Where is Paige Wyatt now? Untold Truth of American Guns Star

The reality series American Guns stands at the top of the what could have been list. The series which first aired in 2011 aired only for a single season before it was dropped by the discovery channel. The show featured the Wyatt family and their Guns business. The show revolved around testing, reviewing, and assembling guns. Each episode revolved around a different kind of gun and was displayed by different members of the Wyatt family. Paige Wyatt is one of the members of the Wyatt family who featured in the reality series. She slowly took the center stage as the series continued airing.

Early Life:

Paige Grewcock was born in 1994 in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Even though Paige was born to Renee Wyatt and Charles Grewcock, her parents divorced and Paige spent much of her life as a young adult with her stepfather, Rich Wyatt. Her parents got divorced in 2007 and her mother married Rich Wyatt in 2010.

American Guns Star Paige Wyatt
American Guns Star Paige Wyatt

A year into the marriage, Paige slowly started showing interest in her stepfather’s gun shop. Named Gunsmoke Guns, the shop was owned by Victor Rodriguez who left it in the care of Rich Wyatt. As one of the few shops in the area, the store gathered a lot of attention. In 2011, the executive producers of the Discovery Channel approached the store with the concept of a new reality series. Unable to turn the lucrative offer, the Wyatt family were gearing up for their lives as reality TV stars.

A brief time in the limelight and Net-worth:

The reality series American Guns began airing in 2012 and was quickly taken in by fans around the world. A typical episode of the series featured all the members of the Wyatt family with each member specializing in one particular sector. The family gave a detailed review of each gun on display.
Paige’s brother Kurt was the engraver of the family while Paige focused on sales and interaction with third-parties. The cast members put their shooting skills to use and often held occasional contests with collectors. They were also constantly on the hunt of rare guns and were looking to sell them back to the collectors.

Actress, Model, TV Star Paige Wyatt
Actress, Model, TV Star Paige Wyatt

After a run of 26-episodes, the reality series was axed by the discovery channel. The decision came after a horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. A man went on a gun rampage and killed 20 children and six staff members. In light of the massacre, the show was cut down from Discovery’s program line.

As of 2020, she has an estimated net-worth of $1 million.

Personal Life:

Paige Wyatt is single and has not been involved in any relationship. Following her appearance in reality TV, Paige launched her merchandise line which she sells via a website called Paige Wyatt Merchandise.

Wyatt family: Paige Wyatt along with her step father Rich Wyatt and mother Renee Wyatt

Closing down shop:

In the same year, Rich Wyatt lost his license for operating the gun store. He continued to operate the store using someone else’s Federal Firearms License. Things got worse as thieves broke into the shop the following year and stole firearms. He was later arrested for breaching the Gun regulations and was sentenced to 78 months in prison and three years of supervised release.


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