Who is Marjorie Bridges Woods [Steve Harvey Wife]? Net Worth, ex-husband.

For quite a few years, Marjorie and Steve Harvey’s marriage has been the subject of interest to quite a number of people. Even though the pair went on record to say that they were happy with each other, the internet hasn’t left them alone. In 2019, it was rumored that Steve was preparing to divorce Marjorie. The tabloid even went on to say that Steve had learned his lesson from his second marriage and was trying to sell the properties in his wife’s name. But as the pair later revealed, nothing could be further than the truth. Steve and Marjorie are still in love and have not thought of getting a divorce. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Marjorie Bridges Woods.

Marjorie Bridges Woods is an American socialite, fashion icon, and internet personality. She is also the wife of comedian and TV host Steve Harvey. Also, she is the creator of the fashion blog ‘The Lady Loves Couture’ and has a large following on social media platforms.

Marjorie Elaine Harvey with her husband Steve Harvey.
Marjorie Elaine Harvey and her husband Steve Harvey

Early Life:

Marjorie Bridges Woods aka Marjorie Harvey was born on the 10th of October, 1964. Born and raised in the United States, Marjorie was raised by her mother, Doris Bridges, and her father. As far as her education goes, Marjorie did finish high school but decided against going to college. Even though she did enroll at the University of Memphis at a later date, she never finished college and dropped out.


Much of Marjorie’s professional life has been shadowed by her husband’s fame. Back in the day, Marjorie was interested in fashion and wanted to make a name for herself. After much struggle in the industry, Marjorie started The Lady Loves Couture in 2014. The blog documented details on Marjorie’s life and also provided tips on traveling, healthy food, lifestyle, and high fashion. Marjorie also owns the clothing line Marjorie Harvey’s Closet and also has a line of bags. ‘The Lady Loves Couture’, has its own Instagram account with over 330,000 followers as of 2023.


Marjorie Harvey is a philanthropist who is involved in various initiatives to support education, empowerment, and equity for underserved communities. Some of her philanthropic works are:

  • She is the co-founder of the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation, which provides mentoring, scholarships, community service, and enrichment programs for young men and women, especially from historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and minority-serving institutions (MSIs).
  • She joined the Student Freedom Initiative, a project by investor and philanthropist Robert F. Smith, to provide grants and opportunities for African American students at HBCUs and MSIs to reduce their student debt and increase their economic mobility.
  • She donated gifts to youth in South Africa, surprised a student with a full scholarship and an invitation to her Girls Who Rule The World mentoring program, and helped rebuild a children’s home in Grand Bahama after Hurricane Dorian

Social Media Presence:

Marjorie Harvey is active on Instagram and has over 3.1 million followers however she keeps her presence on other social media platforms such as  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to a bare minimum. On Instagram, Marjorie’s posts are mostly about her fashion, travel, and family life. She often posts photos and videos of herself wearing stylish outfits, accessories, and shoes from various brands and designers. 


Marjorie also posts photos and videos of her travels to different countries and places, such as Italy, France, Greece, and Dubai. She sometimes posts photos and videos of her husband Steve Harvey and her children and grandchildren, showing their love and support for each other. She also posts reels and stories to share more details of her daily life and activities.

Net Worth:

Marjorie Harvey’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million as of 2023. This is due to her successful career as a fashion blogger and social media influencer, as well as her marriage to Steve Harvey, who is a famous comedian and TV host. 

Personal Life

Meeting & Marrying Steve:

Marjorie and Steve first met back in 1987 at a club in Memphis, Tennessee where Steve was doing a comedy show. Marjorie turned up late to one of his shows and seeing her enter Steve just stood on the stage simply looking at Marjorie. Thinking that Harvey was gonna give her the talk, Marjorie simply stood there. After a couple of seconds, Harvey simply said,

“I’m sorry, I don’t know who this is, but I’m going to marry her.”

However, during the time, Steve was still married to Marcia Harver and had yet to reach a comfortable place with his career and finances. So, Steve disappeared from Marjorie’s life for a while, before coming back to her in 2005. They reconnected after Steve’s bodyguard contacted Marjorie. Steve was divorced from his second wife, Mary Shackelford, and had become a successful comedian and TV host. Marjorie and Steve got married in a wedding ceremony in Maui, Hawaii in 2007. They became grandparents for the first time when Marjorie’s daughter Morgan gave birth to a son, Ezra.

Blending families:

Prior to her marriage to Steve, Marjorie was married to the ex-drug lord, Jim Townsend. The pair had three children, Lori, Jason, and Morgan. On the other hand, Steve had four children from his two previous marriages, Karli, Brandi, Broderick Jr., and Wynton. Following their marriage, Marjorie revealed that blending into the two families was quite difficult. While Steve simply told his kids to deal with it, Marjorie took on a more motherly role.

“When you’re dealing with a blended family, everyone is coming from a place of broken. We knew this was right. But I just told them, ‘Everyone is included. Everyone has access to their parents. Whatever you didn’t have before, don’t let that interfere with what you can have now.”

Marjorie’s words struck a chord with the children and the family is now closer than ever. Even though the family has been plagued by rumors of divorce, Marjorie and Steve remain the same light-hearted couple that they have been to date. 

Public Appeareances and attending different events with Steve Harvey:

Marjorie Harvey and Steve Harvey are often seen together at various public appearances and events, showing their love and style. Some of their recent public appearances and events are:

  • Fendi Show at Paris Couture Week in July 2022, where they wore matching brown and white outfits and sat front row at Kim Jones’ latest haute couture show.
  • ESSENCE Festival of Culture in June 2022, where they hosted a virtual conversation about love, marriage, and family.
  • Rooftop dance in France in October 2021, where they shared a romantic moment while dancing to a live band and enjoying the view of the Eiffel Tower.

Physical Traits:

Marjorie Harvey is a beautiful woman with stunning features. She has a slim build and a height of 5 ft 6 in or 167.5 cm. She weighs 64 kg or 141 lbs. She has dark brown hair, which she often dyes in different colors, such as light brown, blonde, and black. She has hazel brown eyes and has prominent cheekbones and a radiant smile. She is also a fashion icon and loves to wear stylish outfits, accessories, and shoes from various brands and designers.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Birth nameMarjorie Bridges Woods
Other NameMarjorie Harvey
Date of BirthOctober 10, 1964
Place of BirthUnited States
Fathers NameN/A
Mothers NameDoris Bridges
Religion Christianity
EducationHigh School
Net worth$50 Million
Relationship StatusCommitted
Marital Status Married
HusbandSteve Harvey (m. 2007-present)
Marriage LocationMaui, Hawaii
Ex-husbandJim Townsend
Zodiac SignLibra
Height5 feet 6 inches (167.5 cm)
Eye ColorHazel brown
Hair ColorDark Brown

A quick write on her husband Steve Harvey:

Steve Harvey is an American comedian, television personality, radio host, actor, and author. He was born on January 17, 1957, in Welch, West Virginia, and was raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Harvey attended Kent State University and West Virginia University, but eventually dropped out of college to pursue a career in comedy.

Harvey began his career in stand-up comedy in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He quickly became a popular performer on the comedy club circuit and gained national recognition in 1993 when he was featured on the television show “Showtime at the Apollo”. In 1994, Harvey became the host of the television show “It’s Showtime at the Apollo”, a position he held until 2000.

In 1996, Harvey landed his own television sitcom, “The Steve Harvey Show”, which aired for six seasons. He also hosted a daily radio show, “The Steve Harvey Morning Show”, which aired from 2000 to 2019.

Harvey’s career continued to grow throughout the 2000s and 2010s. He hosted a variety of television shows, including “Family Feud” and “Little Big Shots”, and appeared in several movies, including “The Original Kings of Comedy” and “Think Like a Man”. He also published several books, including “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man”, which became best-seller.

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