What happened to Nadine Caridi [Jordan Belfort ex-wife]?

Played by Margot Robbie in the hit movie, The Wolf of the Wall Street, Nadine Caridi’s only claim to fame was her marriage to Jordan Belfort. Even though Cardi had few gigs as a model and worked on a couple of advertisements, her best claim to fame remains Belfort. And while Nadine has remained as an unknown figure, Belfort shook the world when he admitted to stock market manipulation. Much is talked about Belfort’s life. The former real estate broker has written a book on his life, The Wolf of the Wall Street, which was later turned into a movie starring Leonardo De Caprio. But for all of Belfort’s highs and lows, his wives rarely get a mention. So, for this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Nadine Caridi.

Early Life:

Nadine Caridi was born on the 6th of November 1962, in London, England. Even though Caridi was born in the United Kingdom, she moved to Bay Ridge in Brooklyn during her early years. She spent most of her early life in Brooklyn and attended the John Dewey High School. Following her matriculations, she enrolled at the Pacifica Graduate Institute and graduated with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Caridi continued with her education past the incident with Belfort and finished her Ph.D. in Somatic psychology and Neuroscience in 2015.

Nadine Caridi is now married to husband John Macaluso

Professional Career:

Not much is known about Caridi’s professional career and what little is known is neither here nor there. While still at college, Caridi was chosen as the poster girl for the beer brand, Miller Lite. Over the years that followed, Nadine continued her work as a model and made her way to Monday Night Football commercials. However, following her relationship and subsequent divorce from Belfort, Caridi decided to move away from the media and has since opted for a career as a therapist.

Belfort and marriage:

When Caridi first met Belfort, she was in a relationship with Alan Wilzig. The pair had met at high school and by the time they started dating, Caridi was starting to make a name for herself. The pair moved in right after high school and dated for a year before leaving the relationship to hang in limbo. While Caridi has been secretive about her time with Wilzig, like she is with everything else, Wilzig has talked about the pair’s time together stating that the on and off relationship was anything but nice.

Caridi and Belfort first met during one of the numerous parties Belfort threw at his house. The duo met on the 4th of July Westhampton Beach House party when they were introduced by Carid’s ex, Alan Wilzig. The pair took an instant liking to each other and began an extra-marital affair. Belfort divorced his then-wife, Denise Lombardo in 1991, and tied the knot with Caridi the same year.

The big fall:

While Belfort and Caridi enjoyed their early years, things weren’t as they wanted them to be. The pair had two children, a Chandler and a son Carter. As the years went by, Belfort became heavily invested in drugs and was hooked on methaqualone. The marriage turned violent and Caridi divorced Belfort in 2005, after which Belfort was caught for counterfeit and stock market manipulation.

Life After divorce, what happened?

Following the divorce, Caridi went on to tie the knot with John Macaluso, who is an entrepreneur and former CEO of Wizard World in Manhattan Beach. While the pair have no children of their own, they live together with Caridi’s and Belfort’s kids and three daughters from Macaluso’s previous marriage.

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