Who is Bobby Lee’s wife Khalyla Kuhn? Wiki-Bio, Married, Job.

To say that Bobby Lee knows what he is doing would be an understatement to his talent. The American actor, comedian, and podcaster is not only talented but has also found a way to combine and employ all of his talents. Lee is known for his roles in the films Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004), Pineapple Express (2008), and The Dictator (2012). Bobby also starred in the ABC single-camera sitcom series, Splitting Up Together. In 2016, Bobby began a weekly podcast titled TigerBelly. But for all his creative endeavors, Bobby is supported by his girlfriend Khalyla Kuhn, and the pair have amassed a massive fan-following in the short space of four years. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Khalyla Kuhn. 

Early Life:

Khalyla Kuhn was born in 1984 in the USA. As a young kid, Kuhn did not have the best of childhood and was one her own at the age of 17. Kuhn has revealed very little about herself and prefers to keep her cards close to her chest. While her academic background remains a mystery, several sources claim that she had gone to nursing school. 

Khalyla Kuhn with her boyfriend Bobby Lee.
Khalyla Kuhn with her boyfriend Bobby Lee.

Meeting Bobby:

Kuhn and Bobby met on tinder and began dating after exchanging a few texts. The pair grew close over the years and made things official in 2013. While the pair are yet to tie the knot, they are fond of each other and are each other’s biggest supporters. 

The Tiger Belly Podcast:

The TigerBelly podcast is hosted by Kuhn and her husband, Bobby Lee. It has over 401,000 subscribers and 69 million views on YouTube. While Bobby is undoubtedly the star of the podcast, it was Kuhn’s idea to kick things off. She became a huge fan of podcasting after she was a guest on the DVDASA podcast. 

Before TigerBelly started, Bobby and Erik Griffin pitched an idea for the podcast to All Things Comedy. While the idea was instantly picked up, Bobby and Griffin could not take the time to meet. Around the same time, Kuhn and Lee decided to journey to the Philippines for some family affairs. During their stay in the Philippines, Kuhn suffered from serious heart complications and had to be admitted to the hospital for weeks. As a result, Kuhn couldn’t return to her nursing job. With nothing to do, Kuhn started a podcast and invited her husband Lee as her guest. The pair shared incredible chemistry and Lee was sold on Kuhn’s podcasting abilities. 

So when the pair made the trip back to the USA, Kuhn dropped his idea of working with Griffin and started focusing on Kuhn’s podcast. The pair also co-wrote, produced, and performed the intro song of the podcast, Shadow Gook. 

Since it’s commencement, the podcast has been a massive hit amongst the fans, but the podcast is not safe from a few cringe moments. In 2016, the podcast was reported in media outlets after guest actress Margaret Cho talked about an email exchange between her and actress Tilda Swinton, centered around the controversial Ancient One casting in Doctor Strange. A similar controversial moment came in episode 37 when Kuhn admitted that she was with Lee only for the money. Her statements provide the fuel to the rumors that Kuhn was nothing more than a gold digger. 

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