Who is John Oliver wife Kate Norley? Her Wiki-Bio, facts.

John Oliver and Kate Norley make up the perfect couple. One saves lives with her medical prowess while the other saves minds with his never-ending stream of jokes, satires, and correspondence. Regardless of their works, Oliver is undoubtedly the more famous of the two and is best known for his works on Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. The British comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and television host, is known for having a distinct voice in the world of political commentary. On the other hand, his wife Norley doesn’t seem to be the biggest fan of media and is rarely seen on camera save for a few appearances on the red carpet alongside Oliver. So, for this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Kate Norley.

Early Life:

Kate Norley was born on the 25th of May, 1978, to Pam Mannion and Walt Norley, in Arlington, Virginia. Born and raised in Virginia, Norley’s parents divorced when she was just four years of age and her mother re-married, Dennis Mannion, who worked as the Senior Vice President of Business Ventures for the National Football League’s (NFL) Baltimore Ravens. As a young kid, Norley attended a private boarding school, Episcopal High School, in London.

John Oliver and wife Kate Norley

When she was 16-years of age, Norley was injured in a bicycle accident when an out of control car ran into her. As a result, Norley lost most of her cognitive abilities and had to learn things from scratch.

Professional Career:

When the 9/11 attacks paralyzed the United States, a wave of patriotism swept the nation, and Norley found herself swept by the wave. She left the comfort of the States and decided to get out to the field in Iraq and served as a combat veteran in Fallujah and Ramadi, and also as a mental health specialist in the field helping soldiers returning home.

A believer in the US Army’s missions overseas, Norley knew that she had a long way to go. While still on active duty, Norley gave an interview to Stars and Stripes in 2004 saying much needed to be done.

“If they told me tomorrow I could go home … I wouldn’t be satisfied I’m finished with what I set out to do.”

Norley completed her basic training in Ft. Jackson, South Carolina before setting off for medical training in Ft. Sam Houston, Texas. She joined the 1st Cavalry Division of Fort Hood in Texas as part of the first reinforcements and was deployed to Iraq in 2003. Following her retirement, Norley began working as a veteran’s rights advocate for Vets for Freedom. Over the years, Norley has also campaigned for increasing funding to the American troops.

Meeting Oliver, Marriage, and Life After:

John Oliver and Kate Norley first met at the 2008 Republican Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. Oliver, who was working for the Daily Show took refuge with Norley and Vets for Freedom members, who helped to hide Oliver from security. While the pair remained as friends first, they dated for two years before Oliver popped the question in St. Thomas in July 2010. The pair tied the knot in October of 2011 and have two sons, their first child, Hudson was born on 12 November 2015, while not much is known about the pair’s second son born in 2018.

When asked about his wife, Oliver says that she is an ‘American with a capital A’. The late-night host has been frank about how Korley has changed his views on America.

“She grounds me in the fact that what I do doesn’t really matter at all, and also I’m a little more defensive of how America is perceived overseas. America takes a lot of [expletive], much of it well earned, from the rest of the world. And yet when something terrible goes down, people are waiting for Americans to fall out of the sky and help them.”

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