Who is Paul Rudd lookalike son Jack Sullivan Rudd? His Wiki-Bio, age.

Jack Sullivan Rudd is not your average teenager. He is the son of one of the most popular and versatile actors in Hollywood, Paul Rudd. Paul is best known for his roles as Scott Lang/Ant-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as his comedic performances in films like Clueless, Anchorman, and Knocked Up. But what is it like to be the offspring of a superhero? Here are some facts about Jack Sullivan Rudd and his life as Paul Rudd’s son.

Early Life & Family

Jack Sullivan Rudd was born on April 10, 2006, in the United States. He is the eldest of two children of Paul Rudd and Julie Yaeger, who have been married since 2003. Julie is a former publicist who met Paul when he was promoting his film Clueless in New York City. They hit it off instantly and tied the knot in a private ceremony after dating for eight years.

Paul Rudd & son Jack Sullivan Rudd

Jack has a younger sister named Darby Rudd, who was born in 2010. The family lives in Rhinebeck, New York, where they co-own a candy store called Samuel’s Sweet Shop with their friends Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton.

While both Julie and Paul are well-known Hollywood personalities, they often try their best to give their kids a normal life. Sharing his own experiences about his childhood, Paul said in an interview that growing up in a humble place is good for his kids.

“It’s a good thing to grow up in a place that you know is not the cool place to be. I think it’s good for your kids’ psyche and character to know that you’re living in a place that people don’t necessarily come to.”

Education and Interests

Jack Sullivan Rudd is currently a high school student who attends a private school in New York. He is reportedly a good student who excels in academics and extracurricular activities.

Jack has inherited his father’s passion for sports, especially football. He is a die-hard fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, Paul’s hometown team. Jack has attended several Super Bowls with his father, where they cheered for the Chiefs and even got interviewed by FOX Sports.

Jack is also interested in music and plays the guitar. He likes listening to rock bands like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles. He also enjoys watching movies and shows with his family, especially Marvel films and Hot Ones, a YouTube series where celebrities eat spicy wings while answering questions.

Avenger Dad

Paul Rudd is known for a wide variety of roles but as Ant-Man in more recent years. Following his appearances in the Marvel movie, Paul’s kids have been more appreciative of him and think their dad is genuinely cool. Talking about the time they went to Disneyland, Paul recalled that his son was left in awe of a short trailer featuring Ant-Man.

“We were at Disneyland two days ago and they have a kind of sneak preview, an Ant-Man event there. And to see as a parent the look on my kid’s face. At the end, he just looked at me and said, ‘That’s awesome!’ It’s so cool to experience that with my own family.”

Physical Appearance and Personality

Jack Sullivan Rudd bears a striking resemblance to his father, Paul. If Jack Sullivan Rudd was not considerably younger than his father Paul Rudd, one would think they were twins. The father-son look so much alike that fans call them doppelgangers. He has the same brown hair, and charming smile that have made Paul a heartthrob for decades. Jack is also tall for his age, standing at 5 feet 9 inches.

Jack is described by his father as a smart, funny, and kind kid who loves sports and music. He is also very close to his sister and his parents, who he often accompanies to various events and outings.

A Glimpse into Fatherhood

Paul has been quite vocal about the joys and struggles of raising two kids. The TV star thinks that two is enough and his wife seems to be on the same page. While Paul has made sure that his kids have the perfect environment to nurture their skills, he knows that he is not perfect. In a cannon interview about fatherhood, Paul revealed,

 “All of a sudden your sensitivity is heightened. I see things on TV like ‘Undercover Boss’ and they knock me to the ground. My kids make fun of me. ‘Oh, Dad’s crying again,'” 

But for all their teasing, both Jack and Darby are proud of their father. He loves talking about his kids and also revealed that his daughter is his biggest fan. 

Relationship with His Father

The Rudds are a tight-knit family. And while both Paul and Julie believe in letting their kids have a normal life, they make sure that their kids never felt left out.

Jack Sullivan Rudd has a very close and loving relationship with his father, Paul. They share many hobbies and interests, such as sports, music, movies, and comedy. They also have a similar sense of humor and often make each other laugh.

Paul has said that he considers himself more of a friend than a parent to Jack. He also said that he tries to be supportive and encouraging of Jack’s choices and dreams. Paul has also expressed how proud he is of Jack and how much he loves him.

Future Plans and Aspirations

Jack Sullivan Rudd has not revealed his future plans or aspirations yet. He is still young and exploring his options and possibilities. He may or may not follow his father’s footsteps into the entertainment industry, but he certainly has the potential and talent to do so.

Whatever Jack decides to do with his life, he will surely have the support and love of his family and friends. He will also have the advantage of having a superhero dad who can teach him valuable lessons and inspire him to be the best version of himself.


Jack Sullivan Rudd is more than just the son of Paul Rudd. He is a unique individual with his own personality, interests, talents, and goals. He is also a loving son, brother, friend, and fan who enjoys spending time with his loved ones and having fun.

Jack Sullivan Rudd may not have superpowers like his father’s alter ego Ant-Man, but he has something even better: a super dad who loves him unconditionally.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameJack Sullivan Rudd
Date of birth20 April 2006
Place of birthUnited States
Age17 years old
Zodiac signTaurus
ParentsPaul Rudd and Julie Yaeger
SiblingsDarby Rudd (sister)
GrandparentsGloria Rudd and Michael Rudd
Public appearancesHe appeared alongside his father when Paul received his Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 2015. He was also photographed with his father celebrating the Super Bowl Victory in 2020 and attending Lady Gaga’s Superbowl Halftime performance.
Interesting factHis father has an Irish pub named Sullivan’s, named after Jack’s middle name. The pub was built by Jack’s grandfather, Michael, who died of throat cancer before finishing it. Paul completed the pub in his basement and has Guinness on tap.

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