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Les Stroud has navigated through most of the things in the entertainment industry. Not only has Stroud acted in TV series, but he has also created, written, and produced several of those TV series. One of the brilliant minds behind the reality TV series Survivorman, Stroud also had a short-lived career as a musician. A full-time wilderness guide, Stroud also doubles down as a survival instructor based in Huntsville, Ontario. Over the years, Stroud has worked with several TV networks including the Discovery and National Geographic networks. Stroud has produced survival-themed programming for The Outdoor Life Network, The Discovery Channel, The Science Channel, and YTV. In this article, we take a closer look at the biography of Les Stroud.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameLes Stroud
Date of birthOctober 20, 1961
Place of birthEtobicoke, Toronto, Canada
Age62 years old
Height (approx)5 ft 8 inches (172 cm)
Weight (about)143 lbs (70 Kg)
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorHazel
SpouseSusan Jamison (1994-2008)
ChildrenTwo sons: Logan and Rayne
OccupationFilmmaker, musician, survival instructor, author, television host and producer
EducationMimico High School, Fanshawe College
Net Worth$5.5 Million USD
NicknameSurvivorman, Hendrix of harmonica
Famous forCreating, writing, producing, directing, filming and hosting the television series Survivorman
Awards & NominationsGemini Awards, Canadian Screen Award for Best Cross-Platform Project – Non-Fiction (2013)
Music albums Les Stroud (2000), Bittern Lake (2018), Mother Earth (2019), Wild Outside (2021)
Music genresFolk rock, blues rock, country rock
Music instrumentsGuitar, harmonica, piano, flute, drums
Books authoredSurvive!: Essential Skills and Tactics to Get You Out of Anywhere – Alive (2008), Will to Live: Dispatches from the Edge of Survival (2010), Beyond Survivorman (2013), Wild Outside: Around the World with Survivorman (2021)
Documentary filmsSnowshoes and Solitude (1994), Stranded (2001), Off the Grid with Les Stroud (2006), I Shouldn’t Be Alive (2005)
Current residenceHuntsville, Ontario, Canada
HobbiesKayaking, canoeing, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting
Environmental causesProtecting wilderness areas, promoting renewable energy sources, supporting indigenous rights and cultures
Favorite foodWild edibles such as berries, nuts and mushrooms
Favorite drinkWater or herbal tea
Favorite movieThe Revenant, Cast Away
Favorite bookInto the Wild by Jon Krakauer
Grossest Thing EatenSago larva in Indonesia
Fun fact 1He was named Chief Scout by Scouts Canada in 2021 for his contributions to outdoor education and youth empowerment
Fun fact 2He has performed with several famous musicians such as Slash, Journey, Alice Cooper and Lynyrd Skynyrd
Les Stroud
Survivorman Les Stroud

How Rich is Les Stroud?

Les Stroud is a man of many talents. He is a filmmaker, a musician, and a survival expert who has braved the wilderness in various locations around the world. He is also a very rich man. Les Stroud has a net worth estimated to be around $5.5 million as of August 2023.

Early Life & Education

Les Stroud was born on the 20th of October 1961 in Etobicoke, Toronto, Canada. Born and raised in Toronto, Stroud is a Canadian native. He graduated from Mimico High School before going on to complete the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. After graduating from Fanshawe College, Les worked for several years at the Toronto-based music video channel, MuchMusic. Over the years, Les also worked as the songwriter for the band New Regime.

Changing Careers

In 1990, Stroud started working as a guide for Black Feather Wilderness Adventures. He was responsible for leading canoe excursions into the Northern Ontario wilds. After his marriage, Les opted for a year-long honeymoon in the remote Wabakimi area of Ontario. The trip became the basis for the reality TV series, Snowshoes and Solitude. This inspired Les to present even bolder ideas, which later realized in the form of Survivorman. 

In 1994, Les and his wife spent one year in the Canadian wilderness to attempt a paleolithic existence. The result was a documentary that went on to win Best Documentary at the Muskoka Film Festival and Best Film at the Waterwalker Film Festival.

Deep within Reality TV

Les Stroud has never looked back since Snowshoes and Solitude. His most ambitious project was the TV series, Survivorman. Inspired by the popularity of the television show Survivor, Les proposed the initial idea for Survivorman to Discovery Canada. The series hinged entirely on Les who was responsible for filming his survival in the wilderness. He made two specials titled One Week in the Wilderness and Winter in the Wilderness, which led to the development of Survivorman. Survivorman aired on various networks from 2004 to 2016. In this show, Stroud survives alone in remote locations with minimal equipment and film himself using handheld cameras. He also produced and starred in other shows such as Beyond Survival with Les Stroud, Survivorman Ten Days, Surviving Disasters with Les Stroud, and Wild Harvest. He has also received several awards and nominations for his work, including Gemini Awards. Stroud’s television programs have also inspired and helped many people who faced life-threatening situations in the wild.

Survivor man Les Stroud

A career in Music

Even though Stroud is not lauded for his musical talents, the man is an exceptional blues harmonica player. Over the years, Les has worked as an associate producer & managing director. He also worked on videos for artists including Rush and Corey Hart. Over the years, Stroud also played with several bands including the David Bowie cover band Diamond Dogs, and New Regime. He later released his self-titled debut CD, which he says, is ‘ a collection of diverse roots/blues and traditional folk, acoustic music that reflects the uniquely northern spirit of freedom and adventure’. Over the years, Stroud has also performed around the Muskoka area and at the Orillia Blues Festival and Toronto Beaches International Jazz Festival.


Stroud has been praised for his authenticity and realism in his survival shows, as he does not use any crew, camera tricks or staged scenarios. He has also been criticized for some of his actions and opinions, such as:

  • Killing animals for food or self-defense. Some animal rights activists and viewers have condemned Stroud for harming or killing animals in his survival situations, such as snakes, turtles, fish, birds and even a wild boar. Stroud has defended his actions by saying that he only kills animals when he has no other choice, and that he respects and honors the animals he consumes.
  • Being involved in controversies with other survival experts. Stroud has had several disputes and disagreements with other survival experts, such as Bear Grylls. He has criticized Grylls for being dishonest and sensationalist in his show Man vs. Wild, where Grylls allegedly used stunt doubles, hotel rooms and fake scenarios.

Personal Life: Les Stroud Wife and kids

Les Stroud has been married once in his life, but his relationship did not last forever. He met his ex-wife, photographer Susan Jamison when he was a guide for Black Feather Wilderness Adventures in the 1990s. The pair met at a winter camping course. They tied the knot in 1994 and spent their honeymoon in the Canadian wilderness, attempting a paleolithic existence. They filmed their adventure and produced a documentary titled Snowshoes and Solitude. During their stay in the wilderness, Sue suffered from a miscarriage and lost her first child. The couple settled in Huntsville, Ontario, where they started their own outdoor instructional and media companies Later she gave birth to Raylan  Stroud and Logan Stroud.  However, Les and Susan divorced in 2008 after 14 years of marriage.

Les stroud wife Sue Jamison
Les Stroud and his ex-wife Sue Jamison

Since then, Les Stroud has continued his career as a survivalist, adventurer and musician. He has not remarried or publicly dated anyone after his divorce. He seems to be focused on his work and his passion for nature

Children: Raylan and Logan Stroud

Raylan is the eldest of two children and keeps herself away from public attention. Logan, on the other hand, is not shy from joining his father in the adventures. We can say he is the one interested to learn the ropes from Les. Logan is a survivor of life as well. He was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 16 and had to spend six months in hospital.

Les Stroud along with son Logan Stroud
Les Stroud and his son Logan Stroud


Is Les Stroud Canadian?Yes
Is Les Stroud married?No, he divorced his wife Susan Jamison in 2008
Does Les Stroud have children?Yes, he has two children, Rayne and Logan
Does Les Stroud play harmonica?Yes, he is known for his prowess on the harmonica
Does Les Stroud have a YouTube channel?Yes, he does
Is Les Stroud the creator of Survivorman?Yes, he is the creator, writer, producer, director, cameraman and host of the show
Did Les Stroud spend a year in the wilderness with his wife?Yes, they did in 1994
Is Les Stroud an author?Yes, he has written several best-selling books
Is Les Stroud a scout leader?Yes, he was named Canada’s Chief Scout in 2021
Has Les Stroud won any awards for his work?Yes, he has won several awards and nominations for his film and music work
Does Les Stroud use any camera crew or safety team in Survivorman?No, he does everything by himself and carries all his equipment
Does Les Stroud eat anything he can find in Survivorman?No, he follows ethical and environmental guidelines and avoids endangered or protected species
Does Les Stroud carry a satellite phone in Survivorman?Yes, he does for emergency purposes only.
Does Les Stroud have any survival training or education?Yes, he has studied survival techniques from various indigenous cultures and experts
Does Les Stroud have any medical training or background?No, he does not have any formal medical education or certification
Does Les Stroud have any tattoos?Yes, he has a visible tattoo on his arm
Does Les Stroud have any siblings?No, he is an only child
Does Les Stroud have a degree in music?No, he has a diploma in Music Industry Arts from Fanshawe College.
Does Les Stroud play any instruments other than harmonica?Yes, he plays guitar, piano, flute and percussion
Does Les Stroud speak any languages other than English?Yes, he speaks some French and Spanish
Does Les Stroud have a nickname?Yes, he is sometimes called Survivorguy or The Survivorman by his fans and friends
Does Les Stroud have a website?Yes, he does. It is www.lesstroud.ca
Does Les Stroud have any social media accounts?Yes, he has accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Does Les Stroud support any charities or causes?Yes, he supports several environmental and humanitarian organizations including The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Does Les Stroud have any hobbies or interests besides survival?Yes, he enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking, biking and photography
Does Les Stroud have any allergies or medical conditions?No, he does not have any known allergies or chronic diseases
Does Les Stroud have any favorite foods or drinks?Yes, he likes pizza, sushi, chocolate and coffee
Does Les Stroud have any fears or phobias?No, he does not have any irrational fears or anxieties. He is cautious but not afraid of wild animals, heights, water or darkness
Does Les Stroud have any regrets or mistakes in his life?No, he does not dwell on the past or wish to change anything.
Does Les Stroud have any plans or goals for the future?Yes, he wants to continue making films and music, explore new places, teach survival skills and inspire people to connect with nature
Does Les Stroud have any advice or tips for aspiring survivalists?Yes, he recommends learning basic survival skills, practicing them regularly, carrying essential gear, respecting nature and being prepared for any situation
Does Les Stroud have any fun facts or trivia about himself?Yes, he once played harmonica for Slash, he was a garbage collector before becoming a wilderness guide, and he was once bitten by a venomous snake but survived

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