adverts and has published a cookbook entitled, “These Treats Don’t Suck: A Gluten (And Dairy!) Free Cookbook”.

Net Worth

American actress, singer, dancer and writer Lauren Lopez has a net worth of $3 Million. She makes her money from her professional endeavors such as acting, coaching classes, choreography work, and merchandise sales. 

Lauren Lopez Physical Traits

Physical TraitDescription
HairDark Brown, styled in different ways
EyesHazel Brown
Height5 feet (152 cm)
Weight (average)90 – 110 lbs (40 -49 kg)
Body TypeHourglass
Body Statistics31-22-31
FigureSlender, maintained with exercise and dance
SmileBright, charming and charismatic
ComplexionFair, contrasting with dark hair and hazel eyes
NoseCute, adding to adorable and expressive face
VoiceDistinctive, ranging from high-pitched to low
StyleGreat, reflecting personality and mood

Personal Life

Lauren is married to her long-time partner and co-star, Joey Richter. Joey is also an actor, comedian, writer and director, who has collaborated with Lauren on many StarKid projects. He has portrayed Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter parody series, Bug in the Starship musical, and Paul Matthews in the Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals.

Lauren and Joey met at the University of Michigan, where they both studied theater performance. They became friends and started working together on StarKid productions. They soon developed a romantic connection but kept their relationship private for a long time. In July 2020, Lauren announced on Instagram that Joey had proposed to her, and she said yes. The pair got married in a private wedding ceremony on July 15th, 2023. So far in the years of her relationship with Joey, Lauren has not given birth to any children.


  • Is Lauren Lopez married? Yes, she is married to Joey Richter, who is also a member of Team Starkid.
  • Does Lauren Lopez have a TikTok account? Yes, she does.
  • Did Lauren Lopez play Draco Malfoy in A Very Potter Musical? Yes, she did. She also reprised the role in A Very Potter Sequel and A Very Potter Senior Year.
  • Was Lauren Lopez involved in the choreography of Spies Are Forever? Yes, she was. She also played the roles of Cynthia Houston and Curt’s Mom in the musical.
  • Did Lauren Lopez appear in Sona, a sci-fi web series? Yes, she did. She voiced the computer in the series.
  • Is Lauren Lopez a founding member of Team Starkid? Yes, she is. She has worked with StarKid on eight original musicals, two national tours, and several other projects.
  • Does Lauren Lopez have a Patreon account? Yes, she does.
  • Did Lauren Lopez graduate from the University of Michigan? Yes, she did. She graduated from the BFA Acting Program at the University of Michigan.
  • Has Lauren Lopez performed in Germany, London, Ireland and all over the US? Yes, she has. She has made appearances with Team Starkid in various countries and states.
  • Did Lauren Lopez star in Muzzled The Musical, a web series about singing princesses? Yes, she did. She played Princess Allegra in the series.
  • Did Lauren Lopez direct the music video for Virginity Rocks, a song from Nightmare Time 2? Yes, she did. She also played the role of Linda Monroe in the segment Abstinence Camp.
  • Has Lauren Lopez appeared in national commercials and ad campaigns for various companies? Yes, she has. She has been featured in commercials and ads for Bank of America, Toys R Us, Amtrak, KMart and Intel, among others.
  • Did Lauren Lopez play Monkey and Maleficent in Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier? Yes, she did. She also performed the song No One Remembers Achmed in the musical.
  • Does Lauren Lopez have an Instagram account? Yes, she does. Her Instagram handle is @slowpez8.
  • Did Lauren Lopez play Son (Craphole) in The Trail to Oregon!? Yes, she did. She also performed the song When The World’s At Stake in the musical.
  • Was Lauren Lopez involved in the production of Starship, a sci-fi musical by Team Starkid? Yes, she was. She was a production associate and also played the role of Taz Bugette in the musical.
  • Did Lauren Lopez play Zazzalil in Firebringer, a prehistoric musical by Team Starkid? Yes, she did. She also performed the songs What If and Just A Taste in the musical.
  • Has Lauren Lopez studied improv at The Second City and iO in Chicago, as well as Groundlings in LA? Yes, she has. She has also performed in several sketch shows

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