KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle: The Complete Biography of Vanilla Ice’s Daughter

KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle is the daughter of the famous rapper and TV personality Vanilla Ice and his wife Laura Giaritta, a businesswoman. In this article, we will explore the life and achievements of KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle, from her childhood to her present day.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameKeeLee Breeze Van Winkle
Date of birthMarch 26, 2000
Place of birthUnited States
Age23 years old (as of January 2024)
Zodiac signAries
Relationship statusShe dated Patrick Francavilla, but currently, she seems to be Possibly single
FatherRobert Matthew Van Winkle, better known as Vanilla Ice, a rapper, actor, and TV host
MotherLaura Giaritta, a businesswoman
SiblingsOne older sister, Dusti Rain Van Winkle, a formal model spokesperson and realtor
Parents’ marriageMarch 30, 1997, in Miami Beach
Parents’ divorceNovember 2019, after 22 years of marriage
EducationPossibly graduating
ProfessionLikely graduate student
Net worthHer net worth is not publicly known, as she prefers to keep her financial matters private.
KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle (R) with her sister Dusti Van Winkle (L) and mother Laura Giaritta

Who is KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle?

KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle was born on March 30, 2000, in Miami, Florida. She is the second child and youngest daughter of Robert Matthew Van Winkle, better known by his stage name Vanilla Ice, and Laura Giaritta, a businesswoman. She has an older sister named Dusti Rain, who is also a model spokesperson and a realtor.

Unlike her father, who is well-known in the media, Keelee Breeze Van Winkle prefers to keep her personal life private. She has not revealed much about her career, net worth or education, but she seems to have a passion for music.

KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle’s Relationship Status and Personal Life

One of the few things that Keelee Breeze Van Winkle has shared with the public is her relationship with Patrick Francavilla, whom she met in the summer of 2016. She declared her love for him on her Instagram bio and shared some pictures of their happy moments. However, she later decided to make her account private and keep her relationship away from the public eye. Therefore, we cannot be sure if they are still together or not.

KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle’s boyfriend is not known

KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle’s Father Vanilla Ice: A Rap Legend and TV Star and Mother Laura Giaritta: A Businesswoman and Divorcee

KeeLee’s parents, Vanilla Ice and Laura Giaritta, met on July 4th, 1994. They got married on March 30, 1997, and had two daughters together. Vanilla Ice, whose real name is Robert Matthew Van Winkle, rose to fame in the early 1990s with his hit song “Ice Ice Baby”. He is also known for his appearances in movies, TV shows, and reality shows, such as Cool as Ice, The New Guy, The Vanilla Ice Project, and Dancing with the Stars.

Laura Giaritta is a businesswoman and a loving mother of two daughters. She is also known as the ex-wife of Vanilla Ice. Her parents are Thomas and Elaine Giaritta, and she has an older sister named Renee.

Vanilla Ice and ex-wife Laura Giaritta

KeeLee’s parents separated in 2011 and filed for divorce in 2016. The divorce was finalized in 2019, after a long and bitter legal battle over custody, alimony, and property.

Her older sister Dusti Rain Van Winkle, model spokesperson and realtor

Dusti Rain Van Winkle was born on September 4, 1998, in the United States, as the oldest daughter of pop icon Vanilla Ice and his wife Laura Giaritta. Despite her father’s celebrity status, she had a modest and down-to-earth upbringing. KeeLee Breeze shared a close bond with her.

Dusti Rain Van Winkle is a model spokesperson and real estate agent. She graduated from Full Sail University with a degree in Entertainment Business in 2019. She has worked with Biltmore Technologies, Inc. and appeared on Celebrity Family Feud. She is also active on social media, where she has over 10.1k followers on Instagram. She is in a relationship with J Kyle Christoffers, a man from Palm Beach Florida. They have been dating since 2018 and enjoy traveling and going to the beach together.

KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle and Dusti Rain Van Winkle

KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle’s Physical Traits

Height (approx)5’6″ or 167.6 cm
Weight (about)112 lbs or 51 kg
FaceOval-shaped with high cheekbones and full lips
HairLong and wavy with blonde highlights and dark brown roots
EyesBrown, Almond-shaped 
Body typeSlim and curvy
SkinFair and smooth 
TattoosNone visible
PiercingOn ears

Fun Facts About KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle’s Birthday

  • Her zodiac sign is Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is a fire sign, which means you are passionate, energetic, and adventurous. You are also a leader, a pioneer, and a risk-taker. You have a strong sense of self and a confident personality. Some famous Aries people are Lady Gaga, Robert Downey Jr., and Maya Angelou.
  • Her birthstone is aquamarine, a beautiful blue-green gemstone that symbolizes purity, courage, and loyalty. Aquamarine is also said to bring happiness, peace, and protection to the wearer. It is a variety of beryl, the same mineral that forms emerald. Aquamarine can be found in Brazil, Pakistan, Madagascar, and other countries.
  • Her birth flower is the daffodil, a cheerful yellow flower that heralds the arrival of spring. Daffodils represent rebirth, new beginnings, inspiration, and creativity. They are also associated with forgiveness, hope, and love. In some cultures, daffodils are considered lucky and auspicious. For example, in China, if a daffodil blooms on the first day of the new year, it is thought to bring wealth and good fortune for the rest of the year.

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