The Untold Story of Robert Noah, Trevor Noah’s Swiss-German Father and Anti-Apartheid Activist

Robert Noah is a Swiss-German businessman and chef who is best known as the father of Trevor Noah, a famous South African comedian and host of The Daily Show. He is also a man who made history in South Africa. He was the owner and chef of the first integrated restaurant in Johannesburg, a city that was divided by apartheid laws and racial segregation. His restaurant was a place where people of all colors and backgrounds could enjoy delicious food and music in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Wiki Bio Facts

Full nameRobert Noah
Date of birthBetween 1935 and 1938
Place of birthSwitzerland or Germany
EducationHigh school graduate
ProfessionBusinessman and chef
Net worthUnknown
Eye colorHazel
Hair colorSalt and pepper
Spouse/PartnerPatricia Nombuyiselo Noah (ex)
ChildrenTrevor Noah (son)
ResidenceCapetown, South Africa
RestaurantThe first integrated restaurant in Johannesburg, South Africa
Restaurant licenseA special license granted by the government to serve black people during apartheid
Net WorthUnknown
Relationship with PatriciaAn illegal interracial relationship during apartheid
Relationship status with PatriciaSeparated since Trevor was a toddler
Relationship with TrevorA loving but distant father who could not be seen with his son in public
Contact with TrevorCommunicated through letters and occasional visits
Reunion with TrevorReconnected with his son after 13 years of no contact when Trevor was 24 years old
HobbiesTraveling, gardening, and cooking
Favorite seasonSpring and autumn
Personality traitsCompassionate, adventurous, independent, and optimistic
Political viewsAnti-apartheid and pro-democracy
Social media presenceNone known
Trevor Noah’s father Robert Noah

Early Life, Education & Career

Robert Noah was born between 1935 and 1938 in Europe, and he has Swiss-German ancestry. He moved to Johannesburg, South Africa in the early 1980s for some marketing work. He is a well-educated businessman, but he has not revealed much about his academic background.

Robert Noah has a passion for cooking and he worked as a chef in New York and Canada. He also opened one of the first integrated restaurants in Johannesburg during the apartheid era, with a special license to serve people of all races. He was a unique and courageous man who hated racism and segregation, and he faced many challenges and threats from the authorities and some racist groups for his restaurant. He eventually had to close down his restaurant due to health violation and other complaints.

The Story of Robert Noah and Patricia Nombuyiselo: A Forbidden Romance in Apartheid South Africa

The story of Robert Noah and Patricia Nombuyiselo is not a typical one. They met in Johannesburg, South Africa, during the apartheid era when interracial relationships were illegal and punishable by law. There was a huge age difference between them, Robert was almost twice Patricia’s age. They had to hide their affair from the authorities and society, and they could not even walk together on the street or hold hands in public.

Patricia was a strong and independent woman who wanted to have a child with Robert, despite his hesitation and the risks involved. She convinced him to give her a baby, and they conceived Trevor in secret.

Trevor was born on February 20, 1984, nearly 10 years before the end of apartheid in South Africa. He was a mixed-race child, or “colored” as they called him in South Africa, and he was also illegal under the law. Patricia had to register him as fatherless, and Robert could not acknowledge him as his son.

Robert and Patricia never got married, but they tried to raise Trevor together as much as they could. They lived in different neighborhoods, and they would visit each other secretly. Also, their relationship was not easy or stable. They could not live together as a family, because they would be breaking the Group Areas Act, which enforced residential segregation by race. Robert had to live in a white area, Patricia had to live in a black area, and Trevor had to live with his maternal grandmother in Soweto. Robert Noah loved his son more than anything in the world, but he could not be with him as much as he wanted. Robert could only see Trevor occasionally, and secretly. Robert also tried to provide for Trevor financially and emotionally.

The Reunion of Robert Noah and Trevor Noah: A Heartwarming Moment After Years of Separation

Trevor had grown up in a turbulent and violent environment, facing racism, poverty, and abuse. His mother had married a man named Abel, who was an alcoholic and a tyrant. Abel had shot Patricia in the head. Trevor had witnessed the shooting and had testified against Abel in court. He had also pursued his dream of becoming a comedian, using humor as a weapon and a shield against the hardships of life.

Trevor Noah had always wondered about his father, Robert Noah, who had been absent from his life since he was in his early teenage. He knew that his father was a Swiss-German businessman and chef who had defied the apartheid laws and had a relationship with his mother, Patricia, a black South African woman. He also knew that his father had opened one of the first integrated restaurants in Johannesburg, where he employed black workers and served black customers. But he didn’t know where his father was, or if he was still alive.

Trevor Noah reconnected with his father Robert Noah at the age of 24 after trying multiple avenues to reach him. Trevor and Robert had an emotional reunion at Cape Town and they have since rebuilt their relationship. Trevor has expressed his admiration and gratitude for his father, who defied the apartheid laws and loved him unconditionally.

The Current Life of Robert Noah: Where He Is Now and What He Does

Robert Noah is in his 80s and lives a simple and peaceful life in Cape Town. He enjoys gardening, reading, and listening to music. He is proud of his son’s achievements and keeps in touch with him. He also has a good relationship with Trevor’s mother, who survived a gunshot wound from her abusive ex-husband. Robert Noah is a remarkable man who defied the odds and showed love and courage in a time of oppression and violence.

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