Former addict Robbie Uniacke! Who is Rosamund Pikes’s partner?

Despite being a celebrated mathematician and also in a relationship with Rosamund Pike, the tabloids have always called Robbie Uniacke “former-addict Robbie Uniacke.” Even though the title documents his early struggles with drugs, it is all a thing of the past. At the moment, Uniacke is in a relationship with Gone Girl actress, Rosamund Pike, and the pair share two lovely children. Even though Pike and Uniacke seem like two completely different characters and have a massive age difference, there is more to them than meets the eye. Regardless of their similarities, while Pike’s journey through Hollywood has been well documented by the media, Uniacke remains an unknown figure. So, for this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Robbie Uniacke.

Early Life and education:

Robie Uniacke was born on March 9, 1961, in England. There is very scarce information on his childhood beside the fact Uniacke was raised in England by his parents Robie Uniacke Sr. and Jennifer Cunningham. On the education side of things, Uniacke graduated from Eton College in Windsor, England, and went on to receive his master’s degree in Mathematics.

Rosamund Pike and her longtime partner Robbie Uniacke

Career and addiction:

As for his career, Uniacke was interested in mathematics from a very young age and started working as a mathematical researcher early on. Over the years, Uniacke has worked for his fair share of financial companies as an analytical researcher before finding his own, Pale Fire Ltd. an IT Consultancy incorporated in 2010. Later the company was dissolved in 2016 and Uniacke was disqualified from being a company director for four years due to his unpaid £179,602 taxes to Her majesty’s Revenue & Customs.

Even though Uniacke is often referred to as a heroin addict, there are no details of his addiction now. Considering the acute lack of details, it might be safe to assume that he has been a long time sober.

Failed relationships:

Rosamund Pike is not Uniacke’s first relationship. In 1983, Uniacke tied the knot to Emma Howard, the daughter of the late Earl of Carlisle. The pair had a son, Robie Jonjo Uniacke, but things were far from ideal. Both Uniacke and Howard were addicted to Heroin and had to check up in a rehabilitation center. The pair called things off in 1989.

A few years later, Uniacke tied the knot to interior designer Rose Batstone. The pair had three children, Hector Uniacke, Olive Uniacke, and Florence Uniacke. Much like his first relationship, Uniacke had trouble keeping things together for his second marriage.

Relationship & Kids with Rosamund Pike:

While an exact timeline of Pike’s and Unaicke’s relationship is non-existent, the pair apparently began dating sometime around 2009. Given the 18-year age difference, they instantly grabbed headlines. This led many to believe that Pike preferred older men. When asked about it the actress revealed,

“The idea that you go for an older man because you think you’re less likely to be left by him, that’s the biggest pile of crap ever. I have the good fortune of living with a very fearless person, which has been wonderful. It checks me.”

The pair had their first child, Solo Uniacke, in May 2012 and their second son, Atom Uniacke, in December 2014. Despite the age difference, the pair have come along a long way and have been together for more than a decade. When asked how Uniacke has helped her career, Pike revealed that he keeps her in check.

“I have a very clever partner who’s got a very astute mind and is very, very well read and articulate and ruthless about how something I do might play out on screen. My tendency is to identify with a character and imagine there is more on the page than there is. He’s quite good at putting a check on that.”

Pike before Uniacke:

Uniacke is not the only one who found it hard in the relationship, Rosamund Pike has her share of failed relationships. While in college at Oxford, Pike was in a relationship with Simon Woods, who is an English actor. The relationship lasted two years. And later after the breakup, the pair went on to work together in the movie “Pride & Prejudice” as a co-cast involving the love scenarios between their movie characters. Keeping it professional the pair worked it out. Moving on, Rosamund came close to getting married to Joe Wright who is a director by profession. However, they called it quits on their engagement in 2008. Pike and Uniacke came into the picture sometime in 2009 and have been together ever since.

A qucik bio on Rosamund Pike:

An actress, narrator, and recipient of many awards and nominations, Rosamund Pike is British, born on January 2, 1979, in Hammersmith, London. Pike is known for her versatility in acting and voice. She has an illustrious career with over 50 movies and many television series to her credit. The movies include box office hits like Jack Reacher (2012), Gone Girl (2014), Die Another Day (2002), Johnny English Reborn (2011), Wrath of Titans (2012). Highlighting her series endeavors, Pike plays the role of Moiraine in the Amazon web series “The Wheel of time” (2021), Louise in “State of the Union” (2019), and Gudrun in “Women in Love” 2011.

Robbie Uniacke body traits:

The businessman has a stature of 5 feet 10 inches which is taller than Rosamund Pike who has a height of 5 feet 8 inches. Uniacke has a slim body build and was born with blue eyes. His other measurement like waist, hips, and chest are not available for now.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Name:Robbie Uniacke
Birth Date:March 9, 1961
Birth Place:England
Marital Status:Unmarried
Divorced (Yes/No):Yes (Twice)
Spouse/Partner:Rosamund Pike (2009-present)
First Wife:Emma Howard (m. 1983)
Second Wife:Rose Batstone
Children:Solo Uniacke, Atom Uniacke, Olive Uniacke, Florence Uniacke, Hector Uniacke, Robie Jonjo Uniacke
Education:Eton College
College degree:Mathematics
Profession:Businessman, Mathematician
Net Worth:Under Review
Father’s Name:Robbie Uniacke Sr.
Mother’s Name:Jennifer Cunningham
Height:5 feet 10 inches
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Brown
Social Media:N/A

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